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Mason Reunion Records

Courtesy J. P. Sitnik

Mason Grugan reunion Mailing list for the years 1929-1941.

Also the list of those who attended in 1930 along with their addresses.

(good locator in conjunction with the 1930 Census.)

* or ?: persons not able to identify as relatives as of Sept. 2000.

( ) information added by J. P. Sitnik, <[email protected]>

1-Mrs. Lew Anderson, 1014 w. 3rd. St. Ashland, Wisconsin

{Harriet Marie Grace Shafer, (1894-1994) w/o: Lewis Andrew Anderson}

*2-Mr. & Mrs. Walter Atkinson, Brockway Pa.

3-Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Beyer, 245 Sixth St. Renovo, Pa.{Violet Mason}

4-M.N.U.L. Brooks & family, Sinnemahoning, Pa {h/o: Selen Yanzey}

5-Thad Brooks & family, Driftwood, Pa

{Thaddeus Lincoln Brooks h/o: Theresa Elizabeth Albright}

6-W. E. Brooks & family, 42 Norton Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa {Waldo Emerson Brooks}

7-Mr. & Mrs. E. P. Brooks, 110 Birdsall St., Endicott, Ny.

{Edward P. Brooks (1876-1943) h/o: Cora Mason (1906-1943)}

8-Mrs. Grace Batemen & family, Emporium, PA

{Grace A. Summerson (1890-1983) w/o: Monroe C. Bateman, (1883-1926)}

9-Mr. & Mrs. Leo (R.) Burlingame, Howard, PA {h/o: Neva R. Summerson}

10-Mr. & Mrs.. Ed. Billings & family, 651 Brewer St., Akron, Ohio

{Edward Billings & Margaret Elizabeth Nyce)

*11-Mr. & Mrs. James Bunie & family, Sterling Run, Pa.

12-Milton Barr, Lowell, Washington

{Milton Saul Barr (1867-1940) h/o: Mary Elizabeth Miller (1873-1955)}

13-Stanley Barr, Lowell, Washington

{s/o: Archie H. Barr & Josephine Barr, Stanley m. to: Marie (last name unknown)}

*14-LaRue Barr, Pittsburgh, Pa.

*15-Clayton Barr, Hagen, Pa

*16-Charles P. Barr, Akron, Ohio

17-Mrs. Walter Barr, 835 Wayne Ave, Newberry, Pa

{Walter Eugene Barr, h/o: Margaret Olive Miller}

18-Mr. & Mrs. Charles Barr, 2002 Webb St. Newberry, Pa

(could be Charles Emory Barr or Charles Clifford Barr)

19-Miss. Cora (E.) Barker, Emporium, Pa (1876-1967)

20-Mrs. Barney Benson, Emporium, R.F.D., Pa

{Bernard Benson, (1877-1935) h/o:Lena Viola Barker, 1878-1965)}

21-Mr. & Mrs. Ed Barker & family, Le Roy, New York

22-Mrs. Inez Barker, Blanchardville, Wisc.

23-Mr. & Mrs. Mal??on Brundage(*) Port Alleganey, Pa

24-John H. Brooks, 5719 Salway St. Pittsburgh, Pa

John Hays Brooks (1877-1970) H/o: Blanche Campbell (1890-1952)

*25-Judge Eugene Baird, Ridgway, Pa

*26-H. L. Baird, Erie, Pa

27- J. H. Baird, Renovo, Pa J. Hawley Baird, h/o: ? Piper d/o: Thomas Piper

28-A.C. Beckers, Jr. 619 Drexel Ave. Glencoe, ILL.

Albert Charles Beckens (1898-1972) h/o: Mary Louis Webb

29-Mr. & Mrs. John (W.) Charter, Sterling Run, Pa h/o: Elmira Sterling.

30-Mr. & Mrs. Frank Charter, Renovo, Pa

Francis H. Charter h/o: Maud WIlson

31-Mr. & Mrs. George Coder, (Jr. or Sr. ?) 820 Moore Ave., Newberry, Pa

*32-Mrs. (Crays Jr.??) & family, Renovo, then crossed out then, Buffalo.

