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The intent of this page is to provide a list of books and other written material which may be useful to anyone doing genealogy (or historical) research within Erie County, Pennsylvania. If a review or summary of any book has been provided to me, then I will include it on either this page, or as a link to another page. Any of the books listed that are 'on line' will have a hypertext link provided to that 'on line' location. This page is being maintained by Bill Klauk. Anyone with a book or other written material concerning Erie County, PA, who would like to see that material listed, should provide a full bibliographical citation (full title, short title, author or editor, publisher, publisher location, date of publication, etc.) to Bill Klauk. Likewise, anyone wishing to provide a review or short summary of any item listed should also send it via e-mail to Bill. As noted, this page is still under construction, so pardon the dust. A search engine, by to find USED books for sale via the Internet has been added to the page for your convenience in locating books. A "Short Title" for reference purposes in e-mail discussions and other uses has been provided in square brackets, for example [Nelson 1896, R1997] indicates the 1997 reprint of Nelson's 1896 book..

These are some books recently noted when doing an Add ALL search via the provided search engine below. Prices and source of the book have been removed as these change. These books tend to be original editions.

Another source of general genealogical books, including history books, is Higginson Book Company, 148 Washington Street, P.O. Box 778, Salem, MA 01970. Most books at Higginson are reprints. A general listing of books about Pennsylvania is available at the Higginson Web Site. Scroll down the page to find Erie County Books. These titles were recently listed (I have removed price information).

The search engine below has been provided by and may be used to locate any used book for sale on line by a participating dealer. As an example, enter History of Erie County, Pennsylvania in the Keyword box and many of the above titles will appear.


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