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Cameron County Genealogy Project, Grove Township

Cameron County Genealogy Project

1930 Federal Census Index

Grove Township

Grove Township, Cameron Co., Pennsylvania
1930 Federal Census Index
Enumeration District: 12-6
Enumerated: May 1930
Enumerator: Edward C. Counsil
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Surname First Name ED# Page#
**eas Boyd 12-6 1A
*aur Emma E. 12-6 3A
*aur James H. 12-6 3A
*eno Lee E. 12-6 2A
*eno Lloyd J. 12-6 2A
*eno Thelma E. 12-6 2A
Askey Elleen M. 12-6 1A
Askey James E. 12-6 1A
Askey Jefferson B. 12-6 1A
Bailey Arthur 12-6 1B
Bailey Bruce B. 12-6 2A
Bailey Elaine E. 12-6 1B
Bailey Elizabeth P. 12-6 1B
Bailey Ella C. 12-6 1A
Bailey Glenn D. 12-6 1B
Bailey Helen M. 12-6 2A
Bailey Inez E. 12-6 1B
Bailey McLellan 12-6 2A
Bailey Oscar *. 12-6 1B
Bailey Oscar L. 12-6 1A
Bailey Vivian P. 12-6 1B
Barclay Elizabeth G. 12-6 2B
Barclay Ellsie A. 12-6 2B
Barclay Helen L. 12-6 2B
Barclay James A. 12-6 2B
Beldin Adelbert B. 12-6 1B
Beldin Edward C. 12-6 1B
Beldin Julia O. 12-6 1B
Beldin Martha B. 12-6 1B
Bennett Blanche I. 12-6 1B
Bennett Esther I. 12-6 1B
Bennett Harold A. 12-6 1B
Bennett Layton B. 12-6 1B
Bennett Milton E. 12-6 1B
Bennett Robert C. 12-6 1B
Bland Joseph E. 12-6 3B
Brooks Ellen 12-6 1A
Brooks John V.M. 12-6 1A
Brooks M.N.*.*. 12-6 1A
Caldwell George F. 12-6 3A
Caldwell Mary E. 12-6 3A
Caldwell William 12-6 3A
Caldwell William I. 12-6 3A
Campbell Charlotte C. 12-6 1A
Campbell John M. 12-6 1A
Carlson Edith M. 12-6 2A
Carlson Harry G. 12-6 2A
Carlson Norman K. 12-6 2A
Carlson Ruth *. 12-6 2A
Clontz Charles C. Jr. 12-6 4B
Clontz Charles C. Sr. 12-6 4B
Clontz Daniel W. 12-6 2A
Clontz Doroth C. 12-6 4B
Clontz Elizabeth M. 12-6 4B
Clontz Jonathan H.O. 12-6 2A
Clontz Jonathan K. 12-6 4B
Clontz Nancy S. 12-6 4B
Cole Harry *. 12-6 1A
Colley Alice A. 12-6 3B
Colley Donald E. 12-6 3B
Colley Ernest E. 12-6 3B
Colley Kenneth E. 12-6 3B
Colley Mary A. 12-6 3B
Connor Margaret M. 12-6 1B
Connor Thomas A. 12-6 1B
Counsil Charles A. 12-6 2A
Counsil Edward C. 12-6 2A
Counsil James D. 12-6 3A
Counsil Lola E. 12-6 3A
Counsil Lola G. 12-6 3A
Counsil Robert S. 12-6 3A
Counsil Sarah F. 12-6 2B
Counsil Susannah H. 12-6 2B
Counsil Watson C. 12-6 2B
Dexter Arthur F. 12-6 1A
Dexter Emma E. 12-6 1B
Dexter Emma J. 12-6 2A
Dexter George E. 12-6 1B
Dexter John E. 12-6 2A
Dexter Laura E. 12-6 2A
Dexter Lawrence E. 12-6 1B
