Washington Borough Cemetery

This property was originally the site of the Blue Rock or Blue Presbyterian Church which was built about 1826, by 1835 the Presbyterian congregation was dwindling and the property was leased to the "Church of God". When the Church of God built its own church in 1844 the building was used as a tobacco warehouse until the building was demolished in 1861. In 1928 a cemetery Association was formed by Lancaster County Courts and the Borough of Washington deeded the property to them.

Source - Churches And Cemeteries of Lancaster County by Hunter Rineer.

This list contains the legible names and dates obtained in November 2007 in the Church of God Cemetery located in Washington Boro, Lancaster County, Pa. The rows of stones are lettered from the top of the cemetery to the bottom. To see a layout of the cemetery, click here
Some additional information is included from other sources, intended to be of value to those who may want to study family genealogies, keep in mind this material isn't on the stone but comes from other sources. This information will be listed under the Comments column. There is also a partial listing of the Washington Boro Cemetery at the Lancaster County Historical Society. If you would like to e-mail me (Kim, the compiler) with additional information or corrections, contact me at

NameAgeDate of Birth      Date of DeathLocationInscriptionComments
Kraft George P. 19182003A-1Master Sgt. U.S. Army, W.W.2Click - World War II Record
Kraft Laura E. 1912----A-1 Maiden Name - Horner
Hess William April 7, 1936----A-2  
Hess Romah Jean May 12, 1937 ---- A-2  
Leschke Adolph G. 19021995A-3  
Leschke Carrie 19062001A-3 Maiden Name - Kise
Kilheffer Ralph M. Aug 22, 1908June 2, 1991A-4  
Kilheffer Emma E. May 19, 1909----A-4 Maiden Name - Eshleman
Ayland William C. 19081992A-5   
Ayland Anne D. 19141990A-5  
Steele John C. 19171975A-6  
Steele Lillian B. 19111981A-6 Maiden Name - Bourne
Arter, George E. 19121991A-7 Click - World War II Record
Arter, Bernice R. 19132000A-7 Maiden Name - Cover
Kane, Bettye J. June 7 1925Dec. 24 2007A-8MotherMaiden Name - Stockton
Gelzenlichter, James H. Sept. 3, 1932Dec. 27, 2005A-9  
Gelzenlichter Harriet L. Aug. 12, 1929 Oct. 8, 2004A-9Married Sept. 21, 1951Maiden Name - Leschke
Wolf Earl M.. Dec 28, 1926Nov. 25, 1982A-10Korea 1950-1955Click - Korean War Record
Newcomer, Richard R. June 13, 1928Sept. 22, 2001A-10Korea 1950-1955Click - Korean War Record
Sherick Chester D. 18951966B1Father Pvt. Co. H. 17th Reg. WW IClick - World War I Record
Sherick Grace F. 19001967B1MotherMaiden Name - Frey
Ortman Jessie 19031977B-2 
Ortman Ida E.  19142005B-2 Maiden Name - Peters
Ortman Leo B. 1943----B-2  
Friend George M. 18891974B-3  
Friend Cora S. 18871976B-3 Maiden Name Shultz
Friend Cora May 19141990B-4  
Sherick Margaret J. 1910 ----B-5 Maiden Name - Horner
Sherick Harold F. 19101978B-5 Click - World War II Record
McFalls Ella W. 19201975B-6  
McFalls Samuel 19181991B-6  Click - World War II Record
Eshleman Russell H. Dec. 10, 1911Feb. 22, 2004B-7  
Eshleman Jean E. June 29, 1912----B-7 Maiden Name - Hake
Torbert James C. 19011974B-8Father 
Torbert Catherine A. 19031988B-8MotherMaiden Name - Carman
Torbert Dorothy M.  19332008B-8Daughter 
Walton Charles R. 18981974B-9 FatherClick - World War II Record
Kane Emerson W. Jr. Dec. 11 1920March 18, 1988B-101st Lt. U.S. Army Air Corps, W.W. IIClick - World War II Record
McDonald Roy A. 19232001B-11U.S. Army W. W. IIClick - World War II Record
McDonald Helen L. 1927----B-11Nee Joyce 
McDonald John N. Sr. July 6, 1902 April 5 1984C1  
McDonald Jean H. April 6, 1906 Feb. 12, 1986C1 Maiden Name - Walk
Laude Dorothy M. 19011977C-2  
Laude Clarence L. 18991978C-2  
Newcomer David R. 18831971C-3  
Newcomer Mabel I. 18921978C-3 Maiden Name - Carman
Habecker Charles G. Sept. 3, 1905Feb. 21, 1997C-4  
Habecker Dorothy C. Aug. 29, 1911Sept. 23, 1998C-4 Maiden Name - Newcomer
Bender Craig A. April 1, 1967Jan. 29, 1974C-5  
Habecker Tracy Renee Jan. 18, 1995May 28, 1995C-6Safe in the Arms of Jesus 
Bish Charles G. April 5, 1902Nov. 7, 1970C-7  
Bish Barbara M. April 12, 1909July 11, 1989C-7 Maiden Name - Steiner
Steiner Jane E. 19261989C-8  
Abel Harvey 19071974C-9Father 
Abel Mary L. 19071998C-9Mother 
Sarbaugh Paul 19011972C-10W.W. IIClick - World War II Record
Sarbaugh Mary 19041983C-10  
Morrison Robert W. 19141996C-11  
Morrison Jean C. 19162002C-11  Maiden Name - Kise
Carmen Glenn S. Aug. 22, 1929Feb. 8, 1993C-12  
Carmen Pearl July 16, 1932----C-12 Maiden Name - Schropp
Carmen Edna M. Sept 9, 1907May 15, 1983C-13  
Fitzgerald Thomas J. July 19,1926 March 2, 1988C-14Capt. U.S. Army, W. W. IIClick - World War II Record
Stauffer Lloyd K. April 9, 1924Sept. 17, 1980C-15TEC5 U.S. Army W. W. IIClick - World War II Record
Young Reeder M. July 29, 1898Sept 30, 1990C-16  
Young Ida D. April 5, 1905April 4,1998C-16 Maiden Name - Duke
Shultz, Annie N. 19141961D-IDaughter 
Shultz, Chester N. 1881----D-1Father 
Kise, John F. 19041973D-2  
Kise Florence M. 19071989D-2 Maiden Name - Bourne
Frey, Margaret 18901971D-3Mother 
Kise, Gregory Lee Nov. 19, 1964Aug. 28, 1967D-4  
Ortman, Paul V. 19031968D-5Father 
Ortman, Ruth H. 1915----D-5MotherMaiden Name - Herman
Steiner, Amos M. 19001968D-6  
Steiner, Laura S. 19041991D-6 Maiden name - Shultz
Hubley, Raymond E. 18951968D-7Private - Medical Dept. U.S. Army 
Hubley, Hazel V. 19061992D-8Beloved Wife and Mother 
Foltz, Hazel A. 19102000D-9MotherMaiden Name - Shultz
Shultz, Margie U. 19011971D-10 Maiden Name - Dambach
Shultz Eugene A. 19011976D-10W.W. II Click - World War II Record
Kilheffer Harry J. Feb. 10, 1915Sept 11, 1986D11  
Kilheffer Emma M. July 25, 1911----D-11 Maiden Name - McDonald
Shaud Charles W. 19221971D-12  Click - World War II Record
Shaud Sara K. 1919----D-12 Maiden Name - Kilheffer
Kilheffer Robert G. July 25, 1912Feb. 20, 1997D-13  
Kilheffer Ruth B. July 28, 1907Nov. 7, 1995D-13 Maiden Name - Bishop
Stauffer, Lloyd K. 19241980D-14 Duplicate of C-15
Stauffer Mildred I. 1926----D-14 Maiden Name - Luttman
Roberts Edward J. 19221982D-15Sgt. U.S. Army W.W. II Click - World War II Record
Roberts Mary Torbert Feb. 3,1924Jan. 28, 1999D-16Wife of Edward J. Roberts 
Ford William H. March 28, 1915Sept. 5, 1982D-17Sgt. U.S. ArmyClick - World War II Record
Sarbaugh Robert Aug. 2, 1937July 11, 1986D-18  
King Clarence H. 19121981E-1  
King Bertha B. 19081981E-1 Maiden Name - Walk
Knight William J. 19131959E-2T 5 180th General Hospital U.S.A W.W. IIClick - World War II Record
Lucas Clara Knight 19132003E-3 Maiden Name - Fisher
Lucas Clair H. 19131989E-4  
Kise Edgar L. Jr. 19071960E-5Father 
Kise Erla B. 19081980E-5 Maiden Name - Burkhart
Strickler Paul R. Aug. 4, 1900March 6, 1960E-6Husband 
Strickler Eva. M. Aug. 19, 1897Feb 23, 1983E-6WifeMaiden Name - Sheckart
Irvin Richard M. 19081966E-7  
Irvin Martha W. 19111995 E-7 Maiden Name - Warner
Walk Charles H. 19041984E-8  
Walk Annabelle 19101982E-8 Maiden Name - Wehner
Dietz William A. 19081980E-9U.S. Navy W. W. IIClick - World War II Record
Dietz Roberta H. 1924----E-9  
Getz Lloyd E. 19041972E-10  
Getz Elizabeth 19081976E-10  
Frick Baby Girl  Jan. 25, 1979E-11  
Fritz Scott Eric  Nov. 13, 1972E-12  
Goodman Margaret P. Sept. 17, 1918----E-13 Maiden Name - Rudisill
Goodman Earl Marvin Aug. 21, 1912May 20, 1983E-13  
Getz Frances M. June 11, 1927July 22, 2003E-14 Maiden Name - Coble
Ackerman Bertha K. 19081995E-15 Maiden Name - Shaub
Ackerman Lloyd V. 19031982E-15  
Spangler Roy S. 1915----E-16  
Spangler Catherine 1919----E-16  
Strickler Laura M. Dec. 16, 1888Oct. 1, 1956F-1MotherMaiden Name - Rohrer
Strickler Charles M. Jan. 28 1885May 7, 1964F-1Father 
Strickler Blaine C. 19181986F-2 Click - World War II Record
Strickler Catherine E. 1920----F-2 Maiden Name - Goodman
Neidig, John May 15, 1873Oct. 25, 1958F-3  
Neidig Howard 18991977F-4  
Neidig Earl J. 19091989F-5  
Neidig Villa E. 19131988F-5  
Shultz Raymond 19041959F-6 Click - World War I Record
Shultz Mary E. 19062002F-6  
Reynolds Warren W. 19041960F-7  
Reynolds Thelma E. 19061985F-7  
Mattson Jessie W. Apr. 30, 1888Oct. 15, 1960F-8Father 
Mattson Elsie Sept. 10, 1885April 6, 1965F-8MotherMaiden Name - Ortman
Ackerman John 18871963F-9  
Ackerman Clara E. 18901986F-9 Maiden Name - Bentley
Knight Leroy C. Oct. 25, 1915June 18, 2007F-10 Click - World War II Record
Knight Helen W. July 2, 1910Nov. 27, 1987F-10 Maiden Name - Stauffer
Henry Herbert P. Nov. 28, 1917June 19, 1990F-11  
Henry Anna C. Aug. 27, 1920April 4, 1996F-11 Mainden Name - Knight
Bourne Edward L. 19151976F-12  
Gerlach Frank P. 19161977F-13 Click - World War II Record
Gerlach Grace T. 19151990F-13 Maiden Name - Goodman
Fritz John O. Sr. 1915----F-14  
Fritz Minnie L. 19151990F-14 Maiden Name - Findley
Fritz John O. Jr. 1937----F-14  
Miller Rachel Elizabeth18July 6, 1981Oct. 17, 1999F-15Daughter, Sister, Friend 
Bourne Sara M. Jan. 20, 1890June 26, 1951G-1MotherMaiden Name - Henry
Peters Frances L. 18751969G-2Mother 
Peters Harry T. 18691957G-2Father 
Newlin Lillie 18861965G-3Wife 
Newlin Isaac R. 18841956G-3Husband 
Haldeman Walter J. 19111971G-4  
Haldeman Ethel M. 19161975G-4  
Barton Clarence 19041993G-5  
Barton Helen D. 19101981G-5  
Warren Harry E. 18911985G-6  
Warren Fannie D. 18931985G-6 Maiden Name - Douglas
Peters Nelson J. 19071997G-7  
Peters Mae 19112005G-7 Maiden Name - Kise
Krause Vicki Jan. 15, 1957Nov. 22, 1957G-8Daughter of George C. & Betty A. Krause 
Welsh Mary S. Feb. 16, 1867Jan. 15, 1947G-9 Maiden Name - Shaud
Welsh David D. June 30, 1873March 15, 1956G-9  
Waters Emanuel D. 18891956G-10  
Durborow Catherine H. June 7, 1898Nov. 29, 1982G-11  
Baxter Elizabeth M. Jan. 29, 1898Sept. 1, 1978G-12 Maiden Name - Garris
Cover James R. 19111970G-13Husband 
Cover Bessie H. 19031976G-13WifeMaiden Name - Hines
Markley Margaret M. 19011967G-14  
Wertz Lula K. 18831966G-15MotherMaiden Name - Shultz
Moore John L. 18971972G-16  
Moore Mary E. 19201994G-16  
Geibe Benjamin Thomas July 27, 1982Sept. 28, 1982G-17  
Geibe Charles Eugene Aug. 15, 1958Oct. 28, 1996G-17  
Gonyea Harold J. Sept. 23, 1908May 31, 1990G-18 Click - World War II Record
Bolin Boyd V. 19241987G-19  
Bolin Gladys G. 1928----G-19  
Arter Harry E. April 14, 1882Nov. 19, 1959G-20  
Arter Bessie M. April 30, 1885Feb. 23, 1964G-20 Maiden Name - Kelley
Shultz Alice B. Dec. 19, 1899March 1, 1951H-1 Maiden Name Lynch
Shultz Roderick K. 18951975H-2  
Fritz Meena Oct. 11, 1891Dec. 7, 1968H-3MotherMaiden Name - Ortman
Fritz John E. Oct. 31, 1890Aug 24, 1952H-3Father 
Douglas Annie E. 18911969H-4Wife 
Douglas Frank B. 18891969H-4Husband 
Douglas George F. 19111972H-5  
Douglas Mary A. 19162001H-5 Maiden Name - Wertz
Neidig, Elizabeth M. 18511946H-6Mother 
Douglas Emma K. 18711961H-7 Maiden Name -Neidig
Douglas James B. 18691953H-7  
Peters Warren H. Aug. 14, 1923Jan. 12, 1994H-8SGT. U.S. Army W. W. IIClick - World War II Record
Bitner Florence E. 18711968H-9Wife of Charles BitnerMaiden Name - Green
Ortman Amos Jan. 1, 1882June 29, 1957H-10  
Ortman Mary Frances Nov. 11, 1889Jan. 1, 1975H-10His WifeMaiden Name -Zuch
Durborow William E. June 2, 1890Dec. 21, 1978H-11  
