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This is a list of obituaries that were gleaned from a scrapbook in the possession of the Cameron County Historical Society and is available on microfilm from the Mormon Church.- Newspaper Obituaries 1890-1902 Collected from various newspapers one roll 0902448.  The ones marked with an (*) are of a later date  Some are lengthy tributes, some are just death announcements. Some are quite graphic on how the person died! Duplicated names means there may have been more than one mention in the scrap book. Underlined names are links to the obituary.


Adams, son of Mrs. Lizzie
Allen, Dudley *

Anderson, John B.
Anderson, Peter
Applegate, Deacon LAMB
Arnold, Charles
Arnold, Orlando
Ayers, Patrick
Ayers, William
Bailey, Edward
Bailey, Monroe
Bair, Leo
Barber, Eliza
Barclay, James L.
Barker, George

Barr, William Ulysses
Bates, Rena M. MCLOSKEY
Beers, Wallace
Belden, Daughter Sylvester
Beldin, Charles W.
Bell, Mary
Bell, Mrs. John
Bliss, Henry
Boyer, Mary
Brown, Washington SMITH
Bryan, Dr. J. G. 
Buckley, Lizzie
Bundy, Mrs
Bupp, G. W.
Burkhart, Thomas

Burlingame, Polly
Bush, L. J.
Bushey, Amanda TURLEY
Butcher, Mrs. J. D.
Butler, Chiold C. L.
Caldwell, Arch
Calkins, Bessie
Cameron, Margaret
Campbell, John
Cavenaugh, Mrs Michael
Chadwick, Col.
Chadwick, Cora *
Chadwick, Ev
Chadwick, Perlina
Chadwick, Richard
Chadwick, Robert
Chambers, Lizzie
Clark, Delilah
Clark, Eva
Cook, Mrs. M. J. McVEIGH
Cotter, Patrick
Coyle, Margaret

Craven, Isher L.

Craven, Mary Jane
Crawford, William
Crawford, William
Crow, David
Dewey, William
Dexter, Sarah
Doll, Samuel
Dowd, Jefferson William
Dumbolton, Elfie
Dwyer, Lizzie
Dyre, Charles
Easterbrook, Charles
Easterbrook, Edward
Easterbrooks, Berton
Easterbrooks, Berton
Edgcomb, Mrs. Henry
Ensign, Mary R.
Ensign, Milo
Estes, James
Evans, Laura
Faucet, Samuel
Felt, Dewitt
Floyd, O. S. 
Frane, William
Freeman, Byran Hill
Freeman, Frank
Freeman, Hulda
Freeman, Orren*
Freeman, Rebekah Wall
Freeman, Son of L.A.
Gage, Wilber
Gager, Mrs. A. H.
Garrison, Cyrus
Garvin, Son of Joseph
Gaskill, E. W. 
Gaskin, Robert
Genung, Huldah (photo)
German, Ada
Gifford, Capt. L. W.
Givin, George
Goodwin, F. J.
Goodwin, Mrs A. C.
Goss, Margaret
Gould, C. B.
Gould, Carl
Gross, Alice
Gross, Mrs. W.
Haber, Will
Hackenburg, Lilly
Hacket, Harriet Gilford
Hacket, Sarah *
Hackett, Alice
Hackett, Bertha Gladys
Hackett, F. B.
Hackett, Gladys
Hackett, Luther *
Hackett, Mattie
Hackett, Maud
Hackett, Moses
Hackett, Myrtle
Hackett, Seth
Haines, John H.
Hall, John
Hanna, Frank
Hardy, Lulu
Haupt Augustus
Haupt, Sarah
Haynes, Caleb N.
Healy, Truman
Heilman, child R. P.
Hess, Infant COOK
Hess, Mrs. John
Heverly, Mary (LOGAN)
Hickey, Martin
Hickey, Thomas
Hirsch, I. A.
Hitchcock, Ellen
Hoban, Catherine
Hockley, Harriet
Holbrook, A. G. 
Hotchkiss, Cyrus
House, Mrs. James
Housle, Marion
Housler, Annie
Hout, Charles
Hout, John
Howard, Mary
Howard, William
Huff, Frank
Humphrey John (Photo) 
Hunt, Mrs. (BURNELL)
Hutchinson, Mike
Hyde, Senator W. H.
Ives, Collet
Jenks, James
Johnson, George
Johnson, Lily
Jones, Edna Mable
Jones, Warren
Kay, Sarah
Kaye, Son Joseph
Kelly, Harry
King, Laura
Klock, Mrs. Amos
Knickerbocker, Mrs. Lester
Laning, Dr. J. T.
Lawson, Maggie
Lebo, Rose
Lewis, Clyde
Lewis, Edmund
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Morris
Lewis, Morris
Lewis, P. E. 
Lind, John
Lingle, Mrs. John
Littlefield, Lana
Logan, Wellington *
Logue, John M. 
Lorshbough, Mariamnie
Lucore, Lemuel
Major, Mary
Mankey, Harry
Mankey, Mary
Mason, Mrs. James
Matteson, J. L.
Matteson, James
McCarty, Thomas
McCloskey, W. T.
McCormich Jr., Daniel
McCrea, George
McDonald, Capt. A. R.
McDonald, D. S.
McDonald, Julia
McDonald, Mary
McDonals, Duncan
McDonough, Thomas
McKee, Benton
McKee, Thomas MCCASLIN
McKinnen, James
Metsger, Jacob
Miller, Clare
Miller, John
Mix, Mary * Mother Tom Mix *
Moore, Child E.S.
Moore, Col. William
Moore, Isaac
Moore, Isaac
Morgan, Son of Byron
Morrow, I.
Morse, Gilbert
Mulcahy, Joseph
Mulcahy, Mrs.
Murry, David
Nelson, Almeron
Nelson, Jennie
Newson, Mrs. J. W.
Norris, John
Olmstead, Florence
Osborn, Melvin
Ott, Mrs. William
Otto, Joel
Owens, Susan
Panon, Mrs. Paul
Parker, Col. N. H.
Parrott, E. M.
Patterson, Mrs.
Peasley, Arthur
Pellam, Lemuel
Pepper, A. L. 
Pepper, Almon
Prentice, Truman
Quinn, Marguente
Razey, Frances*
Reed, Mrs Samuel MITCHELL
Richie, Julia
Rue, Daughter Rev. J. W.
Sanford, Carrie BARKER
Sassman, Hattie
Schlecht, John

Schouten, S. J. 
Shafer, Joseph
Shaffer, Bert
Shepard, Louisa
Shepard, Louisa
Sheppard, Cal KREBS
Sheppard, Calvin
Sibert, Mrs
Sing, Mary BLUMLE
Slawson, John
Smith, Albert HACKETT
Smith, Mrs Larry
Smith, Phillip
Smyth, Larry

Shnyder, Lula
Stewart, Charles
Stone, Mrs. Daniel
Storrs, Samuel Hawkins
Strayer, Child F. P.
Streich, Fred *
Strike, Mrs. Joseph
Strum, Ernest Jay
Swartwood, Locetta D.
Taggart, H. T. 
Tiffany, Harriet A.
Unverdorben, Mrs.Henry 
Utter, Peter
Vonk, Child
Walker, Daughter Charles
Walker, Ida
Welch, James
Welch, James
Welch, James
Whalen, Jerry
Wheating, Amos
White, Frank
White, Margaret
White, Miles
Wiley, J. S.
Williams, Charles
Williams, L. B. HACKETT
Wooden, J. G.
Wycoff, B. V.
Yardley, James *
Yeager, James
Yeager, Mrs. John
Yentzer, Daughter Fred
Zahniser, Ada

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