33-Mr. & Mrs. Asa Collins, 780 Main St. Conniant?, Ohio

Asa A. Collins b. 1864, h/o:Jennie K Johnson b. 1869

34-Mrs. Mabel Reid Carlson, 120 Legard, Manilla, L.I. w/o:Herbert Carlson

*35-Mrs. Franc Connor(s?,) Lowell, Washington

36-Mr. & Mrs. James Connor, Dents Run, Pa h/o: Zula English

37-Mr. &. Mrs. Howard Connor, Dents Run, Pa

38-Mrs. Iva Caton & family, Emporium, Pa (Iva M. MacDougal)

39-Mrs. Florence Shaffer Conway, Punxsutunney, Pa

Florence Shaffer w/o: Harry F. Conway

40-Mrs. Howard Creps, Indiana, Pa

Francelia Huntley Garson (1900-1990) w/o:Howard Dale Creps

41-Mrs. H.R. Henning, Dushore ?, Pa

Lois Davis, d/o: Hugh Karr Davvis & Flo (Whiting)

*42-Mr. & Mrs. Dinsmore (?) & family, St. Marys, Pa (Wilford E. & Edith or William)

* 43-Mrs. May Derling & family, Sterling Run, Pa

*44-John Derling (no address)

*45-Clifford Derling (no address)

*46-Mrs Delos Duell, 6 Main St., Warren, Pa

47-Mrs. George English, Driftwood, Pa (Nancy Hicks?)

48-Mr. & Mrs. John English, Lock Haven, Pa (Jane Hicks?)

*49-Mrs Stanley English & family, Benezette crossed out, then Cameron, Pa

50-Mr. & Mrs. Rolle Ford, St. Marys, Pa (Nancy Longo)

*51-Harry Ford & family, St. Marys, Pa

52-Claire Ford & family, St. Marys, Pa

Claire T. Ford, Sr. h/o: Endan S. Mason

53-Dewitt Ford & family, Emporium, R.F.D., Pa m. to: ?

*54-Ray Ford & family, Brookville, Pa

55-Mrs. A. ?. Greider?, South Bend, Washington

56-Mrs. Don Getty, 33 n. 10th St., Indiana, Pa

Grace Annette Garson, w/o:Don Huston Getty

57-John Fink & family, Punxsutanny, Pa (Crossed Out)

John Henry Fink, h/o: Nancy L. E. Millerr

58-Mrs. George (T.) Fox, Washburn, Wisc.

Dessie Louise Shaffer (1868-1947)

59-Mr. & Mrs. Clarence (G.) Howlett, 105 E. Scribner? Ave, DuBois, Pa

h/o: Frances Summerson

*60-Mr. & Mrs. Reginal Housler, Emporium, Pa

61-John Housler, Sterling Run, Pa (crossed out, noted: DEAD)

John Wilschner Housler (1854-1929) h/o: Annie Swesey

62-James Housler & family, Emporium, R.F.D., Pa (no information on his family)

63-Biglar Housler, Emporium, Pa

William Biglar Housler, h/o:Angeling Housler

*64-Mrs. Pearl Harrington, 1467 1st. St., Re??neslar, Ny. (crossed out)

65-Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hewitt & family, 552 E. 6th St., Erie, Pa (h/o:Amy Summerrson)

66-Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Huling, New Castle, Pa

67-Mrs. Luzerne Huntley, Emporium, Pa (crossed out noted: DEAD)

Luzzerne Almina Shaffer (1846-1930) w/o: Geo. Wm. Huntley Sr.

68-Mr. George (William) Huntley,Jr. Emporium, Pa

69-Mrs. Jessie Mae Fizzell, 415 Central Park, New York City

Jessie Mae Shaffer (1878-1953) w/o: Albert Fizzle

*70-Jack Grugan (*) E. Church St., Lock Haven, Pa

71-H.M. (Hartford Marshall) Grugan, Lock Haven, Pa (1886-1963)

h/o: Pearl Shoemaker

*72-R.G. Grugan, Charlestown, West Virginia

73-Mrs. R.W. Grugan, Prospect St., Lock Haven, Pa

Robert W. Grugan (1875-1917) h/o: Blanch L Riggle (1877-1971)

*74-C.A. Grugan, Hyner, Pa

75-Gertrude Grugan, Glen Union, Pa

Miss (1871-1955) d/o: James K. Poke Grugan & Anna Mary Richey (1850-1917)

*76-John T. Earl, New? Gardens, Long Island, N.Y.

77-Mr. W.H.(William Huntley) Garson, Indiana, Pa

78-Charles L. Garson, 2938 Mattern Ave., So. Hills Station, Pittsburgh, Pa

*79-Mrs. Robert (W or H.) Grugan, 77??, Vernon Ave., Lock Haven, Pa

80-Crossed Out- W.A. ??????, Kingsport, Tenn.