Durborow Nora E. July 31, 1872July 13, 1945H-12Mother 
Durborow Gaylord W. July 28, 1903Nov. 18, 1977H-13  
Durborow Homer Jan. 1, 1902June 16, 1980H-14  
Durborow Allen R. Jr. Apr. 10, 1913June 6, 1970H-15Master Sgt., 1080 Med. Svc Air Force W.W. II-KoreaClick - World War II Record
Durborow Bertha M. Sept. 1, 1889Feb. 25, 1946H-16Mother 
Durborow Allen R. Nov. 1, 1892June 17, 1963H-16Father 
Walk Minerva Sept. 1, 1879May 19, 1952H-17 Maiden Name - Lindemuth
Walk Harry S. Nov. 26, 1881Oct. 14, 1953H-17  
Ortman Edwin 18891953H-18Father 
Ortman Florence V. 18961969H-18MotherMaiden Name - Miller
Burt Helen M. July 5, 1904Jan. 12, 1955 H-19 Maiden Name - Walk
Easter Amos Nov. 12, 1899March 3, 1957H-20  
Perry Charles G. Jan. 12, 1885Aug. 3, 1957H-21Father 
Ortman John W. Aug. 2, 1900April 15, 1963H-22  
Stehman Herman D. 19001980H-23  
Stehman Mary S. 19001982H-23 Maiden Name - Hooven
Stehman Douglas H. 19441995H-23  
Myers James E. 19361997H-24  
Myers Rose M. 19291985H-24  
Shoff Elizabeth B. 18981976I-1 Maiden Name - Walk
Shoff Chester J. 18911962I-1  
Walk Camillis 19181994I-2  
Walk Chester B. 18921952I-3  
Walk Myrtle R. 18871960I-3His WifeMaiden Name - Cover
Irwin Chester Weller 18751958I-4  
Irwin Mary D. 18811952I-4  
Wright George Irwin 18861946I-4  
Spangler Kenneth Eugene 19501951I-5  
Spangler Mary P. 19181982I-6 Maiden Name - Gerlach
Spangler Jacob S. 19112006I-6  
Shultz Lloyd A. 18921955I-7  
Shultz Mary E. 18811955I-7 Sister
Stauffer Charles C. 19031973I-8  
Stauffer Beatrice L. 19041973I-8 Maiden Name - Kaley
Cooper John C. 18791946I-9 SonClick - Span-American War
Cooper Hettie E. 18811964I-9  
Cooper Albert J. 19031978I-9a  
Sheckart Norman C. May 11, 1909Feb. 7, 1975I-10  
Sheckart Rhoda P. May 30, 1910Dec. 24, 1995I-10 Maiden Name - Martin
Sheckart Norman C. Jr. Nov. 29, 1931Feb. 11, 1948I-11  
Frey Gerald A. 19391954I-12Son  
Frey Verna M. 19211973I-12MotherMaiden Name - Duke
Frey Harry M. 19151977I-12Father 
Sherick Paul Vernon March 22, 1924Sept. 26, 1955I-13PA. PFC Co. A 293rd EngineersClick - World War II Record
Dotson Jackie Clayton Jr. July 11, 1959----I-14  
Frey Lorraine Sarah Sept. 4, 1957Jan. 22, 2006I-14 Daughter of Harry & Venra
Watson Bertrice L. Nov. 30, 1952Mar. 14, 1982I-15In Loving Memory of Our Mother Maiden Name - Smoker
Witmyer Rebecca F. 19091987I-16  
Witmyer Robert L. 19121968I-16U.S. Army W.W. IIClick - World War II Record
Bosley Charles M. 19231994I-17  
Shaud Minnie 18851947J-1Mother 
Shaud Harry 18841961J-1Father 
Newcomer Frank M. 18941950J-2  
Newcomer Anna M. 18991985J-2  
Groff Dorothy J. July 19, 1901May 31 1995J-3 Maiden Name - Moore
Groff Elam J. June 20, 1904Oct. 1, 1987J-3  
Irwin Rev. Harry S. 18831960J-4Husband 
Irwin Margie S. 18841982J-4WifeMaiden Name - Yaley
Irwin Emma S. 18881944J-4Sister 
Ortman Brenda Joan 19491949J-5Daughter of James and Erla Ortman 
Ortman James R. Sr. June 4, 1930Dec. 31, 1999J-6Sgt. U.S. Army KoreaClick - Korean War Record
Wertz William B. 18691948J-7  
Wertz Blanche 18701934 J-7His Wife 
Walk Christian B. 18951954J-8Father 
Walk Florence M. 18871969J-8MotherMaiden Name - Patton
Walk Glen E. July 16, 1925Dec. 19, 2005J-9  
Walk Lois L. July 5, 1929----J-9 Maiden Name - Miller
Stauffer Paul J. 19211970J-10W.W. II - HusbandClick - World War II Record
Stauffer Clifford H. Jan. 24, 1868Jan. 1, 1956J-11  
Stauffer Ella W. Aug. 17, 1885Nov. 8, 1945J-11His WifeMaiden Name - Klineyoung
Wehner Ivy L. 19141950J-12Daughter 
Wehner Annie L. 18731951J-12Mother 
Wehner Henry C. 18831962J-12Father 
Cramer William H. March 28, 1870Dec. 9, 1953J-13  
Cramer Lottie F. Oct. 18, 1875April 14, 1957J-13 Maiden Name - Shultz
Billet Miriam S. Sept. 27, 1902May 28, 1989J-14 Mainden Name Cramer
Billet B. Frank May 25, 1900Dec. 29, 1976J-14  
Sherick Elsie C. 18831954J-15MotherMaiden Name Cover
Sherick Benjamin F. 18881956J-15  
Sherick Paul V. 19241956J-16 Click - World War II Record
Sherick Janet E. 1924----J-16Married Nov. 16, 1950Maiden Name - Wertz
O'Reilly Kenneth 19101980J-17  
O'Reilly Ethel C. 19141998J-17 Maiden Name - Walton
Wertz Kerwin H. Oct. 20, 1908Dec. 2, 1978J-18PFC. U.S. Army W.W. IIClick - World War II Record
Ackerman Michael V. 19921992J-19  
Shultz Charles M. 18641945K-1Father 
Shultz Kate K. 18691957K-1MotherMaiden Name - Kane
Shultz Russel 19061974K-2Son 
Shultz Olive 18861973K-2Daughter 
Ortman Earl V. 19031986K-3  
Ortman Meta M. 19111987K-3 Maiden Name - Barefoot
Ortman Samuel 18831963K-4  
Peters Fannie B. 18881951K-5MotherMaiden Name - Gerlach
Peters Joseph A. 18881949K-5Father 
Long Carrie M. Aug. 27, 1919Jan. 12, 2007K-6Wife of Ralph W.Maiden Nam-Peters
Long Ralph W. Nov. 11, 1909Apr. 18, 1984K-6  
Long Michael Eugene 19521952K-7  
Long Patricia Ann 19541955K-7  
Eckman John Robert 19411942K-8  
Miller Elizabeth O. Jan. 25, 1902March 8, 1986K-9 Maiden Name - Ortman
Martin Edna O. Dec. 16, 1900Dec. 22, 1956K-10 Maiden Name - Ortman
Martin Paul A. Aug. 22, 1922March 18, 1944K-11Son - 2nd Lt. W. W. IIClick - World War II Record
Ortman Frank C. 18691946K-12Brother 
Walk John B. Nov. 1, 1887March 14, 1985K-13  
Walk Mary K. Sept. 14, 1895Aug. 7, 1968K-13 Maiden Name - Kise
Bowen John Lee Sept. 9, 1892May 30, 1961K-14  
Shultz Fannie W. 18971990K-15 MotherMaiden Name - Walk
Wertz Anna Mae 19021987K-16  
Wertz Joseph S. Jr. 19031945K-16  
Sayers Chester A. 18851942K-17Father 
Sayers Bessie M. 18901962K-18MotherMaiden Name - Carman
Newcomer Clayton D. 18621943K-19  
Newcomer Ida F. 18671938K-19His Wife 
Newcomer Charles W. Nov. 29, 1883March 15, 1976K-20  
Haugh Daniel W. May 20, 1879Jan. 22, 1939K-21  
Haugh Edith M. Aug. 30, 1885March 3, 1965K-21His WifeMaiden Name - Henry
Cover William S. Aug. 9, 1917Dec. 6, 1940K-22  
Cover John M. Sr. Sept. 1, 1915Oct. 5, 1980K-23Sgt. U.S. Army W. W. IIClick - World War II Record
Manley William H. Jan. 8, 1872Sept. 11, 1936K-24  
Manley Ada B. Aug. 15, 1873June 29, 1932K-24 Maiden Name - Siple
Roberts Artie W. B. Sept. 15, 1869Feb. 13, 1941K-25  
Roberts Mertie C. April 24, 1892----K-25  
Kauffman Abram L. 18761944L-1  
Kauffman Lillian M. 18821963L-1His Wife 
Bish George L. Jan. 2, 1924Feb. 26, 1987L-2  
Bish Mabel M. Aug. 27, 1931May 3, 1971L-2 Maiden Name - Ortman
Ortman Lloyd Eugene Jan. 8, 1936April 12, 1968L-3  
Ortman Abram Earl Jan. 5, 1942Sept. 5, 1962L-4  
Stauffer Albert Forrey Oct. 21, 1862Oct. 21, 1939L-5  
Stauffer Annie Shertzer Feb. 19, 1865March 21, 1940L-5His Wife 
Stauffer Benjamin Ralph  18891964L-5  
Harding Dorothy S. 18941991L-5  
Ortman Abraham 18781963L-6  
Ortman Beulah 18811963L-6His WifeMaiden Name - Ackerman
Father   L-7  
Mother   L-8  
Shopf Ethel O. 19041945L-9WifeMaiden Name - Ortman
Walk Christian F. Feb. 24, 1854Nov. 18, 1935L-10Father 
Walk Ann Elizabeth April 28, 1865 Sept. 10, 1955L-11MotherMaiden Name - Bitner
Walk Elizabeth T. April 6, 1885 Oct. 6, 1953L-12WifeMaiden Name - Halvnegel
Walk Charles B. Dec. 28, 1885July 21, 1963L-12Husband 
Cover John Mann 18881938L-13  
Cover Ruth Walk 18901979L-13His Wife 
Rohrer Isaac F. 18631944L-14  
Rohrer Martha F. 18581948L-14His WifeMaiden Name - Walker
Bitner Annie M. 18791963L-15WifeMaiden Name - Cover
Bitner David E. 18741942L-15Husband 
Duke Abram O. 18921972L-16 Click - World War I Record
Duke Ada M. 19011932L-16His WifeMaiden Name - Henry
Mother   L-17  
Ackerman June E. June 19, 1921Dec. 9, 1986L-18TEC S U.S. Army W. W. IIClick - World War II Record
Cover Lottie 18651945L-19  
Stauffer John H. 18921935L-20Son 
Shaud Benjamin. F. 18781954L-21  
Shaud Annie M. 18741962L-21His WifeMaiden Name - Sherick
Shaud Sherick Roy Feb. 10, 1910Feb. 10, 1910L-21Children of Benjamin and Annie Shaud 
Shaud Ella Mae6 Mo.
Nov 25, 1912June 20, 1913L-21       "            "  
Funk Sara R. 18701956L-22MotherMaiden Name - Parker
Funk John F. 18671931L-22Father 
Roberts Lydia Ann 18451914L-23  
Roberts William W. 18401920L-23  
Cover Charles H.51 years Feb. 4, 1914L-24  
Kauffman Samuel W. 18751963L-25  
Kauffman Elizabeth Y. 18711905L-25  
Kauffman Betty A. 19301931L-25  
Kise Edgar Lee Sr. 18841955M-1  
Kise Alverta 18881958M-1 Maiden Name - Olewiler
Kise Mary Irene 19051905M-1Our Daughter 
Emenheiser Moses L. 18821964M-2  
Emenheiser Esther E. 18801943M-2His Wife 
Urban Claude W. 18611939M-3  
Urban Ellen Stauffer 18621935M-3His Wife 
Gehr William H. Aug. 10, 1877April 10, 1956M-4  
Gehr Albert F. Aug. 1, 1875Feb. 1, 1936M-5  
Ackerman John T. March 23, 1856July 4, 1926M-6  
Ackerman Emma July 2, 1862Aug. 12, 1919M-6His WifeMaiden Name - Smuck
Ackerman Mable Oct. 28, 1894Sept. 12, 1913M-6Our Daughter 
Steiner Joseph23yrs 1
mo. 10 days
Sept. 12, 1889Oct. 22, 1912M-7Our Son 
Steiner Joseph Aug. 10, 1844Dec. 31, 1927M-8 Click for Civil War Record
Steiner Mary C. Dec. 15,1861May 31, 1937M-8 Maiden Name - Young
Steiner Benjamin Nov. 19, 1891June 9, 1959M-9In Loving Memory of Our Dad 
Steiner Marrian 18941925M-10Erected by Parents, W. J. Sheckart 
Wertz Robert E.83 Yrs. 3
mos.5 days
 Aug. 8, 1919 M-11 FatherClick for Civil War Record
Wertz Sarah68 Yrs. 3
mos, 16days
 June 16, 1912M-11MotherMaiden Name - Kise
Wertz David31 yrs
18 days
 May 2, 1892M-11  
Wertz Joseph K.47 yrs Sept. 11, 1918M-11  
Saylor Parker Belva 18861911M-12Mother 
Saylor Dr. Jesse T. 18851987M-12Father 
Kise Alice 18661935M-13Mother 
Kise Albert T. 18641938M-13  
Kise Mathias70 Yrs. Jan. 4, 1917M-14  
Kise Mary T.68 Yrs Dec. 5, 1914M-14  
Kilheffer Harry M. May 22, 1881Aug. 19, 1938M-15Father 
Kilheffer Mary A. Dec. 7, 1882Jan. 26, 1964M-15 Maiden Name - Massey
Walton Harry L. 18801948M-16  
Walton Bessie G. 18811946M-16 Maiden Name - Snyder
Walton Carroll F. 19021911M-16  
Doerstler Roy S.   M-17  b. Sept 30 1907 - d. Oct 1981
Doerstler Ella M.   M-18  
Doerstler Antus S. 18841968M-18 Brother of Roy
Doerstler Mary E. 18801961M-19 Maiden Name - Brown
Doerstler Antus B.7 Wks   M-19  
Doerstler Edna B.4 Mos   M-19  
Lucas Charles64 yrs 11
mos 27 dys
 May 14, 1905M-20Father 
Lucas Mary Maria66 yrs 10
mos 9 days
 April 26, 1911M-20MotherMaiden Name - Neff
Shultz Irene E. 1910-----N-1  
Shultz Edgar N. Jan. 19, 1884July 4, 1947N-2  
Shultz Florence K. June 14, 1885Aug. 17, 1969N-2His WifeMaiden Name - Shultz
Shultz Irene E. June 5, 1909Oct. 19, 1964N-2Daughter 
Gerlach Phares B. Aug. 15, 1884July 2, 1942N-3  
Gerlach Emma L. March 31, 1893Feb. 18, 1963N-3His WifeMaiden Name - Peters
Gerlach Phares P. 19211985N-4Cox U.S. Navy W.W. IIClick - World War II Record
Ackerman Frank 18851969N-5Father 
Ackerman Clara July 11, 1887Sept. 1977N-5MotherMaiden Name - Ortman
Ackerman William   N-6  
Ford John W. July 7, 1903June 20, 1944O-1Husband 
Hines Gladys B. 19161981O-2Mother 
Hines Paul 19011993O-3Father 
Miller, Harry P. 1916----O-4   
Miller Helen K. 19161987O-4Married April 6, 1940 
Walk Benjamin F. 18571939O-5  
Walk Sallie A. 18591940O-5His WifeMaiden Name - Shutt
Kirkman Ella M. 18891953O-6 Maiden Name - Walk 
Kirkman Oliver 18851983O-6  
Sherick Paul 18601933O-7  
Sherick Mary V. 18671956O-7His Wife 
Eshleman Mary A. 18791970O-8  Maiden Name - Markley
Markley Caroline Dec. 18, 1856Jan. 10, 1928O-9MotherMaiden Nmme - Fishel
Douglas Susan S.73 yrs 4
mos. 6 dys
 Mar. 23, 1919O-10MotherMaiden Name - Shultz
Douglas Uriah H.72 yrs 2 mo.
