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Contributed by Jacquelyn Mumbach

These photographs and information about them has been provided by Jacquelyn Mumbach, Great Great Granddaughter of Andrew and Abigail (Bartlett) Sherrod of Sherrod Hill (border of Elk Creek and Washington Townships). Jackie writes, "I recently received a packet of genealogy information that was done by Raymond H. Sherred (great grandson of Adam and Susen Shearer Sherred) of Cambridge Springs, PA. [Crawford County]. Sadly, his hard work and memories ended up in an estate sale. At least it did go to someone (me) that appreciates and treasures it and it is still in the Sherrod family."

It is difficult to pinpoint a specific township, or for that matter, even a specific county for these pictures (some may be Crawford County and several of the White family are from South Dakota), so we will just link the page to "Faces of Erie County". Any inquiries about this family or the photos should be sent directly to Jacquelyn Mumbach.

Jackie has provided the following information in her submissions concerning additional research material in her possesion:

"I have some photos with unidentified people in them. I am convinced that John B. Sherrod/Sherred is in many of them. I also have a copy of a letter (and transcription) written by John B. Sherred to his granddaughter, dated September 24, 1919. I also have an unknown baby and little boy, an unknown football team by a school, an unknown older man, (the photo seems really old). I have the actual newspaper clipping obituary of Claude L. Sherred of Union City, PA from The Meadville Tribune born 17 May 1898 - died 29 Sep 1981, and the engagement announcement of Sandra Louise Payne to Lester Sherred.

I also have a copy of the "Portrait and Biographical Record" Kalamazoo, Allegan and Van Buren Counties, Michigan containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens. Chicago, Chapman Bros. 1892. This has a section on John B. Sherred (1772-1855) (from Venango, Crawford County, PA) son of Jacob Shered [sic], grandson of Andrew Shered [sic] and of Jesse A. Sherrod - born in Erie County, PA, 5 Oct. 1837 - son of Daniel and Hannah (Cole) Sherrod.

"In addition, I have photos of Andrew E. Sherrod, Abigail Bartlett Sherrod, Hattie Victoria Sherrod, Margaret Sherrod, Cordelia Sherrod, Will Sherrod, J. Edgar Meabon, Elnora Sherrod, David Barnes, and others. (All people who originated from Erie County. Sherrod Hill.)"

Two of the photos below are of Hattie Victoria Sherrod Mooney. She was born May 3, 1871 at Sherrod Hill, Erie County, PA. Daughter of Andrew and Abigail (Bartlett) Sherrod. Died July 12, 1929, Springville, Erie County, NY. Married to Fred H. Mooney Dec 12, 1888 in St. Marys, South Dakota. Had 6 children. Additional photos of all of the children, and Fred H. Mooney are available upon request for anyone researching this family.

Contact Jacquelyn Mumbach for any additional information or for copies of material.

Lucian Sherred
Susen Sherred wife of Adam Sherred

Photo is of Lucian S. Sherred (1844-1921), son of Susen (Susan?) and Adam Sherred. Justice of the peace, Venango Township 1909-

Susen (Shearer) Sherred (1811-1902), wife of Adam Sherred (1810-1891). C.P. McDannell Photographer, Cambridgeboro, PA

	Jane Boles Sherred
Nora, William, and Hattie Sherrod

Mary Jane Boles married Michael M. Sherred 1842-1914. Michael Sherred was the son of Adam and Susen Shearer Sherred and brother to Lucian S. Sherred.

Elnora Sherrod Barnes, sister Hattie Victoria Sherrod Mooney, brother William A. Sherrod. Elnora born Oct 27, 1863, Hattie born May 3, 1871, William born 1874 - all at Sherrod Hill.

David Barnes and bull
David Barnes (born March 26, 1860 in Cussewago Township, Crawford County, PA) was the husband of Elnora Sherrod Barnes (daughter of Andrew and Abigail Sherrod.)

Hattie Sherrod
Hattie Victoria Sherrod Mooney - see added info above [note - this picture already full size]
Hattie Victoria Sherrod Mooney - see added info above
	Sherrod White
	of Nellie Sherrod White
This photo is from Mr. Gayle White. He is the grandson of Nellie Sherrod White. Nellie {pictured with husband in South Dakota) is another daughter of Andrew E. and Abigail Sherrod .
This photo is also courtesy of Mr. Gayle White. This is the children of Nellie Sherrod White -- Lewis, Viola and Cecil White.

Maggie and Frank Hoskins
Fred Mooney
Margaret Sherrod Meabon Hoskins (daughter of Andrew E. and Abigail Bartlett Sherrod)with her second husband Francis L. Hoskins. [added 1/12/05]
Fred H. Mooney, husband of Hattie Sherrod (daughter of Andrew E and Abigail Sherrod). [added 1/12/05]

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