81-Mr. Thomas Joyce, Emporium, Pa (h/o:Minnie Edna Barker)

*82-Belle Johnson, Bennezete, Pa

83-Phineas Johnson & family, Sinnemahoning, Pa (h/o:Elizabeth M. Segar)

84-Jersey Johnson & family, Clearfield, Pa

h/o:Bertha Jeckley (s/o: John L. Johnson & Sarah J. (Logue)

85-Jessie Johnson & family, Driftwood, Pa (h/o: Myrtle Logue)

86-Mrs. Orrin Jordan & family, Emporium, Pa (h/o: Etta Marie Barr, 1870-1938)

*87-Mrs. Hannah Johnson, 6-main St., Warren, Pa

*88-Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Jenkins, W 4th St., Williamsport, Pa

89-Al Johnson, Renovo, Pa

Alson L. Johnson (1912-1983) h/o: Maxine Louis Devling

*90- Mr. & Mrs. Allan Kerrer, Renovo, Pa

*91-Mr. & Mrs. C.L. Kline, Lock Haven, Pa

92-Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kailbourne, Sterling Run, Pa. (m. Blanche Logue)

*93-Mr. & Mrs. Theo. Kephart, New Castle, Pa

94-Mr. & Mrs. Fred Lex, S. Renovo, Pa

Fredinand Lex (1876-1960) h/o: Jeanne Robinson (1877-1970)

*95-Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Lyman, W. 4th St., Williamsport, Pa

*96-Mrs. Robert Lyman, Austin, Pa

*97-Mr. Ben Ford, King, Pa

*98-Mrs. Ella Lowell & family, Clearfield, Pa

*99-Mrs. Wilbur Lewis, Emporium, Pa (crossed out, noted: Dead)

100-Mrs. Jack Kennedy, Indiana, Pa

John Homer Kennedy(1900-1995) h/o:Louise Jean Garson

101-Mrs. George P.(Poole) Jones Jr., 1440 Midland Ave., Bronxville, N.Y.

Luzerna Christine Garson

102-Mrs. Annie Mason, Sterling Run, PA w/o:?

103-Mr. Grugan Mason, Sterling Run, Pa (Crossed out)

104-Mr. & Mrs. J?. M. Mason & family, Athens, Pa

105-Mr. &. Mrs. J?.G. Mason & family, Driftwood, Pa

106-Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Mason, (Emporium-crossed out) then Sterling Run, Pa

(Grace Nyce)

107-Mr. & Mrs. Grover C. Mason & family, 355 Pennsylvania Ave., S. Renovo, Pa

(Marie Warrick)

108-Mr. & Mrs. Gerald (Bennet) Mason & family, 47 N. Mary St. Frankenville, NY

(crossed out) (Mina Wheaton)

109-Mr. & Mrs. Fred Mason, State Camp, Renovo, Pa (? two, Freds)

110-Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mason & family, Renovo, Pa

Joseph L. M. Mason & Florence O. Hackett

111-Mr. & Mrs. Percy Mason & family, Renovo, Pa

Percy Dewitt Mason & Agness C. Seese

*112-Mr. Alex. McDongal, Emporium, Pa

*113-Mr. Earl McDongal, Emporium, Pa (crossed out)

114-Mr. & Mrs. Charles. McDonald & family, (Driftwood, x-out) then Emporium, Pa

*115-Mr. Earl McDonald, Emporium, Pa (crossed out)

*116-Mr. & Mrs. Erren Marshall & family, Sterling Run, Pa

117-Mr & Mrs. Francis Marshall, Sterling Run, Pa (m. Pearle Mason)

118-Mr.(crossed out) & Mrs. William Miller, 1404 Bigler Ave, Clearfield (x-out)

then LeContes Mills, Pa. (William x-out & noted: died) ? four Williams

*119-Mr. O. D. Miller & family, 337 N. 12th St., Olean, N.Y.

?120-Mr. & Mrs. Ray Miller & family, Emporium, Pa (Renovo, crossed out)

(? Raymond Jacob Miller & Violet Grace Jordan ?)

121-Mr. Ben. Miller, Verona, Pa (William Benjamin Harrison Miller)

122-Mr. & Mrs. Fred Miller & family, 8th St., Renovo, Pa (?four- Fredericks)

123-Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Miller & family, Emporium, R.F.D., Pa

Irvin James Miller(1866-1941) & Rena Sarah Lupold (1867-1945)

124-Mr. & Mrs. Herman Miller, Warren, Pa (crossed out) (m. Minnie Billings)

?125-Mr & (Mrs.corssed out) C. S?. Miller & family, Driftwood, Pa

*126-Charlotte Miller, Jersey Shore, Pa

127-Mrs. Ruth McLeod & family, 926 Market St., Akron, Ohio (Ruth IsabelleNyce)

?128-Mr. &. Mrs. William Mc Clint??k, Lock Haven, Pa

?129-Mrs. K. Mason & family 6801 Frankestown ? Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa

130-Eric Mason & family, no address (m. Julia ?)

