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Cameron County Genealogy Project, Grove Township

Cameron County Genealogy Project

1930 Federal Census Index

Lumber Township

Portage Township, Cameron Co., Pennsylvania
1930 Federal Census Index
Enumeration District: 12-7
Enumerated: May 1930
Enumerator: Edward C. Counsel
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Surname First Name ED# Page#
Anderson Amelia C. 12-7 2A
Anderson Andreson I. 12-7 2A
Anderson Anna C. 12-7 2A
Anderson Elveen H. 12-7 2A
Anderson John 12-7 2A
Anderson Oscar *. 12-7 2A
Arnold Charles P. 12-7 2B
Arnold Rosa A. 12-7 2B
Auchu Annabel 12-7 2B
Barr Anna E. 12-7 1A
Barr Catharine 12-7 1A
Barr George E. 12-7 1A
Barr John G. 12-7 1A
Barr Wainwright 12-7 1A
Be** Anna C. 12-7 2A
Be** Ethel G. 12-7 2A
Be** Isaac L. 12-7 2A
Be** Katherine C. 12-7 2A
Beldin Carl W. 12-7 2A
Beldin Chas W. 12-7 2A
Beldin Frederick J. 12-7 2A
Beldin Laura M. 12-7 2A
Beldin Nila L. 12-7 2A
Berry Dale A. 12-7 2A
Berry Elwood O. 12-7 1B
Berry Esther J. 12-7 1B
Berry Francis E. 12-7 1B
Berry Gerald G. 12-7 1B
Berry James L. 12-7 1B
Berry James P. 12-7 1B
Berry John  12-7 1B
Berry John L. 12-7 1B
Berry Nora E. 12-7 1B
Berry Nora E. 12-7 1B
Berry Oscar L. 12-7 1B
Berry Pearl 12-7 1B
Berry Victor L. 12-7 1B
Berry Virginia M. 12-7 1B
Berry Willa M. 12-7 1B
Berry William E. 12-7 1B
Berry William L. 12-7 1B
Berry Wm M. Sr. 12-7 1B
Boss Mary A. 12-7 1A
Boss Samuel J. 12-7 1A
Bunce Carl W. 12-7 1A
Bunce Charles B. 12-7 3A
Bunce Dorothy J. 12-7 1A
Bunce Dorothy J. 12-7 1A
Bunce James S. 12-7 1A
Bunce James S. 12-7 1A
Bunce Minnie M. 12-7 1A
Bunce Sadie E. 12-7 3A
Card Dorothy M. 12-7 1B
Clark Alice I. 12-7 3A
Clark Edward H. 12-7 3A
Clinton Charlesetta 12-7 2B
Clinton William 12-7 2B
Comley Frederick E. 12-7 2B
Connor Florence I. 12-7 1A
Connor Joseph E. 12-7 1A
Darrin Harriet 12-7 1A
Darrin Martha J. 12-7 1A
Dealing Francis E. 12-7 2A
Dealing John *. 12-7 2A
Dealing Leo L. 12-7 2A
Dealing Maxine L. 12-7 2A
Dealing May B. 12-7 2A
Dice Charles A. 12-7 1A
Dice Cora M. 12-7 1A
Dice Jacob A. 12-7 1A
Dill Alice L. 12-7 1B
Dill Earl *. 12-7 1B
Dill Florence E. 12-7 1B
Dill George Jr. 12-7 1B
Dill George L. 12-7 1B
Dill Norma J. 12-7 1B
Dill Rita L. 12-7 1B
Dill Robert L. 12-7 1B
Ebersole Lincoln L. 12-7 2B
Ebersole Mary E. 12-7 1B
Ebersole Samuel F. 12-7 1B
Hart Augusta c. 12-7 2B
Hart Elon L. 12-7 2B
Hart Elon M. 12-7 2B
Hart Thomas L. Jr. 12-7 2B
Hart Thomas L. Sr. 12-7 2B
Hestmiller Elizabeth M. 12-7 1B
Hestmiller Mildred 12-7 1B
Hestmiller Richard J. 12-7 1B
Hicks ****** 12-7 3A
Hicks Harry  12-7 3A
Hoag Frank B. 12-7 3A
Hoag Jane 12-7 3A
Hoag Mary H. 12-7 3A
Hoover Anna M. 12-7 2B
Howlett Alice M. 12-7 1B
Howlett Calvin M. 12-7 1B
Howlett Caroline L. 12-7 2A
Howlett Charles B. 12-7 2A
Howlett Gordon H. Jr. 12-7 2A
Howlett Gordon H. Sr. 12-7 2A
Howlett Jessie F. 12-7 2A
Howlett John F. 12-7 1B
Howlett Louise E. 12-7 2A
Howlett Lucile K. 12-7 1B
Howlett Marie E. 12-7 2A
Howlett Nora M. 12-7 1B
Johnson Charles L. 12-7 3B
Johnson Hawitz 12-7 3B
Johnson Lois M. 12-7 3B
Johnson Ma*geline 12-7 3B
Johnson Marion 12-7 3B
Jones Carl F. 12-7 1B
Jones Edgar *. 12-7 1A
Jones Greer C. 12-7 1A
Jones Jack E. 12-7 1A
Jones Marie J. 12-7 1A
Juergens Adolf L. 12-7 2A
Juergens Clifford H. 12-7 2A
Kailborn Thomas W. 12-7 2A