Dexter Viola M. 12-6 2A
English Alfred M. 12-6 3A
English Milo A. 12-6 3A
English Nora S. 12-6 3A
Ensign Alva L. 12-6 1A
Ensign May R. 12-6 1A
Fiscus Celesta P. 12-6 2B
Fiscus Edna *. 12-6 2B
Fiscus Lola M. 12-6 2B
Fiscus Reva L. 12-6 2B
Fiscus Robert I. 12-6 2B
Fiscus Robert J. 12-6 2B
Fiscus V**lyn A. 12-6 2B
Floyd Frank  12-6 2B
Floyd Margaret 1B
Foutlz Ellen M. 12-6 1A
Gore Anna M. 12-6 1B
Gore Arthur D. 12-6 1B
Gore John E. 12-6 1B
Gore Robt C. 12-6 1B
Goss Charles F. 12-6 3B
Goss Cora H. 12-6 3B
Goss George B. 12-6 3B
Goss George E. 12-6 3B
Goss Katie L. 12-6 3B
Goss Rant R. 12-6 3B
Goss Robert W. 12-6 3B
Hanscomb Emory L. 12-6 1A
Hoomyer Jessie F. 12-6 2B
Hoomyer John 12-6 2B
Huling Dorothy A. 12-6 1A
Huling Everatt *. 12-6 1A
Huling Julia M. 12-6 1A
Huling Oliver J. 12-6 1A
Johnson Albert H. 12-6 1A
Johnson Alma K. 12-6 1A
Johnson Alton 12-6 1A
Johnson August 12-6 1A
Johnson Charlotte A. 12-6 1B
Johnson Clara M. 12-6 1A
Johnson Elizabeth 12-6 4A
Johnson Frank E. 12-6 2B
Johnson Harold L. 12-6 1B
Johnson Harry J. 12-6 1A
Johnson Ja**is S. 12-6 1A
Johnson Mildred M. 12-6 1A
Johnson Monica A. 12-6 1A
Johnson Olga lC. 12-6 1A
Johnson Phineas H. 12-6 4A
Johnson Robert L. 12-6 1B
Johnson Smallwood 12-6 3B
Johnson Vera 12-6 3B
Jordan Clyde 12-6 2B
Keller Dolley V. 12-6 3A
Keller Frank M. 12-6 3A
Keller George M. 12-6 3A
Keller Iona L. 12-6 3A
Kephart Blanche R. 12-6 4A
Kephart Cecil G. 12-6 4A
Kephart Elmer C. 12-6 4A
Kephart Martha K. 12-6 4A
Kephart Mary E. 12-6 4A
Kephart Miriam N. 12-6 4A
Kephart Nathaniel R. 12-6 4A
Kephart Theodore *. 12-6 4A
Kephart William J. 12-6 4A
Keplan Roy e. 12-6 1B
Keplan William W. 12-6 1B
Kilduff Elmer T. 12-6 3B
Kilduff Hattie E. 12-6 3B
Kilduff James W. 12-6 3B
kirkland Gertrude A. 12-6 1B
kirkland Robert B. 12-6 1B
Kuppleweiser Andrew 12-6 4A
Kuppleweiser Anna M. 12-6 4A
Kuppleweiser Anna W. 12-6 4A
Kuppleweiser Benjamin 12-6 4A
Kuppleweiser Frank 12-6 4A
Kuppleweiser Joseph 12-6 4A
Kuppleweiser Matthew 12-6 4A
Kuppleweiser Simeon Jr. 12-6 4A
Kuppleweiser Simeon Sr. 12-6 4A
Livosky Joseph L. 12-6 2B
Livosky Sarah A. 12-6 2B
Logue Adam 12-6 2B
Logue Alonzo  12-6 4B
Logue Anson 12-6 4B
Logue Beulah D.F. 12-6 4B
Logue Blair J. 12-6 4B
Logue Carleton C. 12-6 4B
Logue Charles F. 12-6 1A
Logue Chauncey E. 12-6 4B
Logue Cliford M. 12-6 2B
Logue Edward 12-6 4B
Logue Harvey 12-6 4B
Logue John E. 12-6 1A
Logue John H. 12-6 3A
Logue Joseph 12-6 4B