25 days
 Jan. 23, 1913O-10Father Click for Civil War Record
Shultz Harry S. May 7, 1857May 19, 1912O-11Father 
Tobias Alice S. July 27, 1882Dec. 3, 1958O-12DaughterMaiden Name Shultz
Cover, Myrtle S. Sept. 1, 1885June 7, 1929O-13WifeMaiden Name - Shultz
Cover Raymond K. Nov. 15, 1884March 17, 1962O-14Husband 
Cover Mae E. Oct. 14, 1898July 11, 1959O-15WifeMaiden Name - Manley
Douglas Lizzetta M. May 20, 1879Feb. 23, 1908O-16Mother - Wife of Samuel Douglas Maiden Name Kise
McKelvey May D. 18931992O-17   
Bitner David S. July 25, 1830Oct. 15, 1905O-18 Click for Civil War Record
Bitner Mary A. Nov. 4, 1832Feb. 2, 1907O-18 Maiden Name Barge
Bitner Daniel G. 18681919O-19   
Bitner Sylvester 18581920O-20   
Bitner Elizabeth 18601938O-21   
Bitner Mary 18601954O-22   
Seiple John S. 18501915O-23   
Seiple Susan S. 18511926O-23His Wife 
Shultz Stephen K.63yrs 3
mo 20dys
 Aug. 4, 1906O-24Husband 
Shultz Elmira M. Sept. 19, 1866July 9, 1937O-25WifeMaiden Name - Mellinger
Dussinger Elizabeth Lucas 18731928O-26   
Small marker   O-27   
Small Marker   O-28   
Lucas Harold 19091964O-29   
Lucas John N. 18781943O-30Father 
Hines Howard H. 19091931P-1Our Son 
Jones Harold J. 19191985P-2Grandson-Cpl U.S. Army WW II 
Hines Catherine N. 18781955P-3Mother 
Hines Charles H. 18761933P-4Father 
Walk Henry W.   P-4a   
Miller Carrie H.   P-4aHis SisterMaiden Name - Walk
D. Feb. 28, 1935
Miller Ephraim R.   P-4aHer HusbandDied Dec. 19 1964
Mann Harry G. Oct. 12, 1884Nov. 19, 1937P-5   
Mann Ellen June 19, 1884May 12, 1960P-5His WifeMaiden Name - Deemer
Miller Harry J. 18801953P-5a   
Miller Katie H. 18741943P-5aHis Wife 
Jones Florence M. 19141937P-5bDaughter 
Jones Dora K. 18831975P-5cMother 
Jones Helen B. 19121993P-5d   
White Ruth 18891929P-5e   
Murray Beatrice 18991970P-5f   
Kise Abram Aug. 5, 1866Feb. 15, 1929P-6   
Walk Lewis L. May 3, 1864Feb. 15, 1935P-7   
Walk Ellen N. June 5, 1873Aug. 9, 1951P-7His WifeMaiden Name - Derstler
Hank Mary Jean 19211940P-8   
Infant Son  1940P-8  
Yaley John G. 18711903P-9  
Yaley Grace 18771964P-9Wife 
Yaley Robert K. 18981899P-9  
Shultz Jacob 18651940P-10Parents 
Shultz Elmira 18661929P-10His WifeMaiden Name - Shultz
Parker John S. 18441903P-11  
Parker Elizabeth K. 18451901P-11His Wife 
E. E. F.   P-12  
E. F.   P-13  
M. R. F.   P-14  
Fishel Maggie R.28yrs 4
mo, 8 dys
 Oct. 5, 1884P-15Wife of H.H. Fishel 
Fishel Ester38yrs 2
mo. 6 dys
 March 17, 1901P-15Wife of H.H. Fishel 
Fishel Elizabeth5 mo 13 dys Aug. 18, 1901P-15   
Fishel Henry H.89yrs 11
mos., 5 days
  Oct. 5, 1941P-15   
Fishel Warren B.2yrs 4 mos Jan. 22, 1880P-15Children of H.H. & Maggie Fishel 
Fishel Huffman B.1yr
6 mo 28 dys
 Feb. 16, 1885P-15  "  "  
Newcomer Catharine Oct. 23, 1821May 28, 1896P-16Our Mother 
Newcomer Walter E. June 15, 1885Dec. 27, 1885P-17Son of Henry & Leah E. 
Marker   P-18  
M.J.K.   P-19  
Kane Margaret1yr Aug. 23, 1873P-20Daughter of John & Elizabeth 
Kane Samuel4 yrs 2
mos. 5 dys
 Sept 13, 1873P-21Son of John & Elizabeth 
Kane Percy3yrs 4
mo. 29dys
 Jan. 9, 1883P-22Son of John & Elizabeth 
Wertz Emma21 yrs, 3
mos 29 dys
Jan. 9, 1860May 8, 1881P-23Wife of Amos R. Wertz 
Wertz Charles4 mos
April 23, 1886Sept. 1, 1886P-24Son of Amos & Emma Wertz 
Will George R.71yrs 10
mo 20dys
 Aug. 26, 1928P-25   
Will Caroline56yrs 2
mo 8 dys
 Dec. 13, 1911P-26Wife of George Will Maiden Name Saylor
Will Delmer D.29 yrs
5 mo
July 30, 1888Dec. 30, 1917P-27   
Will Mary E.1yr 3
mo 19 dys
 Dec. 23, 1882P-28Daughter of George & Caroline 
Will Emma S.8yrs Dec. 10, 1882P-29   
Will Samuel74yrs
2 mo 28 dys
Nov. 16, 1812Feb. 14, 1887P-30   
Will Elizabeth E.75 yrs
21 dys
Sept. 27, 1817Oct. 18, 1892P-31   
Hines Christian 18341912P-32FatherClick for Civil War Record
Hines Catharine 18411907P-32Mother 
Hines Cecelia 18611863P-32Children of Christian and Catharine 
Hines Susan 18691898P-32Children of Christian and Catharine 
Hines Minnie 18711886P-32Children of Christian and Catharine 
Hines Howard H. 18841906P-32Children of Christian and Catharine 
Hines Alice R. 18731880P-32Children of Christian and Catharine 
Hines Annie M. 18651882P-32Children of Christian and Catharine 
Brother Feb. 3, 1862Jan. 19, 1944Q-1   
Wife Dec. 19, 1871Feb. 28, 1935Q-2   
Husband Feb. 3, 1872Dec. 19, 1964Q-3   
Peters Hazel S. 19212006Q-4 Maiden Name - Sayers
Peters M. Luther 19172002Q-4  
Peters Emily M. 18951992Q-5Wife 
Peters M. Luther 18951950Q-5Husband 
Peters Gratia Alice 19251925Q-5   
Murry Chester F. May 29, 1920Dec. 13, 2002Q-6Husband 
Murry Alice Marie April 22, 1920June 5, 1994Q-6WifeMaiden Name - Shutt
Shutt Bertha Y. March 15, 1889Nov. 15, 1960Q-7MotherMaiden Name - Walk
Shutt William F. May 11, 1887Feb. 15, 1960Q-7Father 
Gamble Annie L. Sept. 16, 1880Nov. 18, 1957Q-8MotherMaiden Name - Walk
Gamble Cyrus S. Dec. 2, 1880Jan. 3, 1963Q-8Father 
Shultz J. Richard 19241979Q-9S/Sgt. U.S. Army W. W. IIClick - World War II Record
Strickler Rolandis S. 18561946Q-10   
Strickler Caroline M. 18581939Q-10His WifeMaiden Name - Bitner
Miller Frank B. June 19, 1865May 21, 1963Q-11Father 
Miller, Emma S.44yrs 10
mos 7dys
 Feb. 16, 1910Q-12Mother - Wife of Frank B.Maiden Name - Stehman
Miller Emma E. 18981972Q-13  
Miller Mabel M. 18921973Q-13Daughter 
Miller Dorothy S. 19021903Q-13Daughter 
Brown Esther H. Oct. 4, 1859April 11, 1880Q-14Sister- Dautghter of Walter & Mary S. 
Brown Warren May 16, 1816Dec. 23, 1895Q-15Father 
Brown Mary S. Sept. 28, 1822Dec. 5, 1902O-16Mother - Wife of Warren 
Brown George W. 18531928Q-17   
Brown Christiann 18551924Q-17   
Brown John Eberlein  18421864Q-18Company I - 23 Pa. Inf. Civil WarClick for Civil War Record
B   Q-19   
Yaley Henry64 yrs 2
mos 5 dys
Dec. 6, 1830Feb. 11, 1895Q-20Father - Beloved in Life Missed in Death 
Yaley Louisa64 yrs 1
mo. 1dys
Nov. 5, 1837Dec. 6, 1903Q-21MotherMaiden Name - Meisky
Yaley Abraham23 yrs18581881 ?Q-22Son & Daughter of Henry & Louisa 
Yaley Jennie Sept. 28, 1877 ? Q-23Yaley- Early Saved 
Yaley Sheridan Dec. 9, 1867Aug. 29, 1945Q-24  
Cover Christian72 yrs 1
mo 19dys
 Nov. 30, 1917Q-25  
Cover Eliza Jane35 yrs 10 mo Jan. 18, 1882Q-25  
Kane Barbara W.71 yrs 10
mo 24 dys
Mar 6, 1810Jan. 30, 1882Q-26Mother - Wife of George KaneMaiden Name - Wall
Kane Laura34yrs 4
mo 12dys
 June 9, 1885Q-27Mother - Wife of Jacob Kane 
Kane Barbara E  19331938Q-28  
Kane Emerson W  Feb 6, 1894April 4, 1973Q-29SFS Air Service WW1Click - World War I Record
Kane May L. April 26, 1896Mar 9, 1994Q-30  
Steiner Albert Jan. 25, 1858Feb. 26, 1933R-1  
Steiner Mary E. Feb. 2, 1863Feb. 19, 1936R-2MotherMaiden Name - Webster
Gamber Tamson H. Jan. 30, 1868May 11, 1936R-3Aunt 
Hooven John W. Feb. 23, 1878March 5, 1936R-4  
Hooven Margie F. July 1, 1880March 2, 1964R-4WifeMaiden Name Shultz
Carman Charles F. Aug. 12, 1860----R-5  
Carman Anne Steiner Nov. 17, 1871July 20, 1939R-5His Wife 
Shultz John J. 18861960R-6  
Shultz Elizabeth B. 18881965R-6 Maiden Name Shertzer
Seiple Benjamin --------R-7GAR 203rd Pa. Inf.Click for Civil War Record
Seiple Elizabeth Jan. 4, 1851Aug. 10, 1879R-8Wife of Benjamin Seiple 
Seiple John. J. April 15, 1876Nov. 16, 1878R-8Son of Benj. & Elizabeth Seiple 
Illegible24yr 4mo
----Aug. 13, 1894R-9Wife of Guy Ferguson 
Mother --------R-10  
Charles Frederick G.61yrs 4
mo 23dys
----Dec. 26, 1907R-11Co. D. 121st Pa. VolutneersClick for Civil War Record
Charles Priscilla D.35yrs 3
mo 13dys
----Jan. 28, 1884R-11Wife of Fred. G. Charles 
Charles John W.1mo 3dys----June 21, 1870R-11  
Charles Infant ----Aug. 2, 1881R-11  
Husband --------R-12  
Siple John, 18321907R-13Father 
Siple Maria 18381917R-13MotherMaiden Name - Martin
Siple Mary M.   R-13Children 
Siple B. Frank   R-13Children 
Siple Harriet M.   R-13Children 
Siple Harry M.   R-13Children 
Siple Carrie M.   R-13Children 
Steiner Emma Jane38 yrs 6
mo 22 days
March 8, 1839Sept. 30, 1877R-14Wife of Joseph SteinerMaiden Name - Burgess
Steiner Barbara  May 11, 1951R-15Wife of Jacob Steiner 
Singer Susan J. March 3, 1828March 2, 1905R-16Wife of Christian W. Singer 
Singer Christian W.   R-17Co. K Pa. Inf. 1891Click for Civil War Record
Shertzer Samuel W. Nov. 21, 1866Nov. 4, 1946S-1  
Shartzer Warren B. June 1859Sept. 1878S-2  
Shartzer William G. April 1877Sept. 1881S-3  
Shartzer Edith A. Oct. 1889Oct. 1889S-4  
Shartzer William Sept. 1, 1842July 28, 1901S-5  
Shartzer Helen B. March 6, 1846Feb. 29, 1928S-6 Maiden Name - Brown
Ohmit Christian   S-7Co. K. 199th Pa. Inf.Click for Civil War Record
Siple Levi Not LegibleNot LegibleS-8 b. abt 1845 Died April 1850
Siple William Nov. 6, 1820Sept. 6, 1877S-9  
Siple Lucy A. May 5, 1823July 31, 1899S-9 Maiden Name - Owens
Wittmer Lettie21yrs 1
mo. 7 days
 Nov. 29, 1899S-10Daughter 
Wittmer Alice W. July 27, 1864Jan. 4, 1874S-11  
Wittmer Elizabeth A.68 Yrs 11
mo.12 dys
 Nov. 26, 1910S-12Mother 
Wittmer Christian H.41 yrs 1
mo 17 dys
 March 4, 1880S-12Father 
Seiple Henry June 26, 1826March 12, 1901S-13  
Seiple Susan Jan. 26, 1827March 27, 1850S-13 Maiden Name - Shertzer
Seiple Jacob B. March 16, 1859April 27, 1939S-13  
Seiple Harriet D. March 22, 1823May 26, 1904S-13 Maiden Name - Brown
Miller, Frank S.1yr 6moSept. 1902April 1, 1904T-1Son of Henry and Daisy Miller 
Foreman Lewis 18941894T-2  
Miller Peter Oct. 31, 1830Aug. 16, 1912T-3  
Miller Mary March 21, 1841Nov. 4, 1932T-3 Maiden Name - Yaley
Foreman Sara Jan. 13, 1864April 17, 1930T-3 Maiden Name - Miller
Miller John Jacob Not LegibleNot LegibleT-4  
Bitner Martin84yrs 9
mo. 21 dys
 Dec. 3, 1912T-5  
McMichael Barbara83 yrs 11
mos, 26 dys
 May 30, 1914T-5His WifeMaiden Name - Bitner
Bitner Martin23yrs 5
mo 4 dys
 Oct. 7, 1876T-5  
Bitner Catharine4 mo July 13, 1852T-5Children of Martin & Barbara Bitner 
Bitner Daniel3 days April 13, 1858T-5Children of Martin & Barbara Bitner 
Bitner Mamie J.23yrs 9
mo 8 dys
 March 9, 1895T-5Children of Martin & Barbara Bitner 
Bitner Truman E.81yrs 9
mos 26 dys
 Dec. 7, 1948T-5Children of Martin & Barbara Bitner 
M.J.B.   T-6  
M.B.   T-7  
Sayers Barbara McLane Dec. 1, 1860May 14, 1931T-8  
Sayers Wm. H. Sept. 25, 1855Sept. 7, 1941T-8  
Funk, Christian March 24, 1827June 8, 1873T-9  
Funk, Elizabeth Jan. 14, 1827April 12, ?T-9  
Funk Elizabeth1 mo 12 dys Dec. 15, 1915T-9  
Funk Susan Huber Oct. 8, 1797June 10, 1866T-9  
Funk Infant   T-9Child of J & S. Funk 
Funk Henry Jan. 19, 1857March 28, 1859T-9Son of C & E Funk 
