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Erie County Cemetery Records [sys17]

Erie County (PA) Genealogy  
Cemetery Records Index

Richard Tefft, past President of the Erie Genealogical Society, has provided a listing of about 175 cemeteries and burial plots in Erie County. This is the listing that has now been posted, along with other learned information. The listing includes some historic locations which most likely do not have remaining burials or they may have burials but are not marked. The first column of the tables below will show a code to reflect active, inactive or commemorative/historic site only and the approximate size of the cemetery. See the bottom of the page for the codes being used. Previous listings were based on The Dept. of Veterans Affairs listing of cemeteries with military burials but their list only has 93 cemeteries, along with information from several listings provided from various sources, plus a USGS search for the land feature of cemetery. Hopefully all cemeteries on the list are now shown in the proper township or city. Please provide any additions or corrections, pictures, cemetery readings or any other cemetery information to Bill Klauk. With your continued help we will provide as much data as possible about cemeteries of Erie County.

Find-A-Grave Information & Index [updated: 11/06/07][BK21]

Listing of Cemeteries with Revolutionary War Patriots. [6/4/03][BK18]

Cemeteries Needing to be Read [10/24/02; updated 11/14/07][RT09]

Early Erie County Cemetery History [2/28/02][RT08]

More Early Erie County Cemetery History [8/9/01][BSE37]

Contact information for some Cemeteries. [8/9/01][sy101]

Surname Burial Listings

  • Susan Smith's SMITH and related burials in Erie Co. [7/31/02; updated 3/13/05][SS16]
  • Mary Saperstein's Dudley and related burials in Erie Co. [11/29/05][MS01]
  • Mary Saperstein's Pierce burials in Erie Co. [11/29/05][MS03]
  • Mary Saperstein's Prindle burials in Erie Co. [11/29/05][MS02]
  • Off-site links:

  • Erie Cemetery Association - up to date information on the three Erie Association Cemeteries, along with a searchable database of all burials in these three cemeteries. [1/15/05][Off-site]
  • Ward Waldo's Western Erie Co (PA) Cemetery Pictures [Off-site]

  • County Wide

    Collection of Flag Holders from the Cemeteries Around Erie County [11/4/01][BK22]


    Netherlands American Military Cemetery Margraten - Photo Album. [1/26/05][BEC02]


    Erie Co Military Buried in Margraten Netherlands. [1/5/05][BEC01]



    City of Erie

    MA Anshe Chesed Cemetery, 26th & Cherry St., Erie  
    HA Erie Cemetery, 2116 Chestnut St., Erie
    LA Lakeside Cemetery, 1718 E. Lake Rd. Erie
    LA Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Soldiers & Sailors Home Erie [7/22/02][BK23]
    VC St. John's Lutheran Home (site of) 23rd & Sassafras [12/01][BK24]  
    VC St. Mary of Czestochowa PNC Cemetery (site of), Merline Avenue [3/5/01][RT10]  
    0C Catholic Burying Ground  


    Episcopal Graveyard  


    Old French Graveyard  
    0C Presbyterian Graveyard  
    0C St. Mary's Cemetery  
    0C St. Patrick's Cemetery  
    0C United Presbyterian Churchyard  

    City of Corry

      Jacob Cemetery aka Jewish Cemetery
      Pine Grove Cemetery, 23 E. Columbus, Corry   
      St Elizabeth German Catholic Cemetery [6/17/02][BCH01]

    Amity Township

    VI Chester Owen Farm aka Williams Cemetery [1/8/05][RD01] some
    VI Drake Family Cemetery [11/6/07][BU02]  
      Hatch Hollow Cemetery aka Maplewood Cemetery  Old Wattsburg  
      Hubbell Burial Plot  
      Lyons Road Cemetery  
      Stewart Hill Community Plot  
    VI White Cemetery [7/19/08][BU05]  

    Concord Township

      Ames Cemetery aka Ox Bow Hill  
    VI Cherry Hill Road aka Stewart Cemetery (aka Hammond aka Lamon's Corners) [7/21/02; updated 2/1/07][DMI02]  
      Concord Corners Cemetery  
    MA Elgin Cemetery aka Concord Cemetery - Elgin [11/18/07][DMI12]
      McCray Methodist Cemetery aka Concord Center aka Lovell's Station aka Wesleyan Church Cemetery [Archives]
      St. Thomas Cemetery [updated 11/8/03][BCH02]

