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Cameron County Genealogy Project, Grove Township

Cameron County Genealogy Project

1930 Federal Census Index

Portage Township

Portage Township, Cameron Co., Pennsylvania
1930 Federal Census Index
Enumeration District: 12-8
Enumerated: April 1930
Enumerator: Frank X. Blumle
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Surname First Name ED# Page
Adams Beulah L. 12-8 1A
Adams Clark E. 12-8 1A
Adams Norma 12-8 1A
Adams Olive R. 12-8 1A
Cleary John J. 12-8 1A
Colletti Donald 12-8 1A
D**aney Arthur G. 12-8 1A
D**aney Lenora m. 12-8 1A
D**aney William H. 12-8 1A
English Catherine E. 12-8 1A
English Ernest 12-8 1A
English Helen J. 12-8 1A
English Torrance 12-8 1A
Housler Emma JI. 12-8 1B
Housler George E. 12-8 1B
Housler Hazel M. 12-8 1B
Housler Hollice M. 12-8 1B
Housler Lyle O. 12-8 1B
Housler Viola D. 12-8 1B
Howard Charles J. 12-8 1A
Howard Charles J. 12-8 1A
Howard Mable C. 12-8 1A
Howard Mar** d. 12-8 1A
Ingersoll Robert 12-8 1A
Ingersoll Susan J. 12-8 1A
Irwin Edward 12-8 1A
Jen*s Mildred 12-8 1A
Ji*ll** Aurilla M. 12-8 1A
Kephart Edna M. 12-8 1A
Kephart Etta 12-8 1A
Kephart James C. 12-8 1A
Kephart Kline 12-8 1A
Kephart Letha 12-8 1A
Krebs Myrtle B. 12-8 1B
Krebs Robert H. 12-8 1B
Krebs Susie 12-8 1A
Lewis Frank O. 12-8 1B
Lewis Frederick 12-8 1B
Lewis Henry 12-8 1B
Lewis Ida D. 12-8 1B
Lewis Lawrence 12-8 1B
Lewis LeRoy 12-8 1B
Lewis Lily 12-8 1B
Lewis Vivian O. 12-8 1A
Lewis Walter 12-8 1B
Lupold Bethel 12-8 1A
Lupold Margaret L. 12-8 1A
Lupold Margaret L. 12-8 1A
Mar**h Adam 12-8 1A
Mar**h Anna 12-8 1A
Mar**h Frances 12-8 1A
McEacheron James F. 12-8 1A
McEacheron Margery V. 12-8 1A
McEacheron Rose 12-8 1A
Mowrey Bessie A. 12-8 1A
Mowrey James C. 12-8 1A
Noragon Amos A. 12-8 1A
Ostrum Ellen C. 12-8 1B
Ostrum Maxwell N. 12-8 1B
Rizzo *ulma 12-8 1B
Rizzo Anthony 12-8 1B
Rizzo Magdeline 12-8 1B
Rizzo Mary 12-8 1B
Rizzo Mike A. 12-8 1B
Shuman James A. 12-8 1A
Shuman Sara 12-8 1A
Sizer E. Dora 12-8 1A
Smith Gordon F. 12-8 1A
Smith Grace E. 12-8 1A
Smith Grant L. 12-8 1A
Smith Isabel J. 12-8 1A
Smith Lee G. 12-8 1A
Smith Mildred F. 12-8 1A


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