Logue LaFayette M. 12-6 4B
Logue Mi** A. 12-6 3A
Logue Thomas D. 12-6 4B
Loschg Frank J. 12-6 4A
Loschg Helen 12-6 4A
Loschg Louisa 12-6 4A
Loschg Louisa 12-6 4A
Loschg Matthew E. 12-6 4A
Loschg Peter Sr. 12-6 4A
Loschg Peter W. 12-6 4A
Losey Herman O. 12-6 1A
Losey Jessie E. 12-6 1A
Losey Mabel 12-6 1A
Losey Vivian M. 12-6 1A
Luback **ury L. 12-6 4A
Luback Eli 12-6 4A
Luback Elsie B. 12-6 4A
Luback Robert Eli 12-6 4A
Lupold Mary A. 12-6 1A
Lupold William H. 12-6 1A
Lupro Audrey R. 12-6 2A
Lupro Charles D. 12-6 2A
Lupro Daniel C. 12-6 2A
Lupro Lewis M. 12-6 2A
Lupro Pearl M. 12-6 2A
Lynn Hope E. 12-6 2A
Lynn Mary F. 12-6 2A
Ma**I**n Charles S. 12-6 3A
Ma**I**n Stella G. 12-6 3A
Ma**I**n Walter W. 12-6 3A
Mann Agnes E. 12-6 3B
Mann Edna  12-6 3B
Mann Esther M. 12-6 3B
Mann Richard L. 12-6 3B
Mann Robert R. 12-6 3B
Mann Roy W. 12-6 3B
Mann Wilda F. 12-6 3B
Mann William T. 12-6 3B
McCall Douglas 12-6 1A
McCall Margaret 12-6 1A
McConnell Anna L. 12-6 1B
McConnell Edward W. 12-6 1B
McConnell Mal*** E. 12-6 1B
McCool Flora A. 12-6 4B
McCool Florence E. 12-6 4B
McCool Owen R. 12-6 4B
McKimm Barney 12-6 2B
Miller Evan L. 12-6 4A
Miller Margaret J. 12-6 4A
Miller Mary E. 12-6 4B
Miller Milton E. 12-6 4A
Miller Robert S. 12-6 4A
Miller Walter C. 12-6 4A
Miller William H. 12-6 4A
Miller John J. 12-6 4B
Myers Alexander 12-6 1A
O*** Menel G. 12-6 2A
O*** Ronald W. 12-6 2A
O*** Roy *. 12-6 2A
O*** Wilda R. 12-6 2A
O'Hara James  12-6 1B
P*no Mary E. 12-6 3B
Peasley Wilson 12-6 3A
Peno Claude 12-6 3B
Peno Fred 12-6 3B
Peno Hattie 12-6 3B
Peno Lois 12-6 3B
Peno Olive 12-6 3B
Peno Ray 12-6 3B
Peno Robert 12-6 3B
Peno Thomas  12-6 3B
Pfontz *va J. 12-6 3A
Pfontz Nancy J. 12-6 3A
Pitts Alonzo E. 12-6 2B
Pitts Charles F. 12-6 3A
Pitts Dorothy L. 12-6 2B
Pitts Hazel J. 12-6 2B
Pitts Mary L. 12-6 2B
Pitts May K. 12-6 2B
Pitts Millie e. 12-6 2B
Pitts Nettie E. 12-6 2B
Pitts Norman A. 12-6 2B
Pitts Sadie V. 12-6 2B
Pitts Sophia C. 12-6 3A
Porter Dorothy E. 12-6 2B
Porter Guy G. 12-6 2B
Porter Mabel May 12-6 2B
Porter Marie B. 12-6 2B
Russell James J. 12-6 2B
Russell James L. 12-6 2B
Russell Joseph D. 12-6 2B
Russell Mary E. 12-6 2B
Russell Nellie M. 12-6 2B
Russell Ruth M. 12-6 2B
Schouber Lola A. 12-6 2A
Schouber William W. 12-6 2A
Scott Lythea L. 12-6 2B
Shaffer George P. 12-6 1B
Shaffer Gretta J. 12-6 1B
Shaffer Ira M. 12-6 1B
Shaffer Julia I. 12-6 1B
Shaffer Sarah J. 12-6 1B
Shaffer Tasle M. 12-6 1B
Slion* Charles W. 12-6 2A
