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Robinson-Amy - Unidentified Couple

This picture and information about it has been provided by Thomas O. Press. Any inquiries about this family or the photo may be directed to him. Tom (who by the way is 84) obtained this photo from his cousin in Florida, who is the granddaughter of the couple in the rear of the photo. The couple in the front are not known by either Tom or the granddaughter. The picture is reported to have been taken at French Photographers in North East about 1907-1912 (see extract from photo border below).

The two people in the back are Loren ROBINSON and Edith Rozella (AMY) ROBINSON who were married on April 20, 1907 when Edith was 17 years old. Edith died December 12, 1926. Edith's parents were Meletus and Rosa AMY. Edith's younger sister, Phebe Ethel AMY, was the mother of Tom Press, who submitted this photo. Phebe Ethel AMY married Albert Ross PRESS on June 6, 1912, in North East Township. Phebe and Albert moved to Buffalo, NY, but Tom was born in 1916 at his grandparent's home in North East while his mother was visiting her parents. Tom and his cousin in Florida are seeking information about the couple in the front of the picture. If anyone has any information about this couple, please email Tom at .

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