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Butler Co., PA

Look-up Volunteers

Sources for Look-up Requests regarding Butler Co.

This web page will list volunteers who may be contacted about the possibility of obtaining lookups in public domain (i.e., without copyright protection) references. Any volunteer who has access to reference materials that are in the public domain and wishes to be listed here should contact Pat Collins.

(Uncertain whether material is public domain or copyrighted? Please check out the USGenWeb Copyright Page. Briefly, everything published 1922 or earlier is now public domain, while copyright protection may exist for anything published less than 75 years ago. Copyrighted material may also be listed here, but only if written permission has been obtained from the copyright holder.)

Of course, volunteers are under no obligation to help everyone who contacts them. All contact should be directly between the parties involved, and the volunteers' e-mail addresses will be posted here for individuals to contact directly. Although volunteers are offering free look-ups, users should consider reimbursing volunteers for any copying and postage expenses that may be involved.

Pat Smith is the coordinator for Westmoreland County and has the book Catholic Baptisms in Western PA 1799-1828 which concerns mainly German and Irish Catholics from Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington, Greene, Allegheny, BUTLER and Armstrong Counties. There are over 6000 persons listed, and if you need a look-up on CATHOLIC BAPTISMS ONLY!! she'll be glad to do it.

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