Shultz Sallie  Nov. 14, 1862Aug. 1, 1888T-9Daughter of C & E. Funk 
Kise Mollie  July 2, 1865June 19, 1894T-9Daughter of C & E Funk 
Moore Harry W. Jan. 26, 1872Oct. 8,. 1904T-10Father 
Moore Agnes S. Bruckart June 11, 1876Feb. 28, 1959T-10MotherMaiden Name - Meisky
Bertha    T-11  
Meisky John C.75 yrs 6
mo 10 dys
June 23, 1843Jan. 3, 1919T-12 See T-14
Meisky Harriet S.70 yrs 19 dysMarch 15, 1846April 3, 1916T-12His WifeMaiden Name - Shultz
Meisky Bertha15 yrs July 1892 ?T-12Daughter of John & Harriet 
Mother   T-13  
Meisky J. C.  1919T-14Co. G 9th Reg. Pa. CalveryClick for Civil War Record
Meisky May Jan. 12, 1883Jan. 23, 1940T-15  
M   T-16  
Shultz Sophia Not LegibleNot LegibleT-17Our MotherMaiden Name - Otstadt
B. May 30, 1819
Shultz Samuel72 yrs18171889T-18Our Father 
Shultz Henry  Not LegibleNot LegibleT-19Son of Sophia & SamueLMay 27, 1857-Sept 16, 1858
Shultz Abraham Not LegibleNot LegibleT-20Son of Sophia & SamuelOct. 28, 1843-Dec. 4, 1868
Shultz Barbara72Oct. 26, 1812June 30, 1883T-21Wife of Samuel 
Mayer Elizabeth82 yrsNot Legible1870T-22  
Mayer John Christian Not LegibleNot LegibleT-23  
Ohmit Martha March 26, 1808April 12, 1885T-24  
Ohmit Jacob  Not LeigibleNot LegibleT-25 Born 1796
Ohmit Susanna20 yrs 5
mo 8 dys
 Dec. 23, 1863T-26  
Ohmit Susan 18651870T-27  
Ohmit Elizabeth 18761888T-28  
Douglas G. Shuman  18881916U-1  
Douglas Lorenzo D. 18461929U-1  
Stehman Agnes D. 18771964U-2 Maiden Name - Douglas
Stehman Herman S. 18691953U-2  
Baily Chester Aug. 8, 1872Aug. 25, 1873U-3Son of L.S. and ? Mitterr 
Irwin William J.54yrs 10
Mos 21 dys
Nov. 9, 1831Oct. 30, 1886U-4Father 
Irwin Annie83yrs 10
Mos 8 dys
 March 31, 1918U-5Mother 
Irwin Elizabeth W. 18621891U-6  
Irwin, Mary Irene16yrs 3
mo 26 dys
Nov. 6, 1894March 4, 1911U-7  
Irwin John W. 18601932U-8Father 
Irwin Laura W. 18601932U-8MotherMaiden Name - Strickler
Shultz Monument   U-9  
Shultz Isaac V. 18901893U-10  
Shultz Joseph S. 18791912U-11  
Shultz Joseph K. 18491921U-12  
Shultz Emma F. 18551942U-13 Maiden Name - Stauffer
Shultz Charles W. July 27,1860Aug. 1, 1862U-14Son of Emma & Cyrus Shultz 
Shultz Martha R. Feb. 10, 1859Sept. 10, 1861U-15Daughter of Emma & Cyrus Shultz 
Shultz Emma May 16, 1836Oct. 2, 1888U-16Wife of C.B. Shultz 
Shultz Cyrus B. Sept. 3, 1833Sept 8, 1902U-17Our Father 
Shaffer Adeline April 29, 1867March 19, 1940U-18MotherMaiden Name - Kane
Shultz Cyrus B. Jr. Nov. 20, 1874March 17, 1936U-19Brother 
Shultz Jacob 18351905U-20  
Binkley Wm. G. M.D. 18441925U-21 Click for Civil War Record
John2Mos 10 dysNot LegibleNot LegibleU-22  
Shultz John S.1yr ? Mos
5 days
July 27, 1880Feb. 2, 1882U-23Son of B. Frank & Eugenie Shultz 
Shultz Eugenie Staman 18561907U-24  
Binkley Frances A. 18441930U-25 Maiden Name - Staman
Shultz Andrew B. 18321913U-26  
Shultz Ellen S. 18331919U-26His WifeMaiden Name- Sitler
Shultz Lillie S. 18621956U-26  
Shultz Preston S. 18651869U-26  
Walk Charles S. 18841915U-27  
Walk Reba 18841955U-27His Wife 
Shertzer Benjamin F. 18351926U-27a  
Shertzer Elizabeth M. 18361913U-27a Maiden Name - Fry
Shertzer Willis 18591860U-27a  
Shertzer Albert 18611861U-27a  
Shertzer Mary E. 18621863U-27a  
Carman Susan O.89yrs 3
Mos 22 dys
March 31, 1826July 13, 1915U-28 Maiden Name - Oberlander
Carmen Martin H.Not LegibleFeb 18, 1802July 28, 1887U-29Father 
Sherick David 18521929U-30  
Sherick Annie Yaley 18601910U-30  
J.P.M.   U-31  
Mann John P.60 yrs Oct. 15, 1910U-31Brother 
Mann Clementine70yrs Aug. 14, 1897U-31MotherMaiden Name Griffith
Mann George72 yrs 11
Mos 10 dys
 Feb. 4, 1928U-31Brother 
Miley David85 YrsDec. 12, 1786April 16, 1871U-32  
Miley Mary78 Yrs 9
Mos 6 dys
Sept. 1796June 13, 1861U-32His WifeMaiden Name - Wertz
Miley Henry D. 18261840 ?U-33  
Snyder Lydia K. Jan. 16, 1834May 1, 1916V-1  
Snyder Christian D. March 14, 1830Aug. 23, 1876V-1  
Snyder Lillie M. April 21, 1873May 14, 1873V-1  
Snyder C. D.   V-2Co. F. 185th Pa. Inf. Click for Civil War Record
K.   V-3  
H.K.K.   V-4  
C.K.   V-5  
Not Legible   V-6  
Kise Henry K. 18171903V-6a  Click for Civil War Record
Kise Catharine 18201875V-6aHis Wife 
Kise Mary A.55yrs 3
mo 8 days
Nov. 1, 1843Feb. 9, 1899V-6aWife of J. W. KiseMaiden Name - Strawbridge
Kise J.W. Sept 6, 1842April 16, 1911V-6a John Wesley -Click for Civil War Record
Not Legible   V-7  
Sister   V-8  
Ohmit William S. 18681954V-9  
Ohmit Mary Ella  18721951V-9 Maiden Name - Roberts
Ohmit    V-9Infant SonWilliam Leon -Listed Twice
J.G.R.   V-10  
Ohmit William Leon   V-11  
Roberts Eli78 yrs 6 Mo. Feb. 27, 1917V-11a  
Roberts Catherine Shuman72 Yrs Sept. 14, 1920V-11a  
Roberts Elizabeth Shuman71 years  V-11aWife of G. Hougentogler 
Roberts John C.19 yrs 1
mo. 11 dys
 Sept. 29, 1889V-11aSon of Eli & Catherine 
Mother   V-12  
Father   V-13  
Mother   V-14  
Father   V-15  
Shuman Christian B.34yrs 3
mos 20dys
 Nov. 19, 1869V-15a  
Brush Eliza Shuman82yrs 11
mo. 28dys
 March 9, 1919V-15a  
Douglas Ellen Shuman  38yrs July 26, 1895V-15a Wife of L.D. Douglas
Denny Clara Douglas 18781915V-15-a  
Shuman Katie   V-16Daughter of C. & E. Shuman 
Shuman Lizzie   V-16Daughter of C. & E. Shuman 
Shuman Minnie   V-17Daughter of C. & E. Shuman 
Shuman Daniel S.20yrs 9
mo. 24 dys
18481869 ?V-18My Husband 
Shuman Elizabeth75yrs 4
mo. 8 days
Aug. 14, 1806Dec. 22, 1881V-19Wife of John ShumanMaiden Name -Bachman
Shuman John78yrs 6
mos. 22 dys
Aug. 28, 1806March 20, 1885V-20Father 
Not Legible Florence 1865March 29, 1867V-21Saved 
Green George65yrs 10
Mo 18dys
 Sept. 27, 1894V-22Our Father 
Green Magdalena Sept. 7, 1832Jan. 25, 1916V-23Mother 
Sherick John63yrs 7
mos, 4 dys
 Jan. 11 1903V-24  Click for Civil War Record
Sherick Margaret67yrs 3
Mo 2 dys
 Sept. 22, 1904V-24 Maiden Name - Mann
Kauffman Margaret June 3, 1813May 7, 1889V-25Wife of Rev. A. Kauffman 
S    V-26  
Father   V-27  
Mother   V-28  
Copeland Bertha Y 18661935V-29 Maiden Name Yaley
Yaley Christian 18361930V-30  
Yaley Elizabeth Jan. 25, 1838Nov. 27, 1927V-30His WifeMaiden Name - Gehr
Yaley Christian P. Oct. 7, 1876Nov. 17, 1877V-30  
Yaley George May 11, 1877May 16, 1877V-30  
Yaley Maggie M. Sept. 2 1878Dec. 2, 1878V-30  
Yaley Laura I. Oct. 31, 1879May 6, 1903V-30  
Hougentoubler Barbara A.54 yrsApril 1, 1810April 1, 1864V-31Mother - Wife of John Hougentoubler 
H.L.W.   V-32  
B.A.H.   V-33  
Walk Caroline July 30, 1837November 5. 1911V-34MotherMaiden Name Hougentoubler
Walk Jacob Sept. 20, 1830Nov. 27, 1889V-34 Father 
Miller Bessie B.10 Mos. Aug. 30, 1897V-35Dau. of E.P. & Carrie H. Miller 
Walk Helen L.20 yrs 9
mos 1 day
June 22, 1859March 23, 1880V-36  
Walk Catharine May 2, 17961862 ?V-37 Wife of Henry Walk 
Walk Henry Not LegibleNot LegibleV-38  
Walk Jacob E. Feb 3, 1867Nov. 26, 1923V-39  
Ortman Rebecca C. 1887 ?illegibleW-1Early Saved 
Ortman Abraham Oct. 5, 1841Nov. 29, 1905W-1  
Ortman Catherine Feb. 25, 1850Sept. 20, 1928W-1His WifeMaiden Name - Cover
A. O.   W-2  
Mother   W-3  
A.M.S.   W-4  
R.S.   W-5  
Rebecca   W-6  
Mary R.5 mo.Illegible1883 ?W-7Daughter of Isaac & Henrietta Ortman 
Clara M. Oct. 5 ?IllegibleW-7Daughter of Isaac & Henrietta Ortman 
Ortman Martha Oct. 27, 1842May 13, 1903W-8Mother-Children Frances, Harry, Ralph Maiden Name - Staman
F.O   W-9  
H.O.   W-10  
Bair George M.   W-11Son of Jacob + Rebecca Bair 
Bair Jakie O. 18701870W-11Son of Jacob + Rebecca Bair 
Kise J.   W-12  
Kise C.   W-13  
Evans John E.56yrs 8
mo. 20 dys
 Feb. 2, 1876W-14  
Evans Martha M.  IllegibleW-14Wife of John EvansMaiden Name - Manning
Evans Mary M.21yrs 8
mo 22 dys
 May 15, 1883W-14Daughter of John & Martha Evans 
Evans Franklin L.24yrs 10
mo. 2 dys
 Oct. 31, 1879W-14Son of John & Martha Evans 
Evans John W.56yrs 8
mos. 24 dys
Evans Aaron E.71yrs 10
mos 13 dys
 July 15, 1917 W-14  
Evans Sara A.29 yrs 3
mo 16 dys
 March 30, 1886W-14Daughter of John & Martha Evans 
J.W.E.   W-15  
A.E.E.   W-16  
Burg Geo. C. M.D. Nov. 11, 1827June 4, 1863W-17Father 
Burg Sarah A. March 25, 1832Nov. 22, 1901W-17MotherMaiden Name - Kauffman
Burg Lottie May Dec. 10, 1873Sept. 29, 1875W-18Daughter 
Burg Maggie March 2, 1810Aug. 14, 1865W-19Wife of Washington Burg 
Burg Jennie E.3yrs 27 dysIllegibleIllegibleW-20Daughter of Maggie & Washington Burg 
Hines Henry M.71yrs 2
mos 18dys
 July 1886W-21  
Hines William  IllegibleW-21  
Hines Henry IllegibleIllegibleW-21Child 
Hines Henrietta IllegibleIllegibleW-21Child 
Hines Charles IllegibleIllegibleW-21Child 
Hines Richard IllegibleIllegibleW-21Child 
Hines Edna31yrs 8
mos 16 dys
 Aug. 15, 1909W-21  
Shuman Benjamin F.28yrs 11 mos. Jan. 9, 1898W-22  
Shuman Mary C.4 mos. 9 dys Oct. 27, 1874W-22  
Levenite Samuel W.80yrs 2
mos, 5 dys
June 11, 1811May 16, 1891W-23  
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleW-24Wife-Barbara Bitner 
Levenite Illegible IllegibleIllegivleW-25  
Levenicht6Yrs 11
mo 12 dys
Dec. 26, 1855Dec. 9, 1862W-26  
Levenicht Henry2yrs 5
mos 2 days
Levenicht Illegible June 11, 1852Aug. 18, 1852W-28  
Levenicht Amanda2yrs 9
mo. 16 dys
June 1845April 1848W-29  
D.L.   W-30  
Sheckart Emma S.29yrs 4
mos 5 dys
 June 20, 1926W-31SisterMaiden name Ackerman
Levenite Elizabeth77 yrs 9
mos 11 dys
 Oct. 12, 1901W-32 Maiden Name - Neunamaker
Leavenicht David53yrs 3
mo. 3 dys
Law James S.68yrs 6
mo 12 days
Oct. 1, 1817April 13, 1886X-1  
Law Martin illegible1845X-1Son of James and Mary Law 
Law Lizzie IllegibleIllegibleX-1  
Siple Wilfred April 18, 1883Aug. 8, 1883X-2Son of H.E. & D.E. Siple 
Siple Estella ----1903X-3Resting By Her Friends 
J. --------X-4  
Jackson Rev. Thomas M.N.D. 18511929X-5   
Jackson Catharine K. 18491923X-5  
J.G.M. --------X-6  
Mellinger Joseph IllegibleIllegibleX-7  
Mellinger ? IllegibleIllegibleX-7  
Kauffman Joanna Oct. 18, 1818Feb. 2, 1900X-8 Maiden Name-Chambers
Kauffman Daniel April 3, 1810Apr. 14, 1891X-8Father 
Kauffman Martha A. Feb. 26, 1853Feb. 25, 1931X-9  
K --------X-10  
Bitner Dr. H. H. 1825Aug. 15, 1862X-11Husband 
Zook John80yrs July 12, 1913X-12GAR Pa. Vol.Click for Civil War Record
Seiple Bernard B. June 21, 1857March 18, 1932X-13  
Seiple Anna M. May 10, 1864Sept. 23, 1939X-13His WifeManiden Name-Shuman
Speas Harriet E. July 1, 1884Nov. 19, 1957X-13  
Harriet --------X-14  
Shultz Henry7yrs 8
mo. 24 dys
July 6, 1849March 30, 1856X-15Son of Charles & Elizabeth Shultz 
Shultz Elizabeth52yrs 3
mo. 19 dys
Feb. 19, 1813June 5, 1865X-16Wife of Charles Shultz & Dau. of Michael & Elizabeth Cover 
