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Betty Macdonald has provided 8 class pictures from her mother who was Marguerite Elizabeth Wescott of the Albion High School Class of 1935. The earliest picture is from 1927 when Marguerite was in 4th grade in Cranesville. This picture, along with a 6th and 7th grade picture from Cranesville, and 8th through 12th grades at Albion are shown below as thumbnail pictures. Click on any of the small pictures to view the larger picture. These pictures were previously shown in a Zing album, but that service is no longer available. Please contact Betty directly if you have any questions about these pictures. Also, if you are related to anyone in any of these pictures, let Bill Klauk know, and advise if you would like your name linked to this page in any way.

4th Grade 1927 6th Grade 1929 1929-30 1930-31
1931-32 1932-33 1933-34 1934-35


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