131-Ira Mason & family, no address (m. Mary Jacona)

?132-Mrs. Jennie Mason, Driftwood, Pa (crossed out)

*133-Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Mason, Newberry, Pa

134-Fred. Miller & family, Mill Village, Pa crossed out, then Union City, Pa (four Freds)

135-Forest Miller & family, Hallton, Pa

(possible Clarence Forest Miller m. Ester ?)

136-Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Mason, 127 Howard Place, Buffalo, N.Y.

137-Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Norberg, 191 Main St. Spring????, NY x-out then Sterling Run

138-Mr. & Mrs. (W.) Randall Case, 146 72 St. Niagra Falls, N.Y. (Elenor Sterling)

*139-F.C. Sterling& family, 1212 Niagra St., Niagra Falls, N.Y.

140-Mr. & Mrs. Sid. Nyce, Dents Run, Pa

Solomon Westbrook Nyce(1856-1945) & Margaret A. Barr

*141-Mrs Vivian O’Neale, 1913 14th St., Franklin apt., Washington, D.C.

142-Mr. & Mrs. Harry Overturf, Penfield, Pa m.?

143-Mr. & Mrs. Manly Overturf, Warren, Pa m.?

?144-Mr. & Mrs. Grey or Gary(?) Overturf, Penfield, Pa

145-Mr. & Mrs. Brady Overturf, DuBois, Pa

146-Mrs. William (Thomas) Piper, Renovo, Pa (Grace L. M. Brooks)

?147-Mr. & Mrs. Charles Phillip, 75 N. Center St., Bradford, Pa

148-Mr. & Mrs. William Rice, Port Alleganey, PA m. Vaud Meeker

149-Mr. & Mrs. Allen Randolph, Hotel La Salle, Kingston, Canada

Allen Sexton Randolph & Margaret Huntley Williams

?150-Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Reese, 1151 E. 4th St. Williamsport, Pa

?151-Mrs. Maranda Russell, Tunnelton, Pa

?152-Mrs & Mrs J?. W. Reese, Waverly, NY (Phila, Pa crossed out)

?153-Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rothrock & family, Bennezette, Pa

?154-Mr. & Mrs. Joe Rodgers, Blanchardville, Wisc.

155-Mrs. (Mr. x-out) James R. Strawbridge, Sterling Run, Pa (Julia Ida Mason)

?156-John Swackhammer & family, Bennezette, Pa (crossed out)

?157-Dave Swackhammer & family, Bennezette, Pa (crossed out)

?158-Mr. B. F. Sterling & family, Sterling Run, Pa

159-Miss Jessie V. Sterling, Sterling Run, Pa

160-W.R.(William R.) Smith, Sterling Run, Pa

161-Mr. & Mrs. W.M. Summerson, Emporium, Pa

Wellington M. Summerson & Sarah Ann Carnill

162-Mr. & Mrs. George (Basil) Summerson, Emporium, Pa (m. Margaret Dodge)

163-Miss Margaret Summersom, Sterling Run, Pa

164-Miss Mary Summerson, Sterling Run, Pa.

165-Mr. Fred Summerson, Sterling Run, Pa

?166-Mr. & Mrs. W.J?, Summerson, Renovo, Pa

167-Mrs. Kate Strayer, Sinnemahoning (x) then 37 Orchard St., Leomister, Mass.

Katherine Margaret Fulton (1864-1935) w/o: Joseph Valentine Strayer (1876-1918)

168-Mrs. Francelia Smith, Irvona, Pa Francelia Sophia Huntley m. John Monroe Smith.

169-Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Shafer, 283 Broadhead Ave., Jamestown, N.Y.

Joseph Mason Shafer, Jr.(1871-1946) & Gretta May Swartwood (1873-1966)

170-Mr. R.G. Shaffer & family, Oil City, Pa (x out) then Emlenton, PA

Ralph G. Shaffer & Myrtle Lloyd (two Ralph’s)

171-Roy Shaffer & family, South Bend, Wash. (?)