    Conneaut Township

    LA Albion Cemetery aka Jackson Crossroads [8/20/01][KAP01]  
    SI Albion Valley Cemetery aka Valley Cemetery aka Randall Cemetery [7/23/03][AP09]  
    VI Griffey Cemetery aka Cherry Hill Cemetery [12/8/03] [AP11]  
    VI Crane Cemetery aka Pioneer Cemetery [9/6/04][AP13]  
    VI Keep Family Cemetery [7/23/03;updated 12/4/06][AP12]  
      Old Keep Cemetery aka Keepville Wesleyan Methodist Church Cemetery [12/4/06][sysxx]  
    VI Marcy Cemetery [Off-site] [Archives]  
    VI Marcy Cemetery [6/11/05;updated 12/1/05][AP14]  
    SI Salisbury Bridge Cemetery aka Marsh Cemetery [7/18/03][AP10]  

    Elk Creek Township

      Brock Burial Plot  - old Brock farm, Artello Road [Archives]  
      Sherman Cemetery  [Archives]  
      Hope Cemetery aka Elk Creek Cemetery aka Wellsburg aka Lundy's Lane  
      Pageville Cemetery aka St. Nicholas Cemetery  
    SI Sherrod Hill Cemetery [7/15/02][BG02]
    -- Sherrod Hill Cemetery Deed [5/25/01][BG03]  
    -- Sherrod Hill Cemetery Supplemental Data [7/15/02][MK02]  
    -- Sherrod Hill Cemetery Correction [7/15/02][TM01]  

    Fairview Township

      Allen-Fish Family Cemetery aka Christian Church aka Mangol Farm  
    Allen Family Cemetery aka Van Camp Road Cemetery [8/11/05, additional reading from 1973 added 2/2/07][JMF02]  
    VC Daggett Cemetery (site of) US 20 by old county home
    HA Fairview Cemetery [3/23/03]  
      Gate of Heaven, 5711 W. Lake Rd., Erie  
      Old Almshouse Cemetery    Blair Road [2000;updated ][BK25]  
      Old Almshouse Cemetery Story    [12/2/00;updated / / ][BK26]  
      Old Almshouse Cemetery Dedication Plaque    [2000;updated ][BK27]  
    VI Ruhl Cemetery (1932 reading)
      Gordon Burial Plot  
      Harrington Family Burial Plot  
      Luther Farm  
      Oaklawn Memorial Park  
      Russell Family Cemetery aka Silverthorn Cemetery  
      St. James Lutheran (Cemetery by)   Old Ridge Road  
    MA Weis Library Methodist Church aka Salem Evangelical

    Franklin Township

      Francis Cemetery
    [ ]
    [ ]

    Girard Township

      Ball Cemetery aka Lexington Road aka Bristol Farm  
      Braddish Burying Ground    
    SA Drury Cemetery [12/17/02][RT11]  
    HA Girard Cemetery 344 Lake St., Girard aka Girard Presbyterian  
      Fairhaven Cemetery aka Gere Family  
      Pioneer Cemetery        US 20 aka West Girard
    A Platea Cemetery   aka Lockport Cemetery   Platea [8/1/03][DD05]
    A St. John Cemetery       Church St., Girard   
      Miller Cemetery aka Murphy's Corner  

    Greene Township

      Brown Burial Ground aka Sampson Road Cemetery    
      East Greene Cemetery aka Wales Cemetery [11/06/07] [GB61] 
      Greene Cemetery aka Kuhl Road Cemetery aka Weber Family Cemetery    
      Mount of Olives Cemetery aka Mount Calvary Cemetery   [6/4/03][PW01]  
      St Boniface Church Cemetery   [6/16/03][PW02]  
    SI St Paul's Evangelical Church Cemetery aka Cemetery by Beechwood Inn   [7/8/03][BK29]
      Weed's Corners Cemetery aka Shade Burial Plot  
      Yaple Family Burial Ground    

    Greenfield Township


    Greenfield Cemetery aka Little Hope Cemetery [7/30/01][RT12]