Shultz Charles67 yrs 5
mo 15 dys
Aug. 22, 1811Feb. 7, 1879X-17Father 
Shultz Edward Dec. 13, 1861Oct. 19, 1866X-18Son of David & Elizabeth 
Wertz Theodore H.31 dys 1927X-19"Our Ted" 
Wertz Henry --------X-20  
Wertz Henry 18551921X-21Father 
Wertz Mary A. 18531919X-21MotherMaiden Name-Shultz
Wertz Joseph S. 18781956X-21Son 
Wertz Henry 19051930X-21  
Cooper John E.  July 7, 1862Y-1Uncle 
Cooper Catharine   Feb. 22, 1882Y-1Aunt 
Wiley Rev. Alexander 18441880Y-2  
Wiley Kate C. 18441929Y-2His WifeMaiden Name Wissler
Wiley Edgar   Y-2Son 
Wissler Mary M.93 yrs 6
mo. 15days
 Sept. 9, 1917Y-3  
Kane Jacob 18501932Y-4  
Kane Annie M. 18501929Y-4His WifeMaiden Name - Wissler
Hiestand Peter62yrs 1851?Y-5  
Hiestand Elizabeth  IllegibleY-5  
Forrey Arabella C.26 yrs 2
mos 15dys
 May 2, 1878Y-5  
Catharine H.79 yrs 4
mo 19dys
Jan. 4, 1821May 23 1900Y-5Mother-Wife of Henry G. Forry 
Illegible  IllegibleY-5  
Hiestand Peter Illegible1816Y-5  
Hiestand Ann Illegible1850Y-5  
Histand Hiram3yrs 1 mo--------Y-5Son of Jacob & Mary Hiestand 
Samuel Hull10 mos--------Y-5Son of Jacob & Mary 
Hiestand Illegible J.2yr 11 mo--------Y-5Son of Jacob & Mary 
Bitner Abraham 1807IllegibleY-6  
Bitner Helen Magaretta 1809IllegibleY-6  
Illegible   Y-7  
? Margaretta IllegibleIllegibleY-8  
A.B.   Y-9  
C.B.   Y-10  
Wertz Benjamin D. 18521930Y-11  
Wertz Mary D. 185919--Y-11  
Israel IllegibleIllegibleY-12Son of Isaac & Mary Ann Shultz 
Sylvester IllegibleIllegibleY-12Son of Isaac & Mary Ann Shultz 
Shultz Mary Ann67yrs 1
mo 6dys
March 19, 1820April 25, 1887Y-13Wife of Isaac ShultzMaiden Name Keary
Shultz Israel10 mo
10 dys
 Aug. 23, 1845Y-13Son of Isaac and Mary 
Shultz Sylvester6 mo. 22 dys May 23, 1847Y-13Son of Isaac & Mary 
Shultz Isaac79yrs 5
mo 10 dys
Mary 1, 1814Aug. 16, 1893Y-13  
Shultz Milton K. 18411914Y-14  
Shultz Emma G. 18461907Y-14His WifeMaiden Name- Collins
Shultz Calvin A.11 yrs 1
mo. 1 dy
Dec. 8, 1867Jan. 19, 1879Y-15Son of Milton & Emma 
Shultz Illegible1yr 4mo
Aug. 1, 1877Dec. 2, 1878Y-15Daughter 
Ella M. Shultz 18761916Y-16Wife of Amos M. Shultz 
Newcomer Henry D. Jan. 6, 1860March 21, 1949Y-17Parents 
Newcomer Leah E. Oct. 1, 1857July 19, 1932Y-17His WifeMaiden Name - Fry
Newcomer Clara M. Sept. 18, 1931May 18, 1941Y-18Daughter of Anna M. & Frank Newcomer 
Newcomer James H.  1921Y-18  
Newcomer Julia A.  1931Y-18  
Kauffman Catharine  March 10, 1892Z-1Wife of Samuel M. Zacharias 
Kauffman Maria3mo. 9 dys  Z-2Daughter of And. & Catharine 
Kauffman Benjamin4 wks 1843Z-3Son of Andrew & Catharine Kauffman 
Kauffman Joseph2yrs 4
mo. 21dys
Kauffman Mary2yr 4
mo. 21 dys
Wittmer Ambrose J.2yrs 4
mo. 13dys
 Feb. 4, 1850Z-6Son of G.L. & Ann Wittmer 
Wittmer William L.2yrs 2
mo 2dys
 Nov. 8, 1856Z-7Son of G.L. & Ann Wittmer 
Blank Stone   Z-8  
Herr David B. Jan. 8, 1823July 21, 1906Z-9  
Herr Barbara G. June 9, 1819Feb. 7, 1912Z-9  
Herr Albert G. Oct. 28, 1847Feb. 19, 1932Z-9  
McLane Mary Jan. 21, 1865Dec. 15, 1898Z-10Sister 
Blank Stone   Z-11  
B.   Z-12  
Bitner W. March 2, 1853March 15, 1853Z-13Son of Solomen & Henrietta Lindermuth 
?  L.   Z-14  
Illegible Marker   Z-15  
Lindemuth Nettie L.4mos 15dys Sept. 3, 1863Z-16Child of H. B. & S.P. Lundemuth 
Lindemuth Wells B.13 dys March 15, 1853Z-16Child of H. B. & S.P. Lindemuth 
Lindemuth Elmer E.22yrs 1
mo. 24 dys
 August 29, 1883Z-16Child of H. B. & S.P. Lundemuth 
Lindemuth Solomon P.78 yrs 3
mo 4 dys
 Dec. 17,1904Z-16   
Henrietta E. IllegibleMarch 28, 1888Z-16 Wife of Solomon P.Maiden Name - Bitner
S.P.L.  ----Z-17  
Illegible 18261910Z-18  
Schoch Joseph Ross Dec. 25, 1851Feb. 1, 1852Z-19Son of Joseph & Ann Schoch 
Shartzer Lucretia March 22, 1809Dec. 1, 1864Z-20Our Mother - Wife of Samuel 
Shartzer Edwin W.  IllegibleZ-21  
Ohmit Nellie  August 28, 1938Z-22Sister 
Ohmit Jean V.  Dec. 29, 1960Z-23Sister 
Ohmit Martha S. 18671921Z-23a  
Ohmit Christiann 18481918Z-23a Maiden Name Shultz
Ohmit John S. 18451884Z-23aG.A.R.Click for Civil War Record
Ohmit Nellie  Aug. 28, 1938Z-23a  
Father --------Z-23a Possible Ohmit
Mother --------Z-23a Possible Ohmit
Martha --------Z-23aDaughterPossible Ohmit
Hackbarth Alfred F. 18911958Z-24  
Hackbarth Elizabeth O. 18851970Z-24His WifeMaiden Name - Ohmit
Wittmer, Annie E. 18431888AA-1Beloved Wife of Geo. M. Hambright 
Wittmer Jacob H. May 12, 1811Feb. 7, 1887AA-2Father 
Wittmer Mattie Huber July 8, 1817March 28, 1885AA-2Mother 
Beitzel, Henry71 yrs Nov. 16, 1853AA-3Wife Magdalena 
Strawbridge Jennie May 18851895AA-4Daughter of Jacob H. & Maggie 
Shertzer Edgar Leslie  May 19, 1883AA-5Son of Barton & Lizzie 
Shultz George Aug. 1, 1854April 18, 1935AA-6  
Shultz Mary Oct. 23 1857April 24, 1932AA-6His WifeMaiden Name - Fishel
C.B.  --------AA-7 Probably Charles Bitner
J.B. --------AA-8 Probably Jonas Bitner
Bitner Louisa Barr June 1836Feb. 8, 1837AA-9  
Abraham IllegibleIllegibleAA-10  
Catharine S. IllegibleIllegibleAA-11  
Mann George34 yrsJuly 6, 1811Nov. 27, 1845AA-12  
Mann Elizabeth37yrsJuly 22, 1812Nov. 7, 1849AA-12Wife of GeorgeMaiden Name - Bitner
Holtshouse Edward T. 18101863AA-13  
Holtshouse Anna Maria 18161866 ?AA-14Wife 
Illegible Catharine 18151852AA-15  
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleAA-16  
_____ Charles B. IllegibleIllegibleAA-17  
Elizabeth Stone buriedNo DatesAA-18Wife of Jacob Shultz 
Shultz Jacob74yrs 5
mo 24days
April 18, 1807Oct. 12, 1881AA-19  
Shultz Jennie Illegible1875 ?AA-20  
Shultz Mary 70 yrsIllegibleFeb. 1873 ?AA-21  
Green Ellen  --------AA-22  
Green James  --------AA-23  
Illegible ----IllegibleAA-24  
Siple Jacob & Family 18261910AA-25  
Yaley, John85 yrs 7
mo 25dys
----Oct. 30, 1937BB-1Son of J&S Yaley 
Yaley Sara80yrs 6
mos 12dys
----March 5, 1905BB-2Daughter of J&S Yaley 
Yaley John98yrs 6mos----Dec. 15, 1902BB-3  
Yaley Sarah95yrs 10
mo 28dys
----Feb. 3, 1903BB-4 Maiden Name - Place
Yaley George28 yrs. 6
mo. 28dys
----Nov. 20, 1862BB-5Son of J&S Yaley 
Yaley Margaret8mos 19dys----Sept. 22, 1854BB-6Daughter of J&S Yaley 
Yaley Henrietta10mos 14dys----Jan. 23, 1850BB-7Daughter of J&S Yaley 
Yaley Elizabeth1yr 20dys----1840BB-8Daughter of J&S Yaley 
Yaley Susanna?----March 17, 1847BB-9Daughter of J&S Yaley 
Illegible ----IllegibleBB-10 Slate Stone
Artman Catarina5yrs 9
mo 15dys
----1899BB-11  Written in German
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleBB-12  
Walk Catharine18yrs 4
mos 28dys
----Dec. 29, 1881CC-1  
Walk George H. ----? 25, 1892CC-1  
_____ Hanna --------CC-2Wife of David Torbert ? 
_____ Lydia M. -------CC-3Wife of David Torbert ? 
Mason Sarah April 8, 1824April 30, 1894CC-4  
Mason Park Feb. 4, 1816Oct. 11, 1860CC-4  
Mason Catharine Jan. 28, 1845Sept. 5, 1846CC-4Daughter of Park and Sarah 
Mason Lewis M. Sept. 6, 1853Jan. 12, 1895CC-4  
Mason Park W. Jr. Jan. 27, 1847May 3, 1863CC-4Killed in Battle of Chancelersville, Va. Co.- F. 133 Reg. Click for Civil War Record
Mason George B. Sept. 20, 1841Oct. 3, 1875CC-4Capt. Co. A. Regt. Son of Park & Sarah Click for Civil War Record
Scheetz Aaron S. Oct. 14, 1872Aug. 6, 1889CC-5  
Wood ? Illegible1839CC-6  
Hamilton James 47 yrsIllegibleIllegibleCC-7  
Hooven Israel 18241916CC-8  
Hooven Mary A. 18271895CC-8 Maiden Name - Oxer
C.H. --------CC-9  
Miller Charlie 18671896CC-10  
C.M. --------CC-11  
E.J.S. ---- ----CC-12  
Kise Sarah A.68 yrs18321900CC-13 Maiden Name - Ortman
Illegible --------CC-14 Female Kise Infant
J.O. --------CC-15 John O. Kise
G.O. --------CC-16 George Kise
A.O. --------CC-17 Abraham Kise
Ortman Clara65yrs 26dysJuly 28, 1808Aug. 28, 1873CC-18Wife Of John OrtmanMaiden Name - Gerber
Ortman Ann25yrs 6mo
March 15, 1808Dec. 1834CC-19Wife of John Ortman 
Ortman John68yrs 4
mos 24dys
IllegibleJan. 8th 1877CC-20  
Ortman Sybilla85yrs 10
mo 21dys
Ortman Henry Jan. 5, 1805Oct. 24, 1868CC-22Father 
Ortman Amos IllegibleIllegibleCC-23  
M.U. IllegibleIllegibleCC-24 Slate Marker
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleCC-25  
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleCC-26  
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleCC-27  
Latchem Susanna ? 9th, 1802Jan. 7, 1836CC-28Wife of Isaiah Latchem 
Latchem Isaiah April 2, 1792March 12, 1810CC-29   
J.L. --------CC-30  
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleCC-31  
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleCC-32  
Catherine L. IllegibleIllegibleDD-1  
Helen IllegibleIllegibleDD-2  
Horace K. IllegibleIllegibleDD-3  
Leander H. IllegibleIllegibleDD-4  
Magdalena IllegibleIllegibleDD-5Wife of Henry Reitzel 
Reitzel Henry IllegibleNov. 16, 1853DD-6  
J.J.B. --------DD-7  
M.B. --------DD-8  
J.M. --------DD-9  
?  IllegibleIllegibleDD-10  
? IllegibleIllegibleDD-11  
? IllegibleIllegibleDD-12  
Allison Milton --------DD-13  
Allison Rosanna --------DD-14  
Allison Abram --------DD-15  
Allison Richard IllegibleIllegibleDD-16  
Allison Sarah Ann --------DD-17  
Allison Lydia Ann 18311831DD-18  
Kinard Abraham --------DD-19Co. B. 55th Pa. Inf. Click for Civil War Record
? IllegibleIllegibleDD-20  
?  IllegibleIllegibleDD-21  
C.C. --------DD-22  
?  IllegibleIllegibleDD-23  
? IllegibleIllegibleDD-24  
?  IllegibleIllegibleDD-25  
?  IllegibleIllegibleDD-26  
J.C. ---------DD-27  
J.K.H. --------DD-28  
C.A.S. --------DD-29  
? IllegibleIllegibleDD-30  
?  IllegibleIllegibleDD-31  
?  --------DD-32  
? --------DD-33  
?  IllegibleIllegibleDD-34  
?  IllegibleIllegibleDD-35  
?  IllegibleIllegibleDD-36  
?  IllegibleIllegibleDD-37  
?  IllegibleIlegibleDD-38  
Miller Albert ----Dec. 28, 1890EE-1Son of Charles & Mary Miller 
?  IllegibleIllegibleEE-2  
C.N. --------EE-3  
? H. ----IllegibleEE-4  
H.F. --------EE-5  
C.F. --------EE-6  
Miller Elizabeth68 yrs----Jan. 6, 1899EE-7  
J.W.S. --------EE-8  
C.D.S. --------EE-8  
Funck, Elizabeth76yrs 5
mo 8dys
June 15, 1795Nov. 25, 1871EE-9Wife of Martin Funck 
Funck Martin Dec. 15, 1795May 17, 1856EE-10  
Funk Jonathan 1825188?EE-11  
Funk Susan Ann73yrs 11
mos 11dys
Sept. 27, 1817Sept. 8, 1891EE-12Wife of Jonathan Funk 
Stauffer John23yrs 3
mos 28dys
----July 28, 189?EE-13  
Annie M. ----IllegibleEE-14Daughter of John & Mary 
Haines Anna Elizabeth Illegible1833EE-15  
? ----IllegibleEE-16  
? ----IllegibleEE-17  
? ----IllegibleEE-18  
? ----IllegibleEE-19  
Beller Johann J. June 7, 1795Feb. 14, 1855EE-20  
Beller Margaret Oct. 1805Sept. 25, 1877EE-21Wife of Johann J. 
