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Samuel Baker - Erie Fireman

Contributed by Evelyn Baker

Samuel Baker was born in Erie on March 11, 1893, son of Samuel and Mary Connell Baker, immigrants from County Cork, Ireland. He was an Erie city fireman for 27 years, joining the Department on June 2, 1920. Fireman Baker died on duty, February 13, 1947, fighting the Ruberiod Company fire on the Bayfront. The veteran fireman is listed with comrades, who died in the line of duty, on the Firefighters Memorial Stone in Perry Square, Erie, Pa. Samuel Baker was well known to family and friends as 'Uncle Diddy' since childhood. He was preceded in death by his wife, Ann Elizabeth Feasler on July 19, 1940 at Hamot Hospital.

This picture and information about it has been provided by Evelyn Baker. The photograph is in the possession of a nephew, Samuel Edward Baker of West Springfield, Pa. Any inquiries about this family or the photo should be directed to Evelyn Baker.

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