172-John Shaffer & family, 2605 W. 4th., Newberry, Pa (John Kendrick Shaffer)

173-Orville Shaffer & family, Bennezette, Pa

Orville Henry Shaffer, h/o:Agness Saxton (1876-1926)

174-George P. Shafer & family, Sinnemahoning, Pa

Geroge Perkins Shafer (1873-1956), h/o: Zazel May Kepler (1883-1960)

175-Miss Martha Shaffer & brothers, Ridgeway, Pa

?176-M. Smith, 124 Pine Ave., Kane, Pa (crossed out)

177-Mr. & Mrs. Charles Shives, Emporium, Pa

178-(Miss) Myrtle Shaffer, Cottage Place, Warren Pa (x-out)

then 305 Washington Ave., DuBois, PA

179-Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sewell, Port Alleganey, Pa h/o:Ada Meeker

?180-Miss Louise Sassam, 66 McKinnis? Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa

181-Mr. & Mrs. John Schwab, Emporium, Pa m.Edna R. Summerson

182-Frederick Shafer, 1442 Chestnut St. Franklin, Pa (three- Fredericks)

183-Ralph Shafer, Emelton or Emlenton, Pa

184-A.G. Shafer, Hubbardsville, N.Y

possible Alonzo G. Hastings Shafer

185-C.O. Shafer, Lego, W.Va

Cassius Ogden Shaffer, Sr. h/o: Mary Alice Jenkins

186-Jay Shafer, 1206 Hudson St., Hoboken, N.Y.

187-Jack Shafer, Gleasonton, Pa (not sure which one)

188-Allen Shafer, Renovo, Pa

189-Raymond Shafer, Renovo, Pa

page nine:

190-Mrs. Lydia VanLew, Dayton, Washington

Lydia Fulton, w/o: Charles VanLew

?191-Iva Vallimont, 1206 Daisy St., Clearfield, Pa

?192-Mrs. A. M. Whiting & family, Sterling Run, Pa

193-Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Whiting & family, Sterling Run, Pa (m. Estella Ruth Smith)

194-Mr. & Mrs. Demonte Whiting & family, Sterling Run, Pa (m. Nellie Bunce)

195-Mr. & Mrs. Paul (Hobson) Whiting & family, Emporium, Pa (m. Elise Narby)

196-Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Philip Whiting & family, Sterling Run, (m. Mary Ellen Bogley)

197-Mr. & Mrs. H.A.(Harry A.) Wheeler, Sterling Run, Pa. (m. Grace Swackhammer)

198-Mr. (& Mrs. x out) John Whiting, 600 N. Central Ave., Williamsport, Pa

199-Mr. Robert (Bruce) Whiting & family, Driftwood, Pa (m. Emma Marsh)

200-Mr. & Mrs. Earl W. Whiting & family, Sterling Run, Pa (m. Helen Hunter)

201-Mr. Melvin Whiting & family, Ridgeway, Pa (three-Melvins)

202-Mrs. Lula Williams, Emporium, Pa

Lulu Cornelia Huntley (1871-1958), w/o:Thomas Henry Williams (1866-1921)

203-Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wylie, Emporium, Pa

Charles Chadwick Wylie (1877-1958), h/o:Julia Ida Huntley

204-Mrs. Claude Williams, 701 5th St. Washington, D.C. (crossed out)

?205-Mr. & Mrs. W. P. Whitehouse?, Rigeway, Pa

?206-William Wheaton & family, New Castle, Pa

?207-Mr. & Mrs. Fred. ???ler, Emporium, Pa

?208-Mr. & Mrs. Fred White, Port Alleganey, Pa

?209-Mrs. Pierce White, Port Alleganey, Pa

?210-Mr. & Mrs. Charles White, Driftwood (x-out) then Frenchville, Pa

211-Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Winslow, Bennezette, Pa m.Clista English

212-Mrs Mary Wykoff, Dayton, Washington

?213-Mrs. Myrtle L. Williams, Sterling Run, Pa note: Dead

?214-Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Wit????, 1212 Sherman St. Akron, Ohio

215-Lewis Zell & family, Franklin, Pa

?216-Harry Zell & family, Franklin, Pa

?217-Mrs. L.G. Zerbe, 519 Central Ave., Renovo, Pa

?218-Allen Underwood, Renovo, Pa

added addresses on last page of registry:

Eric Mason, 1437 1st. St. Renneselaer, NY

Ira Mason, 1802 East 90th St. Cleveland, Ohio

Mrs. William Sheppard, 1113 Charles St. McKees Rock, Pa

Mrs. Kitty Mason, Coraapolis, R.D. Pa


The twentieth Annual Re-union of the Mason decendants was held at Mason’s Grove August 16,1928-

175 relatives and 50 friends were in attendance. The meeting was called to order by the President Anson Mason - and the following officers nominated and duly elected:

W. M. Summerson - President.

Mrs. Charles McDonald relected Secratary

DeMonte Whiting- Treasurer

Ground Committee-

W. A. Mason

J.R. Strawbridge

John Housler

Amusement Com-

Mr. C. J. Miller

Hazel Whiting

Mrs. Charles Wylie

Motion was made and carried that the date of the Re-union be changed from the third Thursday in August to the third Saturday in August. Rev. Carnill gave a short address. Miss Sarah Carnill played piano and the audience sang several selections. collections was taken and netted $34.60

Bal. from 1927 $66.21, Recepts 1928-H.B. Muthers bought Rent grounds, $16.00, General collections $34.60, Dance Receipts - $45.00, St. Clair Re-union $5.00, Berry Bunce Re-union $5.00 = $171.81 total Receipts.