Shuman George ----IllegibleEE-22  
M.W.F. --------FF-1  
G.M. --------FF-2  
E.F. --------FF-3  
Catharine Neidig97yrs 6
mos 12dys
----Oct. 27, 1917FF-4MotherMaiden Name Billet
A.M.F. --------FF-5  
A.B.M. --------FF-6  
C. ? --------FF-7  
? B --------FF-8  
Saylor Andrew S. ----March 1, 18??FF-9  
Saylor Jacob W.28yrs----July 18, 1860FF-10To my Husband & Child 
Saylor George D. ----March 29, 1859FF-10  
A.K.S.  --------FF-11  
? --------FF-12  
?  ----IllegibleFF-13  
Brook ? ----IllegibleFF-14  
?  ----IllegibleFF-15  
Kise Susanna --------FF-16  
Kise Milton --------FF-17  
Kise Henry --------FF-18  
Kise Marie --------FF-19  
Kise Henry81yrs 11mo
----Sept. 7, 1916FF-20Co. H. 203 Reg. Pa. Inf. Click for Civil War Record
? ----IllegibleFF-21  
A.M.G. ---------FF-22  
? ----IllegibleFF-23  
S.S. --------FF-24  
Illegible ----IllegibleFF-25  
Illegible ----IllegibleFF-26  
Illegible ----IllegibleFF-27  
E.C. --------FF-28  
R.S. --------FF-29  
A.S. --------FF-30  
? ----IllegibleFF-31  
Sarah June 10, 1852IllegibleFF-32Wife of Samuel Lively 
E.S. --------FF-33  
H.M.E. --------FF-34  
M.A.M. --------FF-35  
Illegible ----IllegibleFF-36  
C.R. --------FF-37  
S.U. --------FF-38  
Illegible  ---- IllegibleFF-39  
G.F. ----IllegibleFF-40  
J.M. --------FF-41  
Illegible ----IllegibleFF-42  
Illegible ----IllegibleFF-43  
C.S. --------FF-44  
E.M. --------FF-45  
W.M. --------FF-46  
D.W. --------FF-47  
Kauffman Anny ----1820FF-48  
Kauffman Jacob ---- IllegibleFF-49  
? ----IllegibleFF-50  
D.K. --------FF-51  
S.A.C. --------FF-52  
Herr Jacob Dec. 1834 ? IllegibleFF-53  
Herr Margaretta Sept. 183? IllegibleFF-54  
Herr Joseph ----IllegibleFF-55  
Herr Adaline 18281828FF-56  
J.K. --------FF-57  
Herr John IllegibleIllegibleFF-58  
Herr Mary Ann Feb. 1808March 1855 ?FF-59  
Fiscel Susan72 yrs----Feb. 28, 1865GG-1My Mother 
Fissel Elizabeth74 yrs18101884GG-2  
Charles John68yrs 2
mo. 17dys
June 7, 1809Aug. 24, 1877GG-3  
Charles Elizabeth66yrs 6
mo 25dys
May 23, 1815Dec. 18, 1881GG-3Wife of John Charles 
Charles Elizabeth --------GG-4Baby 
Illegible2yrs 11
mo 3 dys
IllegibleMarch 1811GG-5Baby 
Herr John49yrs 8
mo 1dy
----March 2, 1848GG-6  
Herr Charlotte48yrs----Nov. 5, 1849GG-6Wife of John Herr 
Herr Charlotte2yrs 11
mo. 2dys
----IllegibleGG-7Daughter of John 
Charles Joseph Sept. 28, 18041839 ?GG-8  
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleGG-9  
Habecker John 17951869GG-10Father 
Habecker Elizabeth 17981843GG-10Mother 
Habecker Ann17yrs 22dys----Sept. 27, 1834GG-11  
Habecker Jacob ----IllegibleGG-12  
S.D.C. --------GG-13  
Charles John5mo. 11 dys ----Oct. 1838GG-14  
Illegible ----IllegibleGG-15  
Illegible ----IllegibleGG-16  
Charles Albert ----18?9GG-17  
Charles Anna55yrs 7
mo 8 dys
----Feb. 8, 183?GG-18  
Charles Josiah 17671801GG-19  
Illegible ----IllegibleGG-20  
Charles Cassandra17yrs----June 7, 1819GG-21  
Charles Abner ----Jan. 20, 1822GG-22  
J.C. --------GG-23  
Charles Elizabeth24yrs----1831GG-24  
Charles Abel R. Jan. 11, 1808Oct. 31, 1834GG-25  
Charles Timothy26yrs 8
mos. 9dys
Nov. 20, 1811July 29, 1838GG-26  
Markley Caroline ----IllegibleHH-1Wife of Geo. L. Markley 
Fishel Henry June 20, 1810Jan. 12, 1888HH-2  
Fishel Mary W. Aug. 28, 1816Jan. 17, 1878HH-2 Maiden Name - Frey
Fishel Anna M. May 22, 1846Dec. 1, 1849HH-2  
Fishel Caroline April 6, 1848Dec. 2, 1849HH-2  
Fishel Eve59yrs 6
mo 7dys
June 12, 1792Dec. 19, 1851HH-3   
Fishel George Feb. 22, 1810March 16, 1850HH-4   
E.S. --------HH-5  
Illegible --------HH-6  
B.W. --------HH-7  
U.D.S. --------HH-8  
M.K. --------HH-9  
Kise James --------HH-10203rd Pa. Inf. Co. H. Click for Civil War Record
Sherick Joseph 18591860HH-11  
Sherick Ann3yrs 11
mo 22dys
----Sept. 16, 1851HH-12  
Sherick Susanna --------HH-13  
Sherick Henry17 yrs--------HH-14  
Illegible --------HH-15  
Illegible --------HH-16  
Illegible ----IllegibleHH-17  
Sherick Margaret ----March 29, 1815HH-18  
Sherick Paul ----IllegibleHH-19  
Sherick Elizabeth68yrs 6
mo. 20dys
March 6, 1824Sept. 26, 1892HH-20Wife of Paul Sherick 
Sherick Samuel --------HH-21  
E.S. --------HH-22  
Mellinger Eli. S.72yrs 11
mo 19dys
July 20, 1837July 9, 1910HH-23 Click for Civil War Record
Mellinger Barbara47yrs 8
mo 12 dys
Dec. 13, 1801Aug. 25 1849HH-24Wife of John MellingerMaiden Name - Bott
Mellinger John Feb. 8, 1795Nov. 29, 1837HH-25  
Mellinger Elizabeth73yrs 2
mo. 18dys
Jan.. 7, 1777April 25, 1850HH-26Wife of ChristianMaiden Name Brubaker
Mellinger Christian78yrsSept. 5, 1762Dec. 20, 1840HH-27  
Mellinger Barbara32yrsJune 13, 1817June 25, 1849HH-28Daughter of Christian & Elizabeth Mellinger 
Mellinger Elizabeth48yrs 6
mo 2 dys
April 10, 1804Oct. 12, 1852HH-29  
Mellinger Susan April 19, 1809May 8, 1855HH-30Wife of DavidMellingerMaiden Name - Mellinger
A.C. --------HH-31  
C.C. --------HH-32  
J.J.C. --------HH-33  
Illegible --------HH-34  
J.H. --------HH-35  
Illegible --------HH-36  
A.M. --------II-1  
M.H.M. --------II-2  
Miller David Dec. 1, 1824June 23, 1864II-3  
Miller Mary Hougendobler April 8, 1825Jan. 26, 1911II-3His Wife 
Miller Abraham B. April 6, 1854Sept. 29, 1855II-3Son of David and Mary Miller 
Miller Alice Feb. 10, 1857June 15, 1874II-3  
Waters Florence Miller Feb. 10, 1857Oct. 13, 1882II-3  
D.M. --------II-4  
Miller Abraham B. April 6, 1854Sept. 29, 1855II-5  
? Margaret 1803186?II-6  
Beitz Catharine Jan. 15, 1782Oct. 16, 1869II-7Wife of George Beitz 
Beitz George 17861859II-8  
Illegible --------II-9  
Illegible --------II-10  
Illegible --------II-11  
Illegible --------II-12  
E.O. --------II-13  
Kise J. --------II-14  
Kise M. --------II-15  
Illegible --------II-16  
J.G.S. --------II-17  
A.D.S. --------II-18  
Evans Henry M.8mo 28dys----Oct. 10, 1859II-19Child of John & Martha 
Lewvellyn ----Nov. 14, 1819II-20  
Ann ----Jan. 19, 1841II-21  
Evans Jacob March 16, 1844IllegibleII-22Son of John & Martha Evans 
Manning Jacob82yrs 23dysSept. 17, 1791Oct. 12, 1873II-23  
Manning Magdalena46yrsFeb. 1, 1793Aug. 25, 1839II-24Wife of Jacob ManningMaiden Name - Kready
Illegible --------II-25  
Rupley Susan4mo----IllegibleII-26Daughter of George & Nancy 
Rupley Nancy ----1842II-27  
Rupley Catharine ----1839II-28Wife 
Rupley George57yrs----Aug. 1814II-29  
Browmiller Elizabeth74yrs 11mosMay 7, 1816April 7, 1891 II-30  
Aumit Henry --------II-31Co. E. 35th Pa. Inf. Click for Civil War Record
M.S. --------II-32  
Illegible --------II-33  
H.S.J. --------II-34  
Illegible --------II-35  
C.W.S. --------II-36  
S.C.S. --------II-37  
C.K. --------II-38  
M.S. --------II-39  
L.B.S. --------II-40  
J.T.F. --------II-41  
J.W. --------II-42  
Illegible --------II-43  
A.J.O. --------II-44  
Neff Hendrich 17491821II-45  
Neff ?73yrs 10
mo 3 dys
1752Feb. 1826II-46   
Neff Daniel IllegibleIllegibleII-47Son of Henry Neff 
Neff John IllegibleIllegibleII-48Son of Daniel & Nancy 
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleII-49   
Kauffman Elizabeth8? Yrs----March 8, 1877 II-50  
Dunlap Fanny IllegibleIllegibleII-51Daughter of Daniel & Nancy Neff 
Neff Anna 17521826II-52  
Neff Illegible Illegible1831II-53  
Neff Nancy IllegibleIllegibleII-54Wife of Daniel NeffMaiden Name - Stoner
Reese Catharine86yrs----April 6, 1900JJ-1  
M.S. --------JJ-2  
C.M. --------JJ-3  
? John3yrs 1dyMarch 5, 1847March 6, 1850JJ-4Son of Jacob ? 
S.S. --------JJ-5  
J.F. --------JJ-6  
Steiner Hannah M. Aug. 1818IllegibleJJ-7  
Father --------JJ-8  
Stauffer Abraham K.58yrs 11mo----Sept. 27, 1898JJ-9Co.I 23rd Reg. Pa. Volunteers Click for Civil War Record
Stauffer Christian D.3mo 22dys--------JJ-9Baby 
Stauffer Caroline D. ----IllegibleJJ-9Baby 
Stauffer Mary J.83yrs 10
mo 4dys
----May 25, 1927JJ-9  
R.C. --------JJ-10  
M.S. --------JJ-11  
Shartzer Samuel --------JJ-12  
Shartzer Preston --------JJ-13  
Shartzer George --------JJ-14  
Shartzer Elizabeth40yrs 8
mo 17dys
June 25, 1810March 11, 1851JJ-15Wife of Samuel Shartzer and Widow of George Fry 
Fry George Jan. 13, 1799Feb. 16, 1840JJ-16Father 
Ulrich Catharine Dec. 8, 1849Aug. 23, 1850JJ-17  
Fry John77yrsMay 13, 1774April 18, 1852JJ-18  
M.S. --------JJ-19  
C.H. --------JJ-20  
Illegible --------JJ-21  
W.H. --------JJ-22  
Kise Henry F.34yrs----June 23, 1890JJ-23 
W.C. --------JJ-24  
C.U. --------JJ-25  
Jennie --------JJ-26  
Illegible --------JJ-27  
Illegible --------JJ-28  
Greenawalt Ann40yrsJan. 18121852JJ-29Wife of Joseph Greenawalt 
Greenawalt Catharine1yr 10moJuly 11, 1851May 26, 1853JJ-30Daughter of Joseph & Ann 
Greenawalt Horace1mo----Nov. 29, 1846JJ-31Son of Joseph & Ann 
Greenawalt Susan Ann ----IllegibleJJ-32Daughter of Joseph & Ann  
M.M.O. --------JJ-33  
Illegible ---- ----JJ-34  
J.C. --------JJ-35  
Illegible --------JJ-36  
A.E.E. --------JJ-37  
C.O. --------JJ-38  
Illegible --------JJ-39  
D.N. --------JJ-40  
N.N. --------JJ-41  
C.B.M. --------KK-1  
? Barbara82yrs----Oct. 11, 1861KK-2Wife of John ? 
Illegible --------KK-3  
C.W.R. --------KK-4  
S.M.S. --------KK-5  
B.C.S. --------KK-6  
Illegible --------KK-7  
H.L. --------KK-8  
C.L. --------KK-9  
C.C. --------KK-10  
M.P.S. --------KK-11  
Illegible --------KK-12  
Illegible --------KK-13  
S.D. --------KK-14  
? Bertha ---- IllegibleKK-15  
Illegible --------KK-16  
Illegible --------KK-17  
Illegible --------KK-18  
Illegible --------KK-19  
Illegible --------KK-20  
Gehr John M. Nov. 9, 1873April 26, 1926KK-21  
Gehr Israel F. May 18, 1840March 13, 1911KK-22Father - Pa. Vol. Inf. Co. H. 203 Reg. Click for Civil War Record
Gehr Elmira ----May 26, 1881KK-23 Maiden Name - Mellinger
Gehr John Erhard June. 5, 1798Sept. 22, 1868KK-24  
Gehr Christianna 18101865KK-25 Maiden Name Falck
Gehr Christian IllegibleIllegibleKK-26Died in Childhood 
Gehr Joseph IllegibleIllegibleKK-27Died in Childhood 
Gehr Aaron IllegibleIllegibleKK-28Died in Childhood 
Illegible --------KK-29  
D.B. --------KK-30  
C.B. --------KK-31  
Illegible --------KK-32  
J.J.M. --------KK-33  
E.L. --------KK-34  
D.L. --------KK-35  
Illegible --------KK-36  
M.M. H. --------KK-37  
A.I.K. --------KK-38  
C.K.D. --------KK-39  
K.B. --------KK-40  
L.Y. --------KK-41  
A.B. --------KK-42  
K.M.M. --------KK-43  
L.O. --------KK-44  
S.B.U. --------KK-45  
C.W. --------KK-46  
Eshbach Ada E.1yr 8
mo 14dys
----May 14, 1915KK-47Daughter of Albert & Catharine 
E.F. --------KK-48  
Roadaker Mary J. Sept. 14, 1858April 19, 1909KK-49Wife of Charles S. Kise 
Illegible --------KK-50  
Illegible --------KK-51  
Illegible --------KK-52  
M.M. --------KK-53  
A.M. --------KK-53  
McLane William 18191881LL-1  
McLane Susan 18231865LL-1  
McLane Sarah  18491899LL-1Wife of William McLane Jr. 
Strawbridge Byron Clifton IllegibleIllegibleLL-2Son of Amanda Strawbridge 
Illegible --------LL-3  
Strawbridge Elizabeth IllegibleIllegibleLL-4Wife of Jacob 
D.B. --------LL-5  
Illegible --------LL-6  
M.B. --------LL-7  
C.B. --------LL-8  
Illegible --------LL-9  
Shartzer ? --------LL-10  
? Henry H. IllegibleIllegibleLL-11  
? Mary April 1786April 15, 1877LL-12Wife of Owen ? 
House Jehu75----Oct. 5, 1858LL-13  
House Esther S.67 April 4, 1853LL-14  
Barge George 17981844LL-15  
Barge Anna 18011861LL-15  
Barge Samuel 18301863LL-15  
Barge Benjemin 18291865LL-15  
Barge David 18341893LL-15  
Barge Elizabeth 18371903LL-15  
Cramer Jacob --------LL-16Co. G 9th Pa. Cav. 1895 Click for Civil War Record
C.B. --------LL-17  
C.M. --------LL-18  
M.B.K. --------LL-19  
Illegible --------LL-20  
C.R. --------LL-21  
Illegible --------LL-22  
E.M. --------LL-23  
B.M. --------LL-24  
N.M. --------LL-25  
S.L. --------LL-26  
Illegible --------LL-27  
A.C. --------LL-28  
Eves Frances D. 18591912MM-1DaughterMaiden Name - Douglas
Douglas Howard H.1yr 5
mo. 14dys
----March 17, 1897MM-2Son of J.B. & Emma Douglas 
Douglas James57yrs 8
mo 15dys
July 11, 1808Oct. 29, 1865MM-3  
Douglas Fanny H. Nov. 24, 1811Feb. 2, 1896MM-4 Maiden Name Holman
Strawbridge Harry D.21yrs 9
mo. 8dys
----Sept. 16, 1883MM-5Son of Israel & Elizabeth Strawbridge 
Strawbirdge William B. Sept. 28, 1836July 19, 1876MM-6Son of Israel & Elizabeth Strawbridge 
Bitner Mary72yrs 7
mo. 19dys
Oct. 25, 1798June 12, 1870MM-7Wife of David Bitner 
Bitner Daniel April 4, 1801Feb. 15, 1872MM-8Our Father 
Bitner Catharine Aug. 31, 1796Sept. 4, 1876MM-9Our Mother 
Singer Albert D.3yrs 6moSept. 29,1866April 21, 1870MM-10Son of Benjamin & Catharine Singer 
Singer Joseph IllegibleIllegibleMM-11Son of Benjamin & Catharine Singer 
Singer Samuel C. IllegibleIllegibleMM-12Son of Benjamin & Catharine Singer 
Illegible --------MM-13  
M.M.O. --------MM-14  
Illegible --------MM-15  
Brooks Elizabeth54yrs----Nov. 21, 1875MM-16 Maiden Name - Poist
Collins Jacob IllegibleIllegibleMM-17  
Collins Elizabeth6yrs 28dys----April 20, 1850MM-18Daughter of Jacob & Elizabeth Collins 
Collins Sarah Delorus10 yrs----April 21, 1850MM-19Daughter of Jacob & Elizabeth Collins 
Collins Jerome ----Jan. 17, 1850MM-20Son of Jacob & Elizabeth Collins 
? Mary M. IllegibleIllegibleMM-21  
Snyder Mary81yrs 7
mo 6dys
Dec. 1, 1795July 16, 1877MM-22Wife of Daniel Snyder 
Snyder Daniel IllegibleMay 1869MM-23  
Shuman Mary Ann7yrs 9moJune 19, 183?April 6, 184?MM-24  
Bauchman Anna75yrs 4
mo. 10 dys
----March 26, 1839MM-25Consort of Christian Bauchman 
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleMM-26  
? S. --------MM-27  
Wright Christian50yrs 1
mo 26dys
17841834MM-28Consort of Joseph Wright 
Wright Joseph67yrs1771Dec. 2, 1838MM-29  
Illegible --------MM-30  
? K. --------MM-31  
L.S. --------MM-32  
C.W. --------MM-33  
J.S. --------MM-34  
S.S. --------MM-35  
Illegible --------MM-36  
Illegible --------MM-37  
Kauffman Elizabeth ----IllegibleMM-38Wife of Michael KauffmanMaiden Name - Brenneman
Kauffman Rebecca21 yrs----March 25, 1835MM-39Wife of Michael KauffmanMaiden Name - Brenner
Kauffman Michael Feb. 11, 1810Oct. 22, 1856MM-40  
Roberts Mary A.32yrs 10
mo 5 dys
Aug. 26, 1845July 3, 1878NN-1Wife of George II Roberts 
Roberts George W.7 yrsMarch 15, 1869Oct. 2, 1876NN-2Son of George II & Mary A. 