Kailborn Violet I. 12-7 2A
Lewis Jessie B. 12-7 1A
Lewis Julia L. 12-7 1A
Lewis Lindon D. 12-7 2B
Logue Laura M. 12-7 2B
Logue Lee 12-7 2B
Logue Martha 12-7 2B
Logue Mary 12-7 2B
Lord Albert E. 12-7 2B
Lu*** Alice I. 12-7 2A
Lu*** Clarence U. 12-7 2A
Lu*** Violet F. 12-7 2A
Lynch Alsyr*** 12-7 1B
Lynch George W. 12-7 1B
Mar*** Fra** W. 12-7 2A
Marshall Charles 12-7 2B
Marshall Even C. 12-7 2B
Marshall Flora J. 12-7 1B
Marshall Francis E. 12-7 2B
Marshall Grace E. 12-7 2B
Marshall Gustavus J. 12-7 2A
Marshall Harriet C. 12-7 1B
Marshall Joseph F. 12-7 1B
Marshall Pearl 12-7 2B
Marshall Redn** 12-7 2B
Marshall William *. 12-7 2A
Mason Anson W. 12-7 2B
Mason John G. 12-7 1A
Mason Metta L. 12-7 2B
May Emma C. 12-7 2A
McCany* William H. 12-7 3A
McCavitt Ellen M. 12-7 3A
McVain Agnes 12-7 3A
Moore James A. 12-7 1B
Moore Marian 12-7 1B
Neenan Florence F. 12-7 2A
Neenan George L. 12-7 2A
Neenan John 12-7 2A
Neenan John F. 12-7 2A
Neenan Walter C. 12-7 2A
Newton ***** W. 12-7 2B
Newton Alice M. 12-7 2B
Newton Bernice  L. 12-7 2B
Newton Charles A. 12-7 2B
Newton Eva L. 12-7 2B
Newton Joseph A. 12-7 2B
Newton Marvin E. 12-7 2B
Newton Ronald L. 12-7 2B
Newton Thomas H. 12-7 2B
Page George L. 12-7 2B
Page Harvey H. 12-7 2B
Page Joseph L. 12-7 2B
Parker Thos M. 12-7 1B
Reese Ella H. 12-7 3A
Schreffler Joseph 12-7 3A
Schreffler Margaret A. 12-7 3A
Schreffler Mary E. 12-7 3A
Schwab Alford 12-7 3A
Schwab Edward  12-7 3A
Schwab Elizabeth  12-7 3A
Sherwood Man C. 12-7 2B
Sherwood May B. 12-7 2B
Smith Arthur 12-7 1B
Smith Charles H. 12-7 2A
Smith Nora 12-7 1B
Smith Ray 12-7 1A
Smith Vera E. 12-7 2A
Sterling Jessie V. 12-7 1A
Stewart Alice 12-7 3A
Stewart Amos *. 12-7 3A
Stewart Anita J. 12-7 3A
Stewart Charles 12-7 3A
Stewart Daisy A. 12-7 3A
Stewart Doris K. 12-7 3A
Stewart Glenis R. 12-7 3A
Stewart James E. 12-7 3A
Stewart Jessie P. 12-7 3A
Stewart Maurice Jr. 12-7 3A
Stewart Maurice Sr. 12-7 3A
Stewart Norma E. 12-7 3A
Stewart Wilma J. 12-7 3A
Strawbridge Ethel M. 12-7 1B
Strawbridge George A. 12-7 1B
Strawbridge Iva 12-7 1A
Strawbridge Jas 12-7 1A
Strawbridge Julia A. 12-7 1A
Stuart ***tly J. 12-7 3A
Stuart Alice 12-7 3A
Stuart Francis  12-7 3A
Stuart George 12-7 3A
Stuart George Jr. 12-7 3A
Stuart Jack E. 12-7 3A
Stuart Kenneth S. 12-7 3A
Stuart Morgan 12-7 3A
Stuart Rose J. 12-7 3A
Sullivan *oeline e. 12-7 3A
Sullivan Alberta 12-7 3A
Sullivan Beatrice 12-7 3A
Sullivan David E. 12-7 3A
Sullivan Irene 12-7 3A
Sullivan Kathleen V. 12-7 3A
Summerson Donald L. 12-7 1A
Summerson Frederick 12-7 1A
Summerson Marie E. 12-7 1A
Summerson Mary M. 12-7 1A
Summerson William L. 12-7 1A
Trainer Callie 12-7 2A
Whiting Abbie M. 12-7 2B
Whiting Carrie J. 12-7 1A
Whiting DeMonte 12-7 2B
Whiting Doris M. 12-7 2B
Whiting Eleven C. 12-7 1A
Whiting Ellvin D. 12-7 1A
Whiting Estella R. 12-7 1A
Whiting Grace E. 12-7 1A
Whiting Harry A. 12-7 1A
Whiting James E. 12-7 2B
Whiting Louis c. 12-7 2B
Whiting Margaret R. 12-7 1A
Whiting Martha B. 12-7 1A
Whiting Nellie L. 12-7 2B
Whiting Nellie R. 12-7 2B
Whiting Rebecca J. 12-7 2B
Whiting Robert E. 12-7 1A
Whiting Ruth G. 12-7 1A
Whiting Stella M. 12-7 1A
Whiting William D. 12-7 1A
Woods Alice 12-7 2A
Woods James B. 12-7 2A
Yardley Frances E. 12-7 2B
Yardley James 12-7 2A


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