      Greek Orthodox Cemetery aka Russian Orthodox Cemetery  
      Snake Hollow Cemetery   
      Hornby Cemetery aka Delhill Cemetery aka Greenfield Baptist Cem  
      Old Miller Burying Ground  
      Shadduck Farm Burial Lot  

    Harbor Creek Township


    General Cemetery Information [12/05/01; updated 10/4/03][BSI18]


    Township Alphabetical Burial Index - "Old" Cemeteries [12/5/01; updated 10/4/03][BSI19]

      Clark Family Cemetery aka United Brethren [12/05/01; updated 10/4/03][BSI20]  
      Gospel Hill Cemetery (off-site - Chuck Bliley's page)  
      Hoag Cemetery aka Backus Family Cemetery [12/05/01; updated 10/4/03][BSI21]  
      Ohel Jacob Cemetery aka Jacob Cemetery aka Chesed Shelmas  
      Eaoun Bohoslov Cemetery aka St. John Devine aka Russian Cemetery  
      South Harborcreek aka Harborcreek Methodist Church Cemetery  
    HA Wintergreen Gorge Cemetery --- 2601 Norcross Rd., Harborcreek [sys]
      Presbyterian Cemetery aka Harborcreek Presbyterian [12/05/01; updated 10/4/03][BSI22]  
      Wesleyville Methodist Cemetery  
      Whispering Pines Cremation Gardens  

    Lawrence Park Township


    Le Boeuf Township

      Boyd's Farm aka Ford Bridge aka Oak Grove Cemetery  
      Frisbeetown Cemetery  
      Hochstetler Cemetery  
      Indianhead Cemetery aka Pollock's Bridge Cemetery  
      Pollock Burial Plot   
      Mill Village Cemetery [2/5/01; completely reformatted 1/7/07] [BSE38]  
      LeBoeuf Cemetery aka Mackey Hill aka Morrell Kendall Farm  
      Mystic Cemetery aka Waterhouse Family Burial Ground  

    McKean Township

      Golden Cemetery aka McKean Cemetery [8/23/00][DD06]  
      South Hill aka Marsh Cemetery aka Brimhall Cemetery aka Reed's Corners Cemetery aka Weaver's Corners Cemetery [Archives]  
      Dunn Family Cemetery (site of) on Dunn Valley Road [8/23/00][DD07]  
      Valley Cemetery aka Dunn Valley aka Tallmadge Cemetery  
      Pinney Cemetery  
      Stafford Burial Plot    Shadduck Road [Archives]  
      Stanclift Cemetery [Archives]  
      Sterrettania Cemetery
      St. Francis Xavier  aka Sterrettania Catholic Cemetery
    VC Old St. Francis Xavier Cemetery - Buman Road [Archives]
    VC Silverthorn-Weldon Burial Plot [6/16/03][BG04]  
    VI Wiswell Family Cemetery  

    Millcreek Township

    MA Asbury (United Methodist) Cemetery  26th & Asbury Roads [8/12/01][BK30]
    SI Belle Valley (Presbyterian Church) Cemetery Norcross Road [7/7/03][PW03]
    HA Calvary Cemetery       3325 W. Lake Rd., Erie
    MA Congregation Brith Sholom Cem. near 26th & Asbury aka C.B.S.  
    MA Eoahn Zlahtoust Cemetery   Wattsburg Road
    HA Laurel Hill Cemetery        4523 Love Rd., Erie [date][sysxx]
    LA Mary Queen of Peace  6000 Lake Pleasant Road, Erie
    MA St. Nicholas Cemetery, Old French Rd., Erie [7/21/01][BK32]
    HA Trinity Cemetery, 3325 W. Lake Rd., Erie
    SI St Peter Lutheran Church aka Nefftown
      Grubb-Reid Burial Plot  
      Halderman Farm Burial Plot  
    0C Wheaton Meeting House Burial Plot  
      Original site Erie County Alms House Cemetery  

    North East Township

    VI Grimshaw aka Burdick Cemetery [10/4/03][RT07]  
      Crawford Farm aka Freeport Burial Ground  
      Grahamville Cem.  78 1/2 E. Main St., North East
      North East Cemetery aka Oak Hill Cemetery  
      Northville Cemetery aka State Line Cemetery [6/18/03] [RT06]  
      Phillips Cemetery aka Mt. Hope Cemetery  
      St. Gregory Church Cemetery  aka St. Joseph's Cemetery  
      Sidehill Cemetery  

