Cameron County Genealogy Project

Cameron County Genealogy Project

History of Cameron County

 There are several History sources that will one day be in this section.  There is a series of articles in old issues of the Cameron County Press that will be transcribed here.  Beer's History of Cameron County has been started and various parts of it are online. Huntley's Story of the Sinnamahone will also be online one day.  For now we have the name index and offers of lookups. Click on the green sections to go to those pages.

 History of the Counties of McKean, Elk, Cameron, and Potter, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Sketches, including their early settlement and development; a description of the historic and interesting localities; sketches of their cities, towns and villages; portraits of prominent men; biographies of representative citizens; outline history of Pennsylvania; statistics - J. H. Beers & Co 1890

A Story of the Sinnamahone by George Huntley Jr., 1936

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