The present Methodist Episcopal Church in Ebensburg was started by Rev. Joel Hunt who had a circuit of churches made up of Belsano, Ebensburg and Chest Springs. He was appointed to this circuit by the seventieth session of the Pittsburgh Annual-Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1893. He found no church in Ebensburg and so organized one. His first class was made up of the following twelve members: W. Ludwig, (leader), S.D. Ludwig, Mrs. S.D. Ludwig, T.J. Davidson, Susan Benner, Olive B. Wagner, Susan Bracken, David S. Black, Felix Ludwig, Maggie Davidson. From November 24, 1893, when the first class meeting was held, until May, 1894, their meetings were held in the old Calvinistic Methodist Church. From May, 1894, until April 28, 1895, the meetings were held in the Baptist Church. On Sept. 18, 1894, a contract was entered for the building of a brick M.E. Church at the cost of about $7000. The building started promptly and on April 28, 1895, the church was open for service. On this Sunday Rev. J. L. Stiffey preached the morning sermon, and Rev. R. T. Miller, District Superintendent preached in the evening. $533.00 was raised on that day, cutting the church debt down to about $4,000. To help remove this debt Dr. T.J. Davidson subscribed $500, and J.W. Ludwig and Felix Ludwig subscribed $1000 together. Rev. Joel Hunt served the church in Ebensburg until October, 1898, a period of five years. In that time he gained about 35 members for the church. But his successor, Rev. J. H. Lancaster found a debt of about $3,000 still burdening the church. He set to work and on Aug 26, 1900, was able to dedicate it free of dept. It is recorded that 670 people had made contributions, including, D.E. Park of Pittsburgh and Judge Barker of Ebensburg.

     On the day of dedication the morning sermon was preached by Dr. T.N. Boyle, District Superintendent. The evening sermon was delivered by Rev. J. J. McIlyar of South Fork. This was the real beginning of the church and the beginning of the century, Aug. 26, 1900. Since that time the church has grown steadily and has never been seriously in debt. What small debts it has incurred in redecorating, in repair work, in buying the new organ in 1912, and in buying the new heating plant in 1934, have been paid off quickly. The church has made it a matter of pride ever since its beginning to pay its debts promptly, its pastor in full and on time, and its Conference Claimants and other connectional monies in full each year. It has a much better record than the average large Methodist Church in these matters.

     On May 10, 1939, a change in the Denominational Title was done. The Methodist Episcopal Church to The Methodist Church. The title Methodist Episcopal and the title Methodist Protestant ceased to be used any more, when the three great bodies of Methodism - Methodist Episcopal Church, North. The Methodist Episcopal Church South, and the Methodist Protestant Church in America - met in the Uniting Conference in Kansas City, Mo., may 10, 1859, and solemnly, in the presence of God and before the world, published six articles of Declaration of Union, of which the first article declares:

     "The Methodist Episcopal Church North, and the Methodist Episcopal Church South and The Methodist Protestant Church in America are and shall be one United Church." And the title adopted for the United Church was The Methodist Church.

The pastors who have served the Methodist Church in Ebensburg and their years of service are as follows:

Rev. Joel Hunt, Oct 1893 - Oct 1898

Rev J.H. Lancaster, Oct 1898 - Oct 1901

Rev. A.B. Shaw, Oct 1901 - Oct 1903

Rev. J. F. Dipner, Oct 1903 - Oct 1905

Rev. G. M. Dougherty, Oct 1905 - Oct 1906

Rev. P. J. Chilcote, Oct 1906 - Oct 1909

Rev. J. J. Buell, Oct 1909 - Oct 1911

Rev. John Hall, Oct 1911 - Oct 1912

Rev. H.C. Critchlow, Oct 1912 - Oct 1913

Rev. H. N. Sipes, Oct 1913 - Oct 1914

Rev. Davies, Oct 1914 - Oct 1916

Rev. C. Peterson, Oct 1916 - Oct 1919

Rev. W. H. Nevius, Oct 1919 - Oct 1920

Rev. H. J. Headlee, Oct 1920 - Oct 1922

Rev. G.E. Terpe, Oct 1922 - Oct 1924

Rev. H. E. Smith, Oct 1924 - oct 1928

Rev. J. L. Duff, Oct 1928 - Oct 1929

Rev. P. S. Gittings, Oct 1929 - Oct 1930

Rev. A. S. Blosser, Oct 1930 - Oct 1931

Rev. O. E. Krenz, Oct 1931 - June 1932

Rev. C. W. Kelly, June 1932 - June 1936

Rev. R. S. Robinson, June 1936 - June 1941

Rev. C. S. Keiser, June 1941 - June 1942

Rev. W. S. Crum, June 1942 - Oct 1943

Rev. C. P. Salladay, Oct 1943 - 1944

Rev. R. C. McMinn, Dec 1944 - May 1947

Rev. C. C. Sargent, May 1947 - May 1948

Rev. J. V. Mullins, May 1948 - May 1951

     Rev. Wm. King, May 1951, 1952, 1953 and at the meeting of the Pittsburgh Conference of the Methodist Church held in the South Ave. Methodist Church in Wilkinsburg, Dr. Walter F. Preset, Blairsville District of the Pittsburgh Conference of which the Ebensburg Methodist Church is a member, appointed Rev. King to this church for the year 1954.

     At the beginning of the new Conference year of 1954, the church was free of debt and has a growing membership, which at this time is approximately 300 members.

     The mortgage on the parsonage was burned at the dedication Service June 23, 1953

As reported in the Mountaineer Herald, Monday, 16 Aug 1954