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Seth and Hannah Reed

The images below of Seth Reed, and his wife, Hannah Reed, have been provided by site visitor Mark Rees. An additional image of Seth Reed has been digitally photographed by Bill Klauk from Nelson's Biographical Dictionary of Erie County and is included. Col. Seth Reed was a Revolutionary War Regiment Commander at Bunker Hill. After having settled in Ontario County, NY, for several years, he heard of the new town being laid out in Erie, and in 1795, along with his wife and two of his sons, he relocated to Erie, arriving on the last day of June or the first day of July 1795. Col. Reed died on March 19, 1797, at age 53. According to Nelson's biographical sketch, his remains have been buried first on his Walnut Creek farm, then in the graveyard at 8th and French, then at the Episcopal Graveyard, and finally to Erie Cemetery. Hannah Reed, his wife, died December 8, 1821, at age 74. Any inquiries about this family or the images may be directed to Mark Rees.


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