Roberts Carl W.1yr 5moMay 20, 1877Nov. ? 1878NN-3Early Saved - Son of George II & Mary Roberts 
Roberts Horrace2yrs 10moOct. 27, 1875Sept. 22, 1878NN-4Son of George II & Mary Roberts 
Shertzer D. W. 18221896NN-5  
Agnes 18681870NN-6  
Katie 1866IllegibleNN-7  
Shartzer Samuel58 yrs 3
mo 11dys
Sept. 11, 1811Dec. 22, 1869NN-8Father 
Shartzer Mary26yrs 1
mo 5dys
Feb. 10 1817Jan. 5, 1843NN-9Mother- Wife of Samuel 
Shertzer George W.20yrs 10
mo 16dys
May 21, 1858April 7, 1879NN-10  
Shertzer Harry20 yrs----April 1871NN-11  
Shertzer Matilda53yrs 7
mo 9dys
July 7, 1817Feb. 16, 1870NN-12Wife of John Shertzer 
Shertzer Samuel B.24yrs 9
mo 16 dys
Saylor David 18131882NN-14Father 
Saylor Margaretta B. 18231900NN-14Mother 
Saylor Jesse T. 18631925NN-14Husband 
Saylor Emma J. 18661939NN-14Wife 
Saylor Ethel M. 18891949NN-14Daughter 
Saylor George B. 18441849NN-14  
Saylor Charles C. 18551856NN-14  
Saylor Herman G. 18501925NN-14  
Kent James H. --------NN-14 Husband of E.M. Saylor
Walk Fannie57yrs ?
mo 25dys
IllegibleIllegibleNN-15  Maiden Name - Funk
Walk Christian85yrs 4
mo 14dys
IllegibleMay 29, 1892NN-16   
C.W. --------NN-17  
F.W. --------NN-18  
Walk John 18181856NN-19  
Walk Christian 18111819NN-20Son of John Walk 
Walk Mary Ann 18181819NN-21  
E.O. --------NN-22  
Martin Pheobe Ann Jan. 12, 1837March 24, 1910NN-23Mother 
Mellin Elizabeth60yrs 5
mo 18dys
Sept. 11, 1797March 1, 1858NN-24  
Mellin Wiliam June 18, 1832Aug. 20, 1851NN-25  
Stener Henrich38yrs 4
mo 3dys
----April 1823NN-26  
Walk Christian 17771851NN-27  
S.W. --------NN-28  
A.W. --------NN-29  
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleNN-30 Written in German
Shertzer Mary78 yrsFeb. 18, 1794April 13, 1872OO-1Our MotherMaiden Name Dunkle
Shertzer David82yrs
8 mo
June 10, 1791March 4, 1874OO-1Father  
Mellinger Henry62yrs 5
mo 11dys
Oct. 21, 1825April 5, 1888OO-2  
Mellinger Mary34yrs 7
mo 10dys
----April 8, 1863OO-2Wife of Henry Mellinger 
Mellinger Adeline2 mo.----Feb. 29, 1852OO-2Daughter of Henry & Mary 
Mellinger Sarah Ann20yrs 7
mo 15dys
----Sept. 14, 1873OO-2Daughter of Henry & Mary 
Mellinger William27yrs 5
mo 15dys
----July 27, 1888OO-2Son of Henry & Mary 
Father --------OO-3  
Mother --------OO-4  
S.M. --------OO-5  
Mellinger Susan Dec. 8, 1854Oct. 31, 1937OO-6Daughter of Henry & Abigail  
Mellinger Catharine Aug. 28, 1804July 29, 1876OO-7Wife of Christian 
Mellinger Christian March 2, 1797IllegibleOO-8  
Ortman Hettie ----1871OO-9 Daughter of John & Mina
Ortman Mina M.4yrs 6
mo 10dys
----March 18, 1888OO-10Daughter of John & Kate 
Ortman John June 5, 1844Nov. 11, 1917OO-11Father 
Ortman Mina M.20yrs 10
mo 20dys
----June 26, 1878OO-12Wife of John OrtmanMaiden Name - Moore
Ortman Kate Levina Oct. 13, 1859Dec. 20, 1945OO-13Wife of John OrtmanMaiden Name - Moore
Newcomer Tobias C.71yrs 9moMarch 17, 1840Dec. 17, 1911OO-14  
Newcomer Sarah B.36yrs 14dysJune 26, 1846July 10, 1882OO-14Wife of Tobias NewcomerMaiden Name - Taylor
Newcomer Illegible ----March 1883OO-15  
Newcomer Albert ----IllegibleOO-15  
Newcomer Tobias M.22yrs 4
mo 25dys
Aug. 26, 1872Jan. 21, 1895OO-15  
Allison Elizabeth13yrs 11
mo 28dys
1869March 26, 1883OO-16Daughter of Jacob & Catharine Allison 
Kline Callie June 1854July 1874OO-17Wife of Henry B. Kline 
Kline Anna ----IllegibleOO-18Wife of Henry Kline 
Kline Henry54 yrs18081863OO-19  
Kline Milton B. IllegibleIllegibleOO-20 Click for Civil War Record
U.E.O. --------OO-21  
Brush Sarah43yrs 5
mo 25dys
----Feb. 11, 1840OO-22Wife of George G. Brush 
Brush George G.79yrs----Feb. 2, 1873OO-22  
Mary Jane2yrs----IllegibleOO-23  
Amanda6 yrs----Aug. 1810OO-24  
George1 mo.----IllegibleOO-25  
Sarah Ann7 mo----IllegibleOO-26  
Brush George5 mo----IllegibleOO-27  
Brush Joseph G. ----IllegibleOO-28  
Illegible --------OO-29  
Illegible --------OO-30  
B.B.M. --------OO-31  
Green Wm. --------OO-32Co. I, 23rd Pa. Inf. Click for Civil War Record
Illegible --------OO-33  
Illegible --------OO-34  
Illegible --------OO-35  
Illegible --------OO-36  
Illegible --------OO-37  
Bietz Elizabeth69 yrs 8dys----Feb. 17, 1828OO-38Wife of George Bietz 
Walton Reese B.47yrs 1mo 21dys July 5, 1906PP-1  
Walton Barbara 18601921PP-2  
Walton Emily L.2yrs 4mo 23 dys May 24, 1902PP-3Daughtyer of Barbara 
Walton Reese B.2yrs 6mo 26 dys  July 25, 1887PP-4Son of Barbara & Reese Walton 
Funk Joseph50 yrs10 mo.June 17, 1836May 5, 1887PP-5   
Shertzer Claustin F. 18571938PP-6  
Shertzer Sarah Elizabeth 18571925PP-6His Wife 
Shertzer Jennie H. 18781881PP-6  
Shertzer Raymond H. 18861886PP-6  
Shertzer Ralph C. 18911891PP-6  
Illegible IllegibleIllegiblePP-7  
Kise John O. 186019--PP-8  
Kise Susan E. 18631911PP-8His WifeMaiden Name - Lee
Kise John 18881911PP-8  
Kise Raymond 18901895PP-8  
Kise Carrie 18971900PP-8  
Kise Ambrose 18951897PP-8  
Heitz Dorothy C. Feb. 23, 1921Feb. 18, 1923PP-9Dauighter of Carrie E. Heitz 
Kline B. B. --------PP-10Co. K 9th Pa. Cav.Click for Civil War Record
Ortman Elizabeth Aug. 14, 1844June 6, 1913PP-11Mother Maiden Name - Newberry
Ortman Levi March 20, 1840Sept. 23, 1912PP-12Father  
Ortman Andrew J.21yrs 3 mo 4 dysJune 1867Nov. 13, 1888PP-13Son of Levi & Elizabeth Ortman 
Ortman William L. Nov. 27, 1878May 21, 1919PP-14  
Fishel Emanuel 78 yrs Jan. 3, 1895PP-15  
Fishel Marilla March 22, 182?June 1, 1890PP-15  
M.R. --------PP-16  
Roberts Mary63 yrs Jan. 21, 1869PP-17Wife of Edward 
Stoner Milton --------PP-18Co. E 55th Pa. Inf.Click for Civil War Record
Brush John A. Feb. 9, 1825Jan. 22, 1895PP-19Father 
E. Shertzer Brush Feb. 2, 1828Sept. 6, 1867PP-19Mother 
Brush John A.1mo 21dysFeb. 9, 1851March 30, 1851PP-21Child of John A. & Elizabeth Shertzer Brush 
Brush Francis Oct. 23, 1856Jan. 23, 1858PP-21Child of John A. & Elizabeth Shertzer Brush 
Brush David1yr 9mo? 18, 1866March 3, 1868PP-22Child of John A. & Elizabeth Shertzer Brush 
Brush Hattie3yrs 2dysJuly 15, 1874July 17, 1877PP-23Child of John A. & Elizabeth Shertzer Brush 
Eberly Sarah A. April 12, 1812Aug. 26, 1879PP-24Wife of Jacob B. Eberly 
H.E.K. --------PP-25  
A.K.27yrs 6mo 1dy April 25, 1840PP-26   
Entremain ? Edward27yrs 6mo 1 dy April 25, 1840PP-27Of Lindly, Stueben County, N.Y. 
Miles John Jan. 12, 1801Jan. 26, 1837PP-28  
Miles Elizabeth June 13, 1811Jan. 11, 1886PP-28Wife of John 
Kaley Hannah ----April 28, 1850PP-28  
Wild Annie Feb. 15, 1829March 15, 1908PP-28  
Wild Louis Sept. 9, 1825Sept. 9, 1852PP-28Son of L. & Al Wild 
Wild Freeman Oct. 2, 1852Ot. 6, 1882PP-28Son of L. & Al Wild 
J.M. --------PP-29  
E.M. --------PP-29  
F.W. --------PP-30  
H.K. --------PP-30  
L.W. --------PP-30  
Miles Marion M. July 14, 1844July 27, 1926PP-31Mother 
Cover Maud Jan. 8, 1868April 30, 1949PP-32MotherMaiden Name - Steiner
Illegible --------PP-33  
D.H. --------PP-34  
Olds George IllegibleIllegiblePP-35  
Olds Christian IllegibleIllegiblePP-36  
Illegible IllegibleIllegiblePP-37  
G.B.S. --------PP-38  
Illegible IllegibleIllegiblePP-39  
Sangrey Howard B. Jan. 2, 1884March 10, 1916QQ-1  
Wertz Sara B. 18611920QQ-2 Maiden Name - Brush
Staman Jacob Jan. 17, 1817Oct. 8, 1894QQ-3  
Staman Veronica Stoner Nov. 21, 1820July 9, 1915QQ-3His Wife  
Staman Josephine Dec. 13, 1851May 3, 1928QQ-3  
Mother --------QQ-4  
Young Serena ----1899QQ-5MotherMaiden Name Linkey
Young Franklin ----1907QQ-5Father Click for Civil War Record
Young Jennie L.22 yrs----Aug. 7, 1905QQ-5Child of Franklin and Serena Young 
Young Henry L.18 yrs 3
mo 23dys
 Dec. 3, 1882QQ-5Child of Franklin and Serena Young 
Young Amanda5 mo. July 19, 1882QQ-5Child of Franklin and Serena Young 
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleQQ-6  
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleQQ-7  
H.L.Y. --------QQ-8  
A.Y. --------QQ-9  
J.L..Y.. --------QQ-10  
Aldinger Martha W. Sept. 9, 1879May 4, 1947QQ-11 Maiden Name - Young
Green Joseph Sept. 9, 1845Oct. 12, 1933QQ-12  Click for Civil War Record
Green Barbara Sept. 17, 1845Jan. 31, 1920QQ-12 Maiden Name Markley
Bitner Charles M. Aug. 20, 1861Jan. 25, 1919QQ-13   
G. --------QQ-14  
Shultz William K.58 yrs 4mo 27dys----Dec. 27, 1915QQ-15  
Shultz Annie N.38yrs 8mo 2dys----Aug. 29, 1893QQ-15  
Shultz Jennie N. 10 mo 19dys----Aug. 19, 1882   
Shultz Mary N.1yr 8mo 13dys----Jan. 4, 1891QQ-15  
Shultz Katharine41yrs 2mo 11dys----Aug. 14, 1900QQ-16Mother - Wife of B.K. ShultzMaiden Name - Charles
Shultz Benjamin Jan. 4, 1851Nov. 1, 1924QQ-17Father 
Shuman Jacob B. 18041898QQ-18  
Shuman Fannie B. 18111889QQ-18 Maiden Name - Urban
Shuman Mary S. 18381894   
Shuman J.L. --------QQ-19 Julius L.