Bills ordered Paid: C. J. Miller roofing- $14.29, Renovo Record printing-$4.58, Wm. Berry Labor putting on roof- $3.00, Ed Berry labor putting on roof- $3.00, Mrs. Sara Hopkins use of Piano- $10.00, C.W. Johnson Orchestra-$15.50, W.A. Mason hauling and work on grounds -$6.00, Mrs. Charles McDonmald coffee, milk, ribon adv.-$5.37,

James Strawbridge Labor on tables & grounds-$8.20, Harry Whiting hauling piano-$2.00, M.B. Summerson making tables-$10.00, = $87.80 Bal. on hand after $84.11.

1928 expenses were paid.

New Ledger 1929 - donated by Mr. & Mrs. Charles McDonald -

Bills on Hand, August 15, 1929 for all indeptness to Mason Re-union Com.: W.H. Cramer lumber nails roofing etc. -$46.39, Renovo Daily Record Printing -$5.75, Mrs. Charles McDonald Coffee milk, gadgets, etc. -$6.37 by cash, Emporium Publishing advertising (no price entered) W?. M. Summerson Labor building tables -$48.00, J. Housler labor cleaning grounds etc. -$15.75 D. Manginell music-$16.00 making a total of 108.26

money recieved Collection $37.12, Dance $13.25, Oscar Berry stand $2.50, Bunce & Berry re-union $5.00, ???? $2.00.

Meeting of Committee - met at grounds July 14,1929 - Decided to have two new buildings erected and two tables and four bences built - W. M. Summerson and J. W. Housler to do the work also all work on the grounds necessary -

Secretary was ordered to have Dance tickets and 200 Post card invitations printed by Renovo Record- Also engage the Manginell boys for mujsic and Oscar Berry to have Fruit & Ice Cream Stand -

1928 balance on hand $84.16, 1929 money received $59.87 making a total of $143.98 1929 expenses owed $108.26, Bal. for 1930: $35.72

The following Officers were elected for the year of 1930.

W. M. Summerson, Pres.

Rena McDonald Secterary & Treas.

Ground Committee:

W. Anson Mason, J. Wright Mason,

J.?, Housler, Bob Whiting appointed social Committee.

De Monte Whiting chairman - to appoint the committee. Also to have some one make arrangements to have cars meet train (bottom of page missing)


Minutes for 1930

A meeting of the Committee met on grounds, July 27,1930. the following officers present: W. M. Summerson, Pres.: Rena McDonald, Secy & treas., W.A. Mason, J. Wright Mason & Bob Whiting-ground committee.

Demonte Whiting Chairman of Social committee and his appointed officers.

It was decided that they have the Orchestra and dancing from 4 to 8 with admission .50 instead of 1.00 per.

Kennith Summerson to have charge of the music. Bob Whiting was to see that grounds be cleaned up. and as amt. in Treasure was low. no repairs be made this year. Secretary was ordered to have 200 post card. Invitations printed by Renovo Record. Balance on hand 35.72 bill in hand, Driftwood P.O. for 200 post card $2.00 paid. Renovo daily Record 2.25 paid.


1930 Mason / Grugan Relative attendance list: (keep for Census information)

1-Cora Brooks, Endicott, N.Y.

2-Sterner Mason, Africa

3-Roberta Mason, Renovo, (Clinton Co., Pa)

4-Maude Mason, "

5-Edgar Brooks, Endicott, N.Y. (& 1940)

6-Clara Brooks, "

7-Daisy Mason, Renovo

8-Lola Mason, " (& 1940)

9-Shirley Jane Mason , "

10-Annie M. Mason, "

11-Joseph (L.M.)Mason, "

12-E.P.(Edward P.or Edgar P) Brooks, Enddicott, N.Y. ( & 1940)

13-James Mason, Renovo

14-Joe Mason, "

15-Stanley Mason, "

16-Fred Mason, "

17-20 Mrs. & Mrs. F.L. Marshall & son, Sterling Run, PA

21-P.H. Mason (Sr.) Renovo,

22-P.H. Mason, Jr. "

23-June Bateman, "

24-Sadie Summerson, Emporium, (Cameron Co., Pa)

25-Shirley Irene McDonald, Driftwood, (Cameron Co., Pa)

26-Charles (G.) McDonald, "

27-Irene McDonald, "

-(miss-numbered) Ruby Wheaton, Sinnemahoning, (Cameron Co., Pa)

-(miss-numbered) Mrs. Gerald Mason, Franklinville, N.Y.

