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These pictures and information about them have been provided by Helene (Schumacher) Barner. Any inquiries about this family or the photos may be directed to her. The three photos below include a 1906 Schumacher family gathering, a pre-Civil War picture of Helene's great grandparents with her great grandfather in uniform, and a picture of her grandparents, which may be a wedding picture.

Schumacher Family Picnic about 1906

The above photo is of a Schumacher Family Picnic which was held about 1906. The seated lady dressed in black and wearing a bonnet is Catherine Gorenflo Schumacher. She was born in Friedrichstal, Baden, Germany in 1829 and came to this county with her family in 1834 and lived in Fairview. In 1849 she married John Schumacher who was born in Holzhausen, Baden, Germany in 1825 and emigrated to this country in 1846. When John arrived in New York City, he immediately joined the U.S. Army and was sent to fight in the Mexican War. After his discharge he settled in Fairview. John and Catherine Schumacher had 11 children and probably many are pictured in this picnic picture. However, the only people identified at this point are Catherine, her son William G. Schumacher, who is in the back row, far left and is wearing a black hat. The little boy in the front row with the arrow pointing to him is Charles Ansel Schumacher, and the boy on the right, labeled "Harry" are both sons of William G. Schumacher.

Edwin A. Warner

Oliva Lucinda Bristol

Edwin A. Warner was born in Erie County, NY in 1830. He married Oliva Lucinda Bristol about 1852. They had 3 children, Pressley Mac, Polly, and Elizabeth prior to his enlisting in the 83rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry in Meadville on February 16, 1864. He was sent to Virginia where he was killed on May 8, 1864 at Spotsylvania. One of his comrades stated that he had seen him "killed by a rebel bullet". Sadly, Edwin and Oliva’s 4th child, Ella May Warner, was born on July 6, 1864 two months after her father’s death. (see picture below)

William G. Schumacher and Ella May Warner

This is probably a wedding picture of William G. Schumacher and Ella May Warner. They were married on December 16, 1886, in Erie County. Their children were Harry L., Edith Schumacher (Gere) and Charles A. Schumacher, father of Helene Schumacher Barner.

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