French Jesse T.62yrs 2mo 25dys----March 30,. 1893QQ-20  
E.K.W. --------QQ-21  
Johnson Regina IllegibleIllegibleQQ-22Wife of John Johnson 
Sibert George IllegibleIllegibleQQ-23  
Olds Ezra 17901825QQ-24  
Olds Barbara Feb. 19, 17921864QQ-25  
McLane Jacob K. 18641922RR-1  
McLane Minerva A. 18681934RR-1His Wife 
Mother --------RR-2  
Lawrence Jacob H.84yrs 9mo 6dysNov. 7, 1847Aug. 28, 1932RR-3 Father 
Lawrence S. Alice39yrs 8mo 4dysApril 23, 1854Dec. 27, 1893RR-4Wife of Jacob Lawrence 
Cover William 18561931RR-5  
Cover Barbara E. 18561890RR-5His Wife 
Brenner Catharine O.60yrs----Dec. 3, 1905RR-6 Maiden Name - Ortman
Brenner Illegible11 yrs----March 5, 1893RR-6  
Brenner Illegible ----IllegibleRR-6  
Brenner Illegible ----IllegibleRR-6  
Mother --------RR-7  
Willis Katie --------RR-8  
Willie --------RR-9  
Ortman Joseph H.69 yrs1 dy18531922RR-10Father  
Ortman Annie E.87yrs 3mo 29dys18571945R-11Mother Maiden Name - Hutters
A.K. --------RR-12  
Kinsey Daniel67yrs 2mo 4dys----April 22, 1916RR-13  
Kise Anna Kinsey74yrs 8mo 5dys----Nov. 2, 1927RR-13  
Kinsey Lillian9mo17dys----Nov. 28, 1872RR-13  
Miller John W. 18551930RR-14  
Miller Catherine May 18611893RR-14His Wife 
Miller Illegible IllegibleIllegibleRR-15Child of John & Katie 
Miller Anna Mary8dys----May 6, 1900RR-16Daughter of John W. & Rosa Ann Miller 
Miller Rosa Anna Dec. 9, 1860Nov. 13, 1926RR-17Wife of John W. Miller 
Brush George B. Nov. 4, 1863Dec. 27, 1947RR-18  
Brush Ida D. March 21, 1863Aug. 4, 1943RR-18His WifeMaiden Name - Boyd
Brush Harvey 18491943RR-19Father 
Brush Lydia A. 18491907RR-19MotherMaiden Name - Wissler
Brush Frank F. 18731912RR-19  
Brush Charley 18761877RR-19  
Funderburk J. June Brush 18871971RR-20Daughter 
Sangrey Christian H. 18531901RR-21  
Sangrey Mary Brush 18601947RR-22Mother 
Sangrey John B. 18811920RR-23Father 
Sangrey Greta B. 18831976RR-23MotherMaiden Name - Brown
Sangrey Olive Brush 18791950RR-24  
Lee Mary Myers 19041951RR-25  
Myers Edna Sangrey 18871907RR-26Wife Of Rev. W.E. Myers, Bueno Aires, Argentine Rep 
Sangrey Minerva Brush 18881917RR-26London, England 
Charles Laura B. 18521945RR-27 Maiden Name - Brush
Kane Alice J. Aug. 22, 1861April 19, 1916SS-1Mother 
Kane Albert April 4, 1860Sept. 1, 1935SS-2Father 
Solly William H. --------SS-3Co. I 104th Pa. Vol. 1896 Click for Civil War Record
Kaley W. G.. March 30, 1873Oct. 4, 1961SS-4  
Kaley Fannie S. Sept. 22, 1873Feb. 2, 1952SS-4His WifeMaiden Name - Warner
Kaley Anna Irene July 2, 1896Nov. 11, 1897SS-4Daughter 
Father --------SS-5  
Heisley Alfred B. May 14, 1861Oct. 27, 1936SS-6  
Heisley Mabel M. Dec. 7, 188?July 16, 1888SS-6Daughter of Alfred & Lille Heisley 
Heisley Lillie Sept. 13, 1866Feb. 3, 1944SS-6Wife of Alfred B.Maiden Name Steiner
Shultz Lizzie June 9, 1894March 9, 1900SS-7Sister 
Young Mary E. 18711951SS-8  
Young Benjamin C. 18671948SS-8  
Young Lydia E. 18971897SS-8Daughter 
Carman Samuel W. Feb. 2, 1858August 8, 1936SS-9  
Carman Carrie L.11yrs 10 dys----May 4, 1896SS-10Daughter of S.W. & R.J.  
Carman William S. Aug. 7, 1882Feb. 23, 1901SS-11Son of S.W. & Rebecca J. 
C.L.C. --------SS-12  
Carman Rebecca J. March 1, 1861Oct. 1, 1939SS-13 Maiden Name - Snyder
McLane Albert K. 18571943SS-14  
McLane Mary Jane 18601944SS-14  
McLane Illegible IllegibleIllegibleSS-15  
Urban Sylvester B. 18371914SS-16Father 
Urban Sarah M. 18401922SS-16Mother 
Urban Elmer E.65yrs 6
mo 11 dys
----Feb. 9, 1927SS-17   
Illegible IllegibleIllegibleSS-18  
Urban Adaline2 yrs 6
mo 11 dys
IllegibleNov. 23, 1845SS-19Daughter of Nathenial & Anna 
Urban Anna 18201904SS-20  
Urban Nathaniel 18081896SS-20  
Cover Michael88yrs 6
mo 6 dys
----April 21, 1900SS-21Father  
Cover Rebecca 81 yrs 3
mo 18dys
----Jan. 9, 1904SS-21Mother Maiden Name Meisky
Hooven John Nov. 8, 1821Sept. 7, 1900SS-22  
Hooven Louisa May 12, 1819Sept. 10, 1901SS-22 Maiden Name Sittler
Lefevre Ellen44yrs 11
mo 16dys
----Dec. 16, 1903SS-23Mother - Wife of DavidMaiden Name - Hooven
Lefevre David I. April 11, 1854May 15, 1940SS-24Father 
Parker Francis P.77 yrs 5
mo 21dys
----Sept. 5, 1945SS-25  
Parker Elizabeth D.60 yrs 10
mo 13dys
----March 27, 1947SS-25  
Walk Elizabeth K.60yrs 6
mo 24dys
----April 5, 1917SS-26Mother Maiden Name - Klineyoung
Walk Jacob M.77yrs 22dys----May 2, 1931SS-27Father 
Smith Jeremiah A. Nov. 2, 2000Feb. 14, 2007SS-28Our Loving Son 
McLane Maria Sept. 8, 1826April 16, 1907TT-1  
Mclane Joseph H. Wilson June 20, 1845March 21, 1884TT-1    
McLane Elizabeth Fishel Jan. 2 1851May 12, 1920TT-1   
Duke Alice 18851962TT-2 Maiden Name - Myers
Duke Henry M. 18731962TT-2  
Duke Clara K.34yrs 3
mo 13dys
----April 26, 1906TT-3Wife of Henry DukeMaiden Name - Ortman
Shultz Samuel  18501932TT-4  
Shultz Edwin H. Feb. 28, 1873May 5, 1906TT-4  
Shultz Amelia Oct. 7, 1852Jan. 20,. 1916TT-4 Maiden Name - Cover
Kinsey Christian May 18, 1819March 30,. 1909TT-5   
Copeland Kate F. 18631909TT-6MotherMaiden Name Shaud
Copeland Levi E. 18641954TT-6Father 
Copeland Pvt. Harry R. 18901964TT-78th Co. 2nd TRBN 154th Depot Brigade W.W.IClick - World War I Record
? Ernest K.  IllegibleIllegibleTT-8Son of J.C. & G.S. 
Kise Isaac O. 18811911TT-9Father 
Shultz Mary E. Kise 18811956TT-10Mother 
Kise Mary E. 18821921TT-11Mother 
Kise Wilbur D. 19041921TT-11Son 
Manning Mary R. 18911914TT-12 Maiden Name - Parker
Manning Willis A. 18891973TT-12  
Mann Mary E. 19121914TT-13  
Mann Alberta I 19171918TT-13  
Mann Ida Bradley Sept. 30, 1889March 7, 1942TT-14Mother 
Mann Albert P. May 10, 1882Dec. 10, 1944TT-15Father 
Douglas James B. Dec. 26, 1843Jan. 24, 1915TT-16  
Wertz John H. Jan. 16, 1868----TT-17  
Wertz Sallie F. Aug. 30, 1857March 11, 1921TT-17 Maiden Name - Hickey
Father --------TT-18  
Mother --------TT-19  
Wife --------TT-20  
Husband --------TT-21  
Mann Amos G.72yrs 2
mo 6dys
----Nov. 21, 1920TT-22  
Mann Barbara A.64yrs 4
mo 29 dys
----Aug. 29, 1915TT-22Wife of Amos MannMaiden Name - Kise
Brill George F. 18861936TT-22  
Brill Mary M. 18891969TT-22 Maiden Name - Mann
Kise Geo. F.71 yrs----May 25, 1945TT-22  
Kise Annie M.52yrs 2
mo 20 dys
----Feb. 13, 1923TT-22  
Father --------TT-23  
Mother --------TT-24  
Henry Effie S. 18861917FF-25Wife of Jonas HenryMaiden Name - Kise
Yaley Amos July 21, 1865Sept. 20, 1942 TT-26  
Yaley Kathryn B. Jan. 30, 1863Feb. 18, 1916TT-26His WifeMaiden Name - Bitner
Kise Harvey L. 18871952TT-27Husband 
Shuman B. U. 18341916TT-28FatherBenjamin Urban
Hickey Anna M. Jan. 2, 1936Feb. 16, 1917TT-29 Maiden Name - Douglas
Walk Elma C.4mo 26 dys----Oct. 17, 1918TT-30Daughter of Harry & Anna K. Walk 
Shultz Jesse S. March 23, 1868July 27, 1919UU-1Father 
Shultz Florence K. May 9, 1875April 1, 1936UU-1MotherMaiden Name - Kane
Shultz Sarah Louise Feb. 2, 1896Aug. 9, 1917UU-1Wife 
Ortman Raymond G. Oct. 4, 1884Jan. 12, 1927UU-2  
Ortman Elizabeth M. Sept. 20, 1886Sept. 1 1960UU-2 Maiden Name - Markley
Ortman Blanch K.11yrs 3 mo 7dys----Sept. 24, 1917UU-2   
Ortman Edna M.1yrs 9 mo 5dys----Nov. 29, 1918UU-2   
Ortman Infant Son ----1920UU-2  
Bradley Susan E.1yrs 1 mo----Dec. 4, 1917UU-3Daughter of Harvey G. & Elva L. Bradley 
Bradley Harvey G. June 24, 1883Nov. 28, 1948UU-4  
Bradley Elva Lee Sept. 28, 1896June 6, 1949UU-4His Wife  
Father --------UU-5  
Cover David70yrs 3mo 7dys----Jan. 30, 1918UU-6   
Cover Catharine E.68yrs 1mo 5dys----Feb. 23, 1919UU-6  Maiden Name - Evans
Cover R.M. 18811884UU-6  
Carman G. W. --------UU-7 George William
Carman Clara B.51yrs 1mo 13dys----Feb. 1, 1918UU-7 Maiden Name - Brenner
Kauffman Josephine June 2, 1879April 29, 1918UU-8 Maiden Name - Ortman
Cover Harry H.28yrs 11mo 27dys ----Sept. 27, 1918UU-9Husband 
Edelman Mary S. 18901964UU-10  
Edelman Eva C. 18601918UU-11MotherMaiden Name - Shuman
Edelman William I. 18631938UU-12Father 
Lucas Ralph L. Nov. 11, 1912Oct. 24, 1918UU-13Son of William & Lena E. Lucas 
Lucas Clayton G. 18971979UU-14Pvt. U.S. Army W.W. I Click - World War I Record
Lucas William H. Aug. 31, 1871Nov. 16, 1954UU-15Father  
Lucas Lena E. Jan. 3, 1879March 16, 1933UU-15MotherMaiden Name - Snyder
Katie --------UU-16  
Willie --------UU-17  
Carman John Elmer Dec. 18, 1865 Dec. 31, 1945UU-18  
Carman Rachael Brenner Jan. 12, 1869Nov. 14, 1948UU-18  
Olewiler Harry I.22yrsNov. 1, 1896Oct. 30, 1918UU-19Son of John & Mary Olewiler 
Olewiler Mary E. Nov. 27, 1870July 29, 1937UU-20Mother 
Olewiler John B. April 13, 1869April 23, 1953UU-20Father 
Miller Samuel G. 18841954UU-21  
Miller Alice M. 18821956UU-21  
Miller Samuel R. 19231923UU-21  
Reynolds John W. 18781918UU-21  
Goodman Lloyd K. 18891954UU-22Father 
Goodman Estella S. 18921972UU-22MotherMaiden Name - Shaud
Goodman Irvin Edward 19181918UU-22  
Shaud John C. Sept. 11, 1871Dec. 21, 1928UU-23 Husband of Alice M. Ortman
Shultz Mr.+ Mrs. James H. --------VV-1  
Shultz James H. 18881921VV-2  
Shultz James H. Jr. 19151934VV-2  
Shultz Margaret H. 18901978VV-2  
Parker George E. Nov. 5, 1863April 12, 1921VV-3  
Parker Mary Ann 18621944VV-3  
Parker Joe S. March 1, 1890Nov. 5, 1929VV-3  
Kise Paul R. Sr. 18951969VV-4Son 
Kise Paris B. 18851919VV-4Son 
Kise Arthur G. 18531941VV-4Father 
Kise Margaret B. 18551933VV-4His WifeMaiden Name - Bitner
Kise Reuben May 24, 1857Nov. 20, 1920VV-5  
Kise Frances May 1, 1863Jan. 24, 1934VV-5His WifeMaiden Name - Walk
Shultz Chester F. 18781950VV-6  
Shultz Bessie Kise 18811957VV-6His Wife 
Hooven William B. 18511919VV-7  
Hooven Annie M. 18561941VV-7  
Stauffer John J. 18711941VV-8  
Stauffer Bertha M. 18711945VV-8His Wife 
Stauffer Ethel M. 18941952VV-8Daughter 
Kise Barbara E. 19011986VV-9  
Kise John H.53yrs 4
mo 4dys
----Nov. 25, 1920VV-10Father 
Kise Alice E.65yrs 3
mo 22dys
----Nov. 30,. 1938VV-11Mother Maiden Name - Olewiler
Jones Jacob W. 18931978VV-12Father 
Jones Marguerite H. 18991989VV-12Mothermaiden Name - Hines
Jones Paul W. 19221996VV-12Son 
Jones Catherine 19201921VV-12  
Jones James 19231923VV-12  
Ford John Jr. 19251925VV-12  
Shaud Amos Sept. 4, 1876Dec. 6, 1946VV-13Father 
Shaud Annie 18811936VV-13MotherMaiden Name - Brenneman
Klinger Theodore 18451924VV-14Co. E 175th Pa. Vol. Click for Civil War Record
Shultz Benjamin M. Dec. 11, 1880Feb 28, 1934VV-15   
Shultz Emma K. Sept. 10, 1882May 15, 1942VV-15His WifeMaiden Name - Klinger
Shultz Albert Oct. 25, 1863March 14, 1922VV-16  
Shultz Laura G. Feb. 18, 1870Oct. 29, 1937VV-16 Maiden Name - Green
Shultz J. Clyde Dec. 14, 1898Feb. 11, 1986VV-17  
Fishel Elwood Y. 18971971WW-1U.S. Army W.W. 1 Click - World War I Record
Funk Alice F.72yrs 10mo----Nov. 5, 1931WW-2   
Ward Roy J. 18841939WW-3 World War I Marker (unconfirmed:)
Ward Elsie L. --------WW-3  
Shultz Simon B. 18441925WW-4  
Shultz Ellen Brush 18541941WW-4  
Shultz Raymond B. June 26, 1888Feb. 4, 1962WW-5Pa. CPL Co. B. 1BN CWS WW1Click - World War I Record
Walk Noah B. 18941971WW-6 ?
Walk Rachael E. 18911927WW-6His WifeMaiden Name - Douglas
Hammaker Scott May 24, 1846May 26, 1925WW-7Co. K 195th Reg. Pa. Vol. Click for Civil War Record
Hammaker Annie Jan. 10, 1857----WW-7  
Charles Harry 18801925WW-8  
Charles Louisa A. 18561928WW-8Mother 
Wilson William B. 18751932WW-9  
Wilson Hettie A. 18781961WW-9His Wife 
Markley Phares 18841959WW-10  
Markley Leona J. Kise 19051926WW-10 Adopted Daughter
Markley Amanda Mae 18881966WW-10Mother 
Steiner Jacob76yrs 3
mo 5dys
Sept. 25, 1849Dec. 30, 1925WW-11  
Steiner Elmira73yrs 3
mo 27dys
Sept. 12, 1852Jan. 9, 1926WW-11His WifeMaiden Name - Burgess
Markley B.F. 18611936WW-12  
Markley Katherine 18621929WW-12His WifeMaiden Name Olewiler
Hooven Henry  Sept. 15, 1861----WW-13  
Hooven Caroline Aug. 29, 1854April 13, 1927WW-13 Maiden Name - Wall
Wall Jacob H. Oct. 25, 1859Nov. 22, 1927WW-14FatherHusband of Katharine
Steiner Kathryn G. 18791928WW-15MotherMaiden Name - Mann
Kise Charles G. 18611944WW-16Father 
Kise Georgianna 18611927WW-16MotherMaiden Name - Roadaker
Steiner Thomas 18511929WW-17Brother 
Henry Adeline June 25, 1911Jan. 31, 1958WW-18WifeMaiden Name - Stroble
Henry Charles Jan. 8, 1906April 9, 1982WW-18Husband 
Henry Jonas C. 18831929WW-19  
Henry Greta 18871937WW-19His WifeMaiden Name - Copeland
Kise Henry F. Oct. 29, 1848March 7, 1923WW-19a   
Kise Henry H. Nov. 30, 1868March 14, 1936WW-19a  
Kise Geo. O. 18631937WW-20  
Martin Annie85yrs 6
mo 8dys
----Sept. 14, 1927WW-21