First Settlers - Butler Co., Pa.

First Settlers In The Several Townships,
from the 1883 History of Butler County, p. 29-30.

'The definite dates of arrival of the first pioneers in each of the present subdivisions of the county have not all been preserved, but, in the list which we here present, they are stated in all cases of which we feel a resasonable certainty of their correctness. Where they do not occur, it may safely be inferred that the date was prior to 1800.'

Buffalo Twp. - George BELL, Robert ELLIOT, 1796; Benjamin SARVER, Joseph SIMMERS, John HARBISON, Robert CARSON, Thomas FLEMING.

Clinton Twp. - Patrick HARVEY was the first settler here, as well as the pioneer of Old Buffalo. He selected his land in 1793, cleared a small portion in 1794, and brought his family to the location in 1795. George STINCHCOMB and George PLANTS settled in 1796. Thomas WATSON, Revolutionary soldier, settled in 1797.

Middlesex Twp.- George HAYS, 1793; James HARBISON, James HALL, William HULTZ, 'squatters' of 1793; Matthew WIGFIELD, 1796; James PARKS, Joseph FLICK, James FULTON, Samuel RIPPY, Joseph and Thomas LOGAN.

Adams Twp. - James GLOVER, JAMES IRVINE, 1796; Adam JOHNSTON, Robert MCCANDLESS, William CRISWELL, Timothy WARD, Moses MEEKER, Joshua STOOLFIER, William ROSEBROUGH.

Cranberry Twp. - Benjamin JOHNSON, Samuel DUNCAN, Alex RAMSEY, 1796; Matthew GRAHAM, Benjamin GARVIN, 1797.

Winfield Twp. - Jeremiah SMITH, 1796; Andrew CRUIKSHANK, 1798, Thomas HARTER, William HAZLETT, Jacob HARSHMAN.

Jefferson Twp. - Patrick GRAHAM, 1796; Andrew STRAWIG, Benjamin THOMAS, William WRIGHT.

Penn Twp. - Clark RATHBUN, 1796; Robert BROWN, 1797; John RANKIN, 1805; John MAHARRY, Thomas LOGAN, 1804; Thomas BARTLEY.

Forward Twp. - Peter MCKINNEY, 1792; Barnett GILLELAND, Joseph ASH, John MCCOLLUM, Adam BROWN.

Jackson Twp. - James MAGEE, 1797; William and Michael MARTIN, Thomas WILSON; Detmar BASSE, founder of Zelionople, 1802; George RAPP, 1804, founded Harmony in 1805.

Clearfield Twp. - Patrick MCBRIDE, James DENNY.

Summit Twp. - James MCCURDY, James MITCHELL, William SCOTT and his sons, Robert, David and George.

Butler Twp. - James MCKEE, John PIERCE, William KEARNS and his sister, Jane KEARNS, 1796 or 1797; Abraham FRYOR, John MORROW.

Connoquenessing Twp. - John EKIN, 1796; Scotch settlers of 1796 - five or six families of GRAHAMs, the MCLEODs, MCDONALDs and others; early German-American settlers - the BEIGHLE and MUHLEISEN families.

Lancaster Twp. - SCHOLAR; Henry BEIGHLE, 1796; John MORRISON, Henry BAUMGARTNER, Samuel STEWART, the MARTIN family, 1801.

Donegal Twp. - James HEMPHILL, followed by several families of the same name; Charles DUFFY, John GILLESPIE, Moses HANLEN, 1796; Daniel SLATOR, Peter MCKEEVER, 1798.

Oakland Twp. - John NEYMAN, 1797; Francis WHITMIRE, Cornell O'DONNELL.

Center Twp. - This township was quite fully settled in 1796. A large number of young men came in from Allegheny, Westmoreland and Juniata Counties, among the earliest being William and David MCJUNKIN, John, Robert, Geroge, James and two William MCCANDLESSes, Anthony, James, and Moses THOMPSON, and also Matthew, James, and John THOMPSON, of another family.

Franklin Twp. - Stephen CRAWFORD, Jesse NASH, Eliakim ANDERSON, William DODDS, Charles SULLIVAN, and John THOMPSON, all about 1796.

Muddy Creek Twp. - Robert STEWART, 1796; Thomas BRANDON; Thomas HUMPHREY, 1798.

Fairview Twp. - Samuel WALLACE, 1795; Joseph SMITH, 1796; also John CRAIG, William WILSON, Paul MCDERMOTT, and six families of BARNHARTs, about the same time.

Concord Twp. - Edward GRAHAM, George MEALS, 1796; Samuel MEALS (father of George) and other members of the family, Robert CAMPBELL, James CUMBERLAND, William and Andrew CHRISTY, 1797, Hugh CONWAY, 1798; David HARPER, 1800.

Clay Twp. - James RUSSELL, 1797; John ADAMS, Christopher MCMICHAEL, James MCJUNKIN, Judge Samuel FINDLEY, Hugh and William WASSON, 1798; Joseph, John, James, William and Samuel GLENN, about 1799.

Brady Twp. - Luke COVERT, James CAMPBELL, Bartol LOFFER, Daniel MCDAVITT, James I. HOGE, 1797; John MCCLYMONDS, Edward DOUGLASS, 1798.

Worth Twp. - David STUDEBAKER, Benjamin JACK, James, John and William MCNEES, brothers; Thomas HUMPHREY, Charles MARTIN, Charles COULTER, William ELLIOTT, David ARMSTRONG, Jacob and John PISOR, Henry STINETORF, William MCCONNELL, Jonathan KELLEY, all probably prior to 1797.

Parker Twp. - John PARKER, John MARTIN, George and Phillip DAUBENSPECK, Archibald KELLEY, 1796; Hugh GIBSON, 1797.

Washington Twp. - John SHIRA, spring of 1798; Jacob HILLIARD, about 1798, John CHRISTY and William WILSON, 1798; John CHRISTY, uncle of the above, 1799.

Cherry Twp. - Benedict GROSSMAN, Robert BLACK, Robert MCCALLEN, 1797; Andrew STEWART, Michael STEVENSON, 1798; Samuel, David, James, John and Caleb RUSSELL, about 1800.

Slippery Rock Twp. - Adam FUNK, James SHIELDS, 1798; Zebulon and Nathaniel COOPER, Phillip SNYDER, Henry WOOLFORD.

Allegheny Twp. - John LOWRIE, 1796; John CRAWFORD, 1797; John REDICK, James ANDERSON, Levi GIBSON, John ROSENBERRY.

Venango Twp. - Samuel SLOAN, Thomas JOLLY, Peter J. COULTER, Robert CUNNINGHAM, about 1796; Hugh MURRIN, Michael KELLEY.

Marion Twp. - Samuel MCMURRY, John BLACK, Robert ATWELL, Robert WADDLE, Robert SEATON, all about 1800.

Mercer Twp. - Robert REED, John WELSH, Ebenezer BEATTY and Ebenezer BROWN, all about 1797.

Transcribed by Ed Book.