Slion* Martha E. 12-6 2A
Smith Alvin E. 12-6 4B
Smith Cecil D. 12-6 4B
Smith Emma H. 12-6 4A
Smith Gerald c. 12-6 4B
Smith Harold E. 12-6 4B
Smith Joseph O. 12-6 4B
Smith Lillian M. 12-6 4B
Smith Miles A. 12-6 4A
Smith Nom* 12-6 3B
Smith Otis 12-6 3B
Smith Ralph S. 12-6 4A
Smith Raymond B. 12-6 4B
Snyder **sper L. 12-6 1A
Snyder Anna P. 12-6 1A
Snyder Blanche E. 12-6 2A
Snyder Christine G. 12-6 3A
Snyder Edward H. 12-6 2A
Snyder Grace B. 12-6 2A
Snyder Harriet L. 12-6 3A
Snyder Harry L. 12-6 1A
Snyder Irvin C. 12-6 3A
Snyder Jennie M. 12-6 3A
St. Clair Abraham L. 12-6 3A
St. Clair Arthur J. 12-6 3A
St. Clair Joseph C. 12-6 3A
St. Clair Lucy H. 12-6 3A
St. Clair Mary A. 12-6 3A
Summerson Donald J. 12-6 3A
Summerson Lena C. 12-6 3A
Swank Eugene D. 12-6 3B
Swank Evan L. 12-6 4A
Swank George 12-6 4B
Swank Louise E. 12-6 3B
Swank Lyle J. 12-6 3B
Swank Miles W. 12-6 3B
Swank Ruth L. 12-6 3B
Swank Walter L. 12-6 3B
Swann Clifford M. 12-6 3A
Swann Elizabeth 12-6 3A
Swann Ella 12-6 3A
Swann Geraldine A. 12-6 3A
Swann Harold D. 12-6 3A
Swann Pandora M. 12-6 3A
Swann Percival L. 12-6 3A
Swann Percival L. 12-6 3B
Swartz Arthur H. 12-6 2A
Swartz John H. 12-6 2A
Swartz Justice M. 12-6 2A
Swartz Lidia M. 12-6 2A
Thielger Alma J. 12-6 3A
Thielger John 12-6 3A
Van Gilder Arnold L. 12-6 3A
Van Gilder Helen E. 12-6 3A
Van Gilder William H. 12-6 3A
Watson Beatrice L. 12-6 1B
Watson Dorothy M. 12-6 1B
Watson Galen E. 12-6 1B
Watson Hartson 12-6 1B
Watson Hattie I. 12-6 1B
Weed Charles L. 12-6 2B
Weed Clarence L. 12-6 2B
Weed Doris C. 12-6 2B
Weed Elizabeth 12-6 2B
Wennin Anna K. 12-6 4A
Wennin Anton 12-6 4A
Wennin Benjamin Sr. 12-6 4A
Wennin Benjamin W. Jr. 12-6 4A
Wennin Frank M. 12-6 4A
Wennin Margaret L. 12-6 4A
Wennin Mary E. 12-6 4A
Wennin Mary L. 12-6 4A
Wennin Paul E. 12-6 4A
Wheaton ****** B. 12-6 2A
Wheaton B*ude B. 12-6 2A
Wheaton Dorothy A. 12-6 1B
Wheaton Ruby K. 12-6 2A
Wheaton Sadie O. 12-6 2A
Wheaton William H. 12-6 2A
Wheaton William S. 12-6 2A
Whitlock Harriet 12-6 1A
Williams Helena 12-6 4B
Wilson Guy E. 12-6 2B
Wykoff Blanche I. 12-6 3B
Wykoff Carrie M. 12-6 1A
Wykoff Claire A. 12-6 2A
Wykoff Clyde L. 12-6 3B
Wykoff Garrett J. 12-6 2A
Wykoff Glenthon 12-6 3B
Wykoff Katie 12-6 1A
Wykoff LeGrand C. 12-6 3B
Wykoff Lewis Jr. 12-6 2A
Wykoff Lewis Sr. 12-6 2A
Wykoff Nellie M. 12-6 3B
Wykoff Ryan M. 12-6 3B
Wykoff William L. 12-6 1A


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