1895 Butler County History--Explanation

1895 History of Butler County

Explanation and Caution

TRANSCRIPTION: While the transcribers have attempted to faithfully reproduce the original text, be aware that any transcription may include errors. If you find a typographical error, please send an e-mail to the County Coordinator.

FOOTNOTES: The original 1883 History includes footnotes that were indicated with an asterisk and printed at the bottom of the page on which they occurred. In this web version, they have been placed immediately after the paragraph to which they refer.

ABBREVIATIONS:These old histories include many abbreviations that are no longer familiar. Go to this page to see a list of abbreviations, some of which are still not defined.

ADDITIONS AND ERRORS: The rare additions to the original text are clearly indicated by being enclosed in square brackets. These include pages numbers, such as [p.363] to indicate where a new page begins in the printed version. Another case is when the original includes abbreviations that may not be obvious to everybody. In that case, the full words are in square brackets. Thus, 'St. John M. E. [Methodist Episcopal] Church' indicates that the original text reads 'St. John M. E. Church,' and that Methodist Episcopal has been added. Where it seems that there is a typo in the original text, [sic] has been added immediately afterward to indicate that the suspected error is in the original text.

ILLUSTRATIONS AND BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES: The book contains many illustrations--some of people and some of residences or hotels. The book also contains many biographical sketches--some as part of the text pages, others under the illustrations of individuals. The illustration pages are not numbered but have been given a control number such as "p. 232a" indicating that the illustration is on the unnumbered page following page 232. All of the biographies have been placed at the ends of the chapters. Links to illustrations and biographies are shown at the beginning of each chapter.

ACCURACY OF ALL INFORMATION: Please remember that the various Butler County histories, while an invaluable resource, are secondary sources and are known to include many mistakes. Information in them should always be confirmed by checking primary sources (wills, deeds, censuses, etc.) if possible. Where other sources are known that contradict the History, a bracketed number [1] has been inserted in the text itself, and the contradictory info is in a footnote at the end of the chapter.

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