-(miss-numbered) W. M. Summerson, Emporium (& 1940)

-(miss-numbered) Gerald Mason, Franklinville, N.Y.

-(miss-numbered) Mrs & Mrs. Frank Sewell, Port Alleganey, (McKean Co., Pa) (& 1940)

-(miss-numbered) Freda Sewell, "

28-Mary M. Summerson, Renovo

29-Robert Beyer, Renovo

30-Annabel Bateman, Emporium

31-Marie Summerson, "

32-Genema?? Bateman, "

33-Mrs. Grover Mason, Renovo

34-Maxine Beyer, "

35-Jessie Sterling, Sterling Run (& 1940)

36-Joseph M. Shafer, Jamestown, N.Y. (& 1940)

37-Mrs. Oscar Norberg, Renovo

38-Eugene Norberg, " (& 1940)

39-O.S. Norberg, Renovo (1940 Sterling Run)

40-Mrs. Reg. Housler, Emporium (& 1940)

41-George Wm. Huntley Jr., Emporium (& 1940)

42-Mrs. Fred J. Lex, Renovo (& 1940)

43-Fred J. Lex, " (& 1940)

44-G. C. Mason, " (& 1940)

45-Fred (H.)Miller, " (& 1940)

46-Grace (Marie)Miller, "

47-Theda (Freda?) Miller, "

48-Frank Miller, " (&1940)

49-Donald Miller, " (& 1940)

50-Billie Burns, Emporium

51-Darlene Miller, " (& 1940)

52-Myrtle Shafer, Warren, (Warren Co., Pa)

53-Franklin S. Smith, Irvona (Clearfield Co., Pa)

54-Donald Mason, Hong Kong, China (Sic?)

55-Conrad L. Smith, Irvona, Pa

56-Thomas W. Shafer, Jamestown, N.Y. (&1940)

57-Charles Wiley, Jr., Emporium

58-C.C. Wiley, " {Charles Chadwick Wiley}

59-C.J. Miller, Huntley (Cameron, Pa) {Clarence Jacob Miller

60-Mrs. C.J. Miller, Huntley {Edna Gertrude Collins} (& 1940)

61-Neil Collins Miller, (Sr.) Penns Grove, N.J.

62-Rhea Miller, Huntley

63-Reva Miller, "

64-W.A. Mason, Sterling Run {William Anson Mason}

65-Mrs. W.A. Mason, " {Metta Carnill}

66-Elmer E. Whiting "

67-Mrs Stella R. Whiting, Sterling Run {Estella Ruth Smith}

68-Harold M. Miller, Emporium

69-Mrs. R.J. Miller, "

70-R. J. Miller, "

71-Lurline Miller, "

72-Mrs. W. F.(William F.) Mason, Renovo (& 1940) (Lul Weaver)

73-Blanche Jordan, Emporium

74-O. H. Jordan, Sterling Run

75-Billie Mason, not noted

76-Frank Wearne??, Binghamton, N.Y.

77-R.E. Whiting, Sterling Run (Renovo in 1940)

78-Estella Whiting, "

79-Mrs P. L. Marsh, Renovo

80-Grace McLeod, Akron, Ohio

81-W.R. Mason, State Game Refuge #1, Renovo, Pa

82-Mrs. S. W. Nyce, Driftwood

83-Nellie H. Wiley, Emporium

84-Harry Ford, St. Marys, (Elk Co., PA) (& 1940)

85-Maggie Ford, "

86-Mary Ford, "

87-Daisy Ford, St. Marys, Pa

88-Harold Ford, " (& 1940)

89-Frances Johnson, Huntley

90-Robert Howlett, Driftwood

91-Mrs. K. M. Strayer, Sinnemahoning (& 1940)

92-Evy Floyd, South Renovo

93-can not make out name, TD or JD possible: Fulton, Sinnemahoning

not numbered- Winfield Summerson, Renovo

not numbered- Arthur Summerson, "

94-J?. G. Mason, Sterling Run

95-Anson Mason Jr., "

96-Etta Miller, Emporium

97-Bessie Lewis, "

98-Sadie Wheaton, Sinnemahoning

99-William Wheaton, "

