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St Thomas Cemetery

Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Concord Township Cemeteries

St. Thomas Cemetery

Contributed by Barbara Charles

The information below has been provided by Barbara Charles who along with her husband visited this cemetery in August 2001 and recorded some "gravestone reading" information in the course of looking for relatives. It is only a small part of the burials in this cemetery. If anyone would like to contribute additional information about this cemetery, or additional "readings", please contact Bill Klauk.

Some additional recent burials in this cemetery, and/or additional postings might be found at the Find-A-Grave website for St. Thomas Cemetery.

Some pictures have also been provided by Barbara Charles, and these will be found at the St. Thomas Cemetery - Photo Album.

Partial reading from St. Thomas Cemetery, Corry, PA , August 27, 2001

Name Birth Death and Comments
Lynch, Gerald 1902 1954
Lynch, Opal 1903 1986
Son- Gerald Thomas 1940 1940
Mulderick, George P. 1864 1920
Mulderick, Mary E. 1865 1923
Mulderick, George R. 1903 1958
Mulderick, Zelma Howe 1900 1960
Klinger, Alice Mulderick 1893 1950
Lynch, Charles H. 1853 1929
Lynch, Mary E. 1857 1930
Sullivan, Helen E. 1898 1947
Hannan, Florence Lynch 1895 1958
Lynch, P.C.-Father 1865 1928
Lynch, Mrs. P.C.-Mother 1865 1954
Fourney, Joseph Frances 1925 1934
Lynch, Paul James 1891 1920
Lynch, Victory 1897 1898
Lynch, Martin Oct 30, 1862 Dec 31, 1904
Lynch, Inez Mar 9, 1873 Nov 7, 1957
Lynch, Michael J. 1867---??1887 1928 (This looks like it might be the same person, that is listed with Elizabeth R. Lynch., and he would be the brother of Martin Lynch.
Lynch, Michael L. 1896 1973
Lynch, M. Agnes 1898 1995
Lynch, Michael J. 1867 1928
Lynch, Elizabeth R. 1869 1955
Lynch, Mary E. Aug 16, 1903 Oct 18, 1903
Lynch, Walter Feb 12, 1908 Oct 8, 1908
Lynch, Michael   March 3, 1895
Lynch, Mary   Oct 22, 1907
Lynch, James 1866 1871
Patrick, Anna, Thomas, no dates no dates
James no dates no date
Higgins, Michael 1832 1908
Higgins, Catherine 1839 1908
Higgins, Michael 1875 1905
Higgins, Leo E. 1903 1932
Higgins, Charles    
Sullivan, John 1862 1932
Sullivan, Sarah 1862 1927
Sullivan, Jean 1917 1918
Sullivan, Joseph 1892 1967
McMahon, Michael 1866 1943
McMahon 1874 19
Sullivan, John 1866 1905
Sullivan, Elizabeth 1867 1904
McMahon, John   9/24/1918
McMahon, Bridget   6/29/1934
McMahon, Patrick   2/9/1891
Keefe, Patrick T. 1855 1928
Keefe, Elizabeth Shanahan   6/30/1944
Carey, Neil H. 1857 1902

The following names have been added from a later visit

Name Birth Death and Comments
Bridgett Marshall 1820 1895
John M. Mulderick 1839 1888
Ellen Mulderick 1840 1876
Mary Carey 1861 1929

The following data has been provided by Ginny Eakin in an email message of 1/22/2003, concerning the surname MULLEN in this cemetery. Ginny is searching for two brothers and three sisters of her great grandfather who died in neighboring Warren County in 1905. The obituary for this great grandfather states that his two brothers, Thomas Mullen and John Mullen, are from Corry. Ginny wrote to the church and they have no records of MULLEN at the church, but they advised that records were poorly kept at the time. The first three records listed below are from a visit to the cemetery. The other records are from historical society research and death records. Please send inquiries concerning MULLEN directly to Ginny Eakin.

Name Birth Death and Comments
Dennis Mullen 1859 1898
Mary A. Mullen --- Feb 24, 1956
Irene M. Mullen --- May 6, 1968
Mike Mullen c. 1831 May 17, 1899, white male, 68 years old
laborer, from Ireland, lived on Hatch Street
undertaker: Jacob Frauz
Dennis Mullen
[Note: probably same as above]
c. 1859 Sunday, Aug 7, 1898, at his home on Bond Street, age 39
Laborer, Cause of death, Cerebritis, undertaker: A.A. Morgan.
(Infant) Mullen --- Sept 27, 1895, at home on Bond Street
infant child of M/M Dennis Mullen of Corry, PA
Catherine Mullen
(Husband: Dennis Mullen)
born Corry, PA
Feb 26, 1861
April 9, 1887, white female, 26 yr old, Housekeeper
Father: James Fookman?, Mother, Mary Fookman?
Date of registration: July 1, 1887

[Added: February 24, 2003]

Change History: Original page posted Monday, June 17, 2002. Additional information added Monday, February 24, 2003. Correction made to Mary Carey listing on 11/8/03.


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