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The pictures and information below have been provided by Dorothy Miller. The top picture shows her great great grandfather Charley D Reynolds, along with two unknown people, in a photo probably taken around 1890. Dorothy's grandmother Dorothy Edna Starkey is shown in the bottom photo which was probably taken around 1930. Dorothy Miller reports that both of these ancestors were born in the family home in Elgin, along with her great great aunt Helen Reynolds Ingalls (married to Ray Charles Ingalls son of James Ingalls and Nellie Slye), another great great aunt Flossie Elizabeth Reynolds Kennedy (married to Sheridan Kennedy) who died young in 1909, and great grandmother Nellie Irene Reynolds Starkey Kennedy (married first to Ola Starkey then to Sheridan Kennedy). It is reported further that when Dorothy Edna Starkey was two years old, her parents divorced and her mother then married her sister's widow and had nine more children of which 7 lived. The picture of the three men may have been taken behind this house which is located on Main Street in Elgin, three houses up from the rail tracks, on the west side of the road. The house which still stands but is in poor shape is also the second one from the 'four corners' in Elgin. A postcard picture of the house from many many years ago is shown below. Any inquiries about this family or the photos, or other the two unknown men in the top photo, may be directed to her.

The gentleman in the middle is Charley D. Reynolds.Mar 28, 1864- Jun 15, 1922. Born and Died in Elgin PA. Husband to Nettie Delaney Baldwin. Parents were Daniel Cornelious Reynolds and Angeline Greenman who were both born in NY. Dorothy Miller is seeking information concerning the other two men.
Added November 2005 from Dorothy: "The first man on the left is Bill Austin and I have no idea who that is or how it ties in. Then, of course in the middle is Charlie D. Reynolds and then the gentleman in the chair on the right is Harley Starkey. He is from Union City, and had a Twin Brother Homer, and his older brother was Ola whom wed to Charley D. daughter Nellie."

This picture is of Dorothy Edna Starkey (1910-1995). She was the daughter of Nellie Irene Reynolds and Ola Starkey and the granddaughter of CD Reynolds and Nettie Delaney Baldwin. Dorothy was born in Elgin PA and died in Westfield NY. The picture is not dated, but seems to be late 1920s or early 1930s.

Nettie Reynolds

Picture of Dorothy Miller's Great Great Grandma Nettie Delaney Baldwin Reynolds. Wed to Charley D. Reynolds that lived in the House in Elgin (see photo below).

Reynolds Homestead in Elgin

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