100-Bertolda? Wheaton "

101-Mrs. Joseph Mason, Renovo

102-Bruce Mason, "

103-Stanley Mason, "

104-Frances Chesney, New Berry, (Newberrytown, York Co., Pa)

105-John " "

106-Mina " "

107-Betty Jane Canton, Emporium

108-Geraldine Huntley Shives, Emporium

109-Viola C. Beyer, Renovo

110-Neva Burlingame, Emporium (& 1940)

111-Leo R. Burlingame, " (& 1940)

112-Robert Burlingame, "

113-Lavern Burlingame, "

114-Billy Burlingame, "

115-Dicky Burlingame, " (& 1940)

116-Mrs Etta Jordan, " (Etta Marie Barr w/o: Orrin H Jordan)

117-(Archie) Dean Jordan, "

118-Mrs Charles E. Barr, Williamsport, (Lycoming Co., Pa)

119-Mr. Charles Barr, "

120-Mrs. Orla Barr, "

121-Mr. Orla Barr, "

122-William Barr,

123-Clarence Beyer, Renovo

124-Robert Beyer, "

125-Miss Mason, "

not numbered- Vivinn(e?) Losey, Sinnemahoning

126-Mrs. Fred Miller, Union City, (Erie Co., Pa)

127-Mrs. J.W. Mason, Driftwood

128-J.W. Mason, "

129-Reba Mason, Driftwood

130-Ellen Mason, "

131-Rebecca Spence, "

132-Mrs J. D. Reese, Philadelphia,

( Philadelphia, Bucks, or Montgomery County Pa)

133-Margaret Summerson, Emporium

134-C Jayne Whiting, Sterling Run (& 1940)

135-Ruth Whiting, "

136-Iva Mac D. Canton, Emporium

137-Iva M. Strawbridge, Sterling Run

138-Mrs. Wiliam Dinsmore, St. Marys (Elk Co., Pa) (& 1940)

139-R.M. Ford, " (& 1940)

140-Mrs. R.M. Ford " (& 1940)

141-Earl Ford "

142-Paul Ford, "

143-Anna Mae Ford, " (& 1940)

144-John Ford, Brookville,(Jefferson Co., Rose or Pine Creek twp., Pa)

145-Mrs. Ray Ford, "

146-Ray Ford, "

147-Albert Ford, "

148-Wilford Dinsmore, St. Marys

149-Edith Dinsmore, "

150-John Brooks, Sinnemahoning




154-Mrs George Summerson, not noted (mailing address Emporium, Pa)

155-Mr. George Summerson, "

156-Louise Summerson, "

157-Shirley Summerson, "

158-Julia Shaffer, Sinnemahoning

159-Ellen Shaffer, "

160-Zelia Mason, Sterling Run

161-Kennith Summerson, Emporium

162-Margaret Bochkay, Lorush Grove, Georgia

163-Mrs Lula Bochkay, Renovo

164-Henry Bochkay, "

165-Paul Bochkay, "

166- (omited)

167- Mrs. Joseph Shafer, Jamestown, N.Y. (& 1940) (Gretta Mae Swartwood)

168-Julia Strawbridge, Sterling Run

169-Clara Miller, Huntley

170-Mrs. M.G. Rothrock, Bennezette (& 1940)

171-Mrs. Bill Johnson, Bennezette

172-Charles Rothrock, "

173-Melvin (Philip) Whiting, not noted (Sterling Run in 1940)

174-Mary Whiting, " (in Sterling Run in 1940)

175-Pauline Whiting, "

176-Jane Whiting, "

177-Melvin Whiting, "

178-William Whiting, "

179-Maxine Whiting, "

180-Violet H. Kailbourn, Sterling Run (& 1940)

181-T.W.? Kailbourn, " "

182-Mrs. C.(Charles?) R. Barr, Smethport, (McKean Co., Pa)

183-Mrs. James E. Whimore & son (James) Akron, Ohio {Helen Murray}

Minutes of the Mason on August 16,1930.

The Mason Reunion was held at Mason’s Grove, Saturday Aug.16,1930. 188 relatives and 71 friends were in attendance.

Mr. G. H. Mason was the oldest descendant and Francis Marshall, Jr. was the youngest descendant present.

Two of the members, Mrs. Luzerne Huntley of Emporium and Mr. John Housler of Sterling Run, died during the past year.

At. the meeting held in the afternoon, Mr. George Huntley, Jr. was nominated and elected President of the Association for the ensuing year and Rhea Miller was made Secretary & Treasurer. Mr. W. M. Summerson, the outgoing President, then turned the meeting over to its new President: Mr. Huntley.

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