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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

History of Erie County

This is a compilation of various links, resources and online data pertaining to the history of Erie County

Major Feature Sections

History of Erie County, Pennsylvania 1884, by Samuel P. Bates - contributed by Gaylene Kerr Banister [GB01]

Nelson's 1896 History of Erie County [sys99]

Other History Related Articles

History of the Little Town of Sturgeonville - contributed by Rick Polaski [10/15/02][RP05]

History of Fairview Township 1871 - transcribed and contributed by Rich Biondi [9/9/2003][RB09]

Wattsburg - a Century and a half - transcribed and contributed by Betty Matteson Rhodes [2/2/2005][BMR19]

Lexington and Brief History of Conneaut Township - transcribed and contributed by Andy Pochatko [10/29/2006][AP08]

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