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This page has been suggested by Beth Simmons, our Harbor Creek Township coordinator. Beth has lived in the Denver, Colorado, area for a number of years and has noted many articles and stories of people who have Erie County roots, but who "made their name" after leaving Erie County. So this index page is being added to include biographies, "stories", photographs, etc., of any individual or family who "made their name" after leaving Erie County.

Please send any contributions to Bill Klauk who will build a web page and post. If you are sending photos, it is important that you include names and have the pictures well captioned so that other researchers can find the photos they might like to see. Likewise, images that contain words need to be transcribed so that the information can be indexed in the search engine for others to find. If you have any questions, contact Bill!

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NEW in 2008

Ida M. Tarbell - Contributed by Beth Simmons.   [New: 11/21/08][BSI27].

Horace Greeley - Contributed by Beth Simmons.   [New: 11/21/08][BSI26].

William Burrows and Family - Contributed by Beth Simmons.   [New: 11/21/08][BSI25].

Rev. John Franklin Spalding - Written and Contributed by Beth Simmons.   [New: 9/14/08][BSI24].

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