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1863 Septennial Census

Gibson Township

The so-called Pennsylvania Septennial Census, was taken from 1779 to 1863 and bears the name of census but looks more like a tax list. These records relatively few of which have survived were generated to enumerate taxpayers for the purpose of determining representation in the state legislature. The septennial census returns usually list only the names and occupations of taxables. This would be the first and last Septennial Census for Cameron County. The list is as transcribed and is not in alphabetical order.





Barber, Amos 33 Farmer
Barr, Saul 43 Farmer
Barr, Margaret 34
Barr, Jacob 39 Farmer
Barr Harriett 31
Barr, William 65 Farmer
Barr, Margarett 61
Barr, Allen 36 Farmer
Barr, Darius 28 Farmer
Barber, Benjamin 36 Laborer
Bailey, Hezekiah M. 28 Farmer
Barr, Charles 37 Farmer
Bearfield, William 67 Laborer
Brooks, John 49 Farmer
Blossom, Benjamin 70 Laborer
Collins, Rhueben 35 Farmer
Clock, Amos 26 Farmer
Campbell, James 47 Laborer
Coons, David 24 Laborer
Crum, Richard 29 Farmer
Coleman, Charles 31 Formerly Inn Keeper
Coons Jacob 71 Laborer
Coleman, John 50 Farmer
Dent, William 45 Farmer
Drum, Henry 35 Laborer
Dent, Andrew 51 Farmer
Dent, Thomas 44 Farmer
Duell, Warren 33 Laborer
Duell, Harris 27 Laborer
Englisbee, Acy 60 Shoemaker
Englisbee, Laurence 30 Shoemaker
Eddings, Lewis 59  Physician
Fulton, James 32 Carpenter
Farley, Minard 31 Laborer
Fuller, Jacob 48 Laborer
Farley, Joseph 28 Laborer
Fisk, Ebenezer 51 Laborer
Hollin, Thomas 48 Clergyman
Hicks, Elizabeth 57
Hicks, John C. 67 Farmer
Hicks, Levi 39 Farmer
Hicks, Reese 27 Farmer
Hicks, John 25 Farmer
Hattan, Edward 30 Inn Keeper
Jordan, Nelson D. 34 Farmer
Jordan, William E. 65 Farmer
Jordan, James 24 Laborer
Jordan, William 26 Laborer
Jordan, Peter 54 Farmer
Johnston, Joseph 39 Laborer
Johnston, John 29 Farmer
Lupole, Henry 25 Laborer
Lupole, Joshua 52 Laborer
Lane, Joseph 27  Blacksmith
Luprow, Daniel 46 Laborer
Losey, John (cripple) 38 Farmer
Logue, Harrison 46 Farmrer
Lord, Emmett 27 Laborer
Miller, Rhueben 52 Farmer
Mason, Elizabeth 36
Miller, Charles 43 Farmer
Mason, Phineas 26 Farmer
Mason, Henry 47 Farmer
Mason, John 44 Farmer
Mason, James 60 Farmer
Mason, James 23 Farmer
Miller, Daniel 60 Farmer
Miller, Jacob 30 Farmer
Miller, James 47 Laborer
Miller, George 25 Farmer
Mason, Joseph 54 Farmer
Miller, William W. 24 Laborer
Miller, Hezekiah 21 Farmer
Mix, Soloman 40 Farmer
Mason, Washington 40 Farmer
Mix, Henry 38 Farmer
Mix, James 31 Farmer
Mix, James 72 Farmer
Mix, Hezekiah 47 Farmer
Nelson, William 54 Farmer
Peasley, Salvinius 46 Farmer
Smith John (Cripple) 47 Farmer
Shaffer, Fredrich 36 Laborer
Yond, Mary 23
Yond, Alzina 24


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