    Springfield Township

      Springfield Cemetery Charter 1864  
      Springfield Cemetery Lot Owners 1899  
      Springfield Cemetery Map  
      Cherry Hill Cemetery    
      Christian Church Burial Grounds see E Springfield Cem [9/23/00][DD09]  
      Cottage Grove Cemetery aka Ye Old Burying Ground aka West Springfield Cemetery
      East Springfield Cemetery - Christian Church stones only East Springfield Rt 215 [Archives]  
      Town Hall Cemetery aka Spring Center aka Townhouse Cemetery  

    Summit Township

      Bean Farm Cemetery aka Schuwerk Cemetery  
      Town Hall Methodist Cemetery aka Summit Township Cemetery  
      St. Matthews Church Cemetery  
      Erie Co. Memorial Gardens Edinboro Rd.,
      Nichols Cemetery aka Donation Road Cemetery aka Whitford Corners [1/8/01][BSE39]  
      Hershey Neighborhood Cemetery aka Hershey Lutheran  

    Union Township

      Evergreen Cemetery, Union City - (look-up instructions)  
      Thompson Cemetery,  Union City  
      Old Thompson Burial Ground  
      Wilson Burial Plot  
      St. Theresa Cemetery  
      West Union Cemetery aka Asbury Cemetery aka Harrell Road Cemetery  

    Venango Township


    Applebee Cemetery aka Butler Farm

      Baldwin Flats aka Johnson Farm  
      Fuller Cemetery  
      Lowville Cemetery  
      Middlebrook Cemetery [11/12/00][MGF05]  
      Sprague Cemetery aka McAllister Farm  

    Phillipsville Union Cemetery aka Phillipsville Cemetery

      Reid Burial Plot  
      Wattsburg Cemetery aka Venango Cemetery  

    Washington Township

    LA Edinboro Cemetery (New), Erie St., Edinboro  
    -- Edinboro Cemetery (Old), Erie St., Edinboro [7/21/08][KBG03]  
    VI Butler Family Burial Plot [7/21/08][KBG02]  
      Draketown Christian Cemetery aka Itley Cemetery  
      Trow Family Cemetery  
      Washington Valley Cemetery aka McLallen's aka Saint Cemetery  
      McLane Baptist Cemetery  
      Pioneer Cemetery  

    Waterford Township

    VI Bonnells Corners Cemetery aka Judson Walker [2/12/05][RD03]
    LA Waterford Cemetery    262 E. 3rd St., Waterford
      Lake Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery  
      Oak Hill Christian Cemetery aka Newman's Church Cemetery  
      Osborn Cemetery  
      Commemorative Site for Abandonded Waterford Cemetery [3/22/01][HK01]
      Sharpe Cemetery at the corner of Sharp Road and Bagdad Road
      Strong Farm Cemetery  

    Wayne Township

      Lawn Cemetery aka Beaver Dam Cemetery  
      Wheelock Cemetery  

    The first column of the above table will include a code for the size and status as follows:



    V = very small, less than 40 burials A = Active burials taking place
    S = small, 41 to 150 burials I = Inactive, no burials in a number of years
    M = medium, 151 to 600 burials C = Commemorative/historic site
    L = large, 601 to 6000 burials  
    H = very large, over 6001 burials  
    0 = used for Commemorative site with no known burials  

    An example would be - SA - this would be a cemetery with between 41 and 150 persons buried with active burials taking place.

    Dear Ancestor
    Your tombstone stands among the rest;
    Neglected and alone.
    The name and date are chiseled out
    On polished, marbled stone.

    It reaches out to all who care
    It is too late to mourn.
    You did not know that I exist
    You died and I was born.

    Yet each of us are cells of you
    In flesh, in blood, in bone.
    Our blood contracts and beats a pulse
    Entirely not our own.

    Dear Ancestor, the place you filled
    One hundred years ago
    Spreads out among the ones you left
    Who would have loved you so.

    I wonder as you lived and loved,
    I wonder if you knew
    That someday I would find this spot,
    And come to visit you.

    Author Unknown

    Submitted by Dee Davidson

    This page was last updated on  Sunday, December 7, 2008 .

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