Last Update of submitted dates: April 8, 2014

April 8- Check out our new Lost Graves tab for a list from our volunteers of missing headstones. Do you know where any are located today? Let us know and we’ll try to find their final resting spots.

The death index has recently been updated with another 4350 names! Soon to follow are more marriages. Directions to save the newspaper page with your beloved’s information can now be found below.

Indexes have been compiled since January 2010 from Pittsburgh, PA (USA) historic newspapers, thus helping more genealogy buffs find evidence for their Allegheny County roots.
There is now a separate page for the dates submitted since July 2011. Click on the “Submitted Dates” page which is directly below this home page.

Included are dates and names for:
Death- over 106,600 entries
Marriage- over 24,000 couples
Divorce- over 1400
WWI Military Personnel with over 73k entries
Civil War: The men of Company E

Transcriptions completed by volunteer ListMembers of are available for viewing here:

All links to submitted transcriptions which were indexed prior to June 30, 2011, can be found here:

If a name of interest is found, use the links listed here and on the first Daily Links Update Page to go directly to the date of the newspaper publication. It will be up to the researcher to actually LOCATE the name.

Directions to find the names and print the page:
Thanks, Larry!

First go to Depress and hold the control (Ctrl) key and hit the F key to search and enter Pittsburgh to search and hit Enter. This will pick up The Daily Pittsburgh Gazette which is not with the other Pittsburgh newspapers. Below the name of each newspaper available it lists the date range of scanned issues. If the date you're interested in isn't listed for a particular paper go to the next one until you find the correct date. Search a second time, which will take you to the rest of the Pittsburgh papers. You will probably search more than one newspaper to find your name of interest. Instead of clicking on a newspaper name to open it, use the right mouse button and click on the newspaper. Select open in either new tab or new window. About the middle of the page is a block labeled Date. To look for a particular date enter it in the form of mm/dd/year, ie: 9/29/1908. Otherwise only search by month and year, ie: 9/1908. After entering a date in the month year format, Google will display the issues in columns by weeks. In some cases Google will have multiple issues under one date. The early Pittsburgh papers typically had four pages. Be aware multiple dates can be scanned under one date. e.g. if one date is listed as 80 pages, it is possible up to 20 dates are scanned under the one date. Click “View All" to go to the daily display. At the top left side of the display is a selection for Size. Click on the down arrow and select Large. Hint: If you don't know the date an entry is in, use the right mouse button to open the issue you wish to view in a new page or tab. There will be a menu bar for the newspaper directly above the newspaper. Use the magnifying glass to zoom in or out. Typically, if you only zoom once, there will be a scramble on the page, so click twice to eliminate the scramble. The Pittsburgh Press and Post Gazette for about the last 60 years have an index at the bottom left of the front page that tells you what page the obits are listed. Otherwise you have to look through each issue page by page until you find the obits. Also note that some issues have the obits (small clips) and death notices (large write-ups). Hint: There are some deaths not listed in the obit or death notice sections, but listed elsewhere in the newspaper with a story. The newspaper page and the Google page numbers don't necessarily agree, so when looking for something use the newspaper page number. When you find an item you're interested in you can increase the size of the viewing area. Just to the right of the zoom icons are another icon consisting of a box with arrows pointing at the four corners of the box. Click on it to increase the size of the viewing area. Click it again to return to the normal size. Once you have what you want on the screen, you can use the PrintScreen button on the keyboard to copy it to the clipboard. Open a graphic program and past your item into the graphic program, then save it to your computer.

Snippets of interest:

Did you know that the
Washington Reporter listed property owners in 1895? It was done over a number of issues. This is a great find for those who had family migrate to Washington Co.

Did you know there are photos and some stories of Morganza
here (2009) and a wonderful history here (2008)? Morganza was first located in Pittsburgh as the House of Refuge. It moved to Washington Co in 1876.

Did you know there are other sites to check for early marriages?
Check this one for marriages 1885-1889 from the PA Historical and Museum Commission.

Did you know that listings of some letters pertaining to Morganza inmates can be found
here through the usgenwebs archives?

Did you know there is a way to find death dates at the PA Dept of Health? The years can be searched from 1906-1963. When you find your beloved, the info provided is the death date, location, and State File number which is then used to order your certificate.
Click here to go to the site. The births for the year 1906 and 1908 can also be searched. Be patient as it can take some time for the pdf file to download.

Did you know there is another fast way to search for PA deaths from 1906-1961? This site is a great find for those who seek our history.
Click here to check out deaths, wards, church lists, cemetery lists, directories, etc.

Did you know the Russell Soundex was invented in Pittsburgh in 1918?
Here is a link to learn how to use it.

Did you know you can search the PA Archives for lists of military personnel dating back to the Revolution? If fact, many lists of military men are found here dating from 1775 up to 1921. There’s a wonderful set on the Civil War. Happy Hunting when you
click here to go there.

Did you know the history of the Sixty Third PA Regimental Volunteers, Co K has been written by a 2g-granddaughter of one of the men in the company? It’s a six part story told through the eyes of the company and is well sourced. Great job Kelley!
Click here to go to the first article. The subsequent articles can easily be read from the link.

Did you know some delightful glass negatives of our beloved Pittsburg from the early turn of the 20th century have been donated to the SteelCactus Foundation? No matter whether your grandparents relocated to the old wild west with dirt street shootouts or a sleepy southern town where a two story building was gigantic, genealogy buffs of today will love these photos. The clarity is so sharp that the details really pop. Who knows if some of the people photographed could have belonged to you? At the least, the photos show a glorious city of long ago. These photos have so aptly been named Pittsburgh: “Hell with the Lid Off”.
Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4

Link to PA Marriages 1885-1950

Did you know the Penn State Library has some old Fire Maps for PA digitized? Since the maps were first made in the late 1800s, they may be a great tool to locate some old town names that no longer exist.
Click here to go there.

New from the volunteers:

January 2017
There are a series of articles on the Gumbert School for Delinquent Girls. This school was established in 1925. Articles range from 1925-1961. I think it interesting that the last line of the last article begins with: “Again the question arises: Is rehabilitation worth the cost?”

June 2016
There are online extracts from “The Weekly Observer” of Sharpsburg and Etna, PA. The dates covered are May 1885-July 1885 and November 1890.
Click here to go see these wonderful finds. In reading some of these pages, I was delighted to see names of interest. Perhaps, you will as well. Thanks to Norm for his unending desire to assist others to find their past!

April 2014
Lost and Found Gravestones. If you’ve not located a headstone in the place you know it to be, it may have been stolen or not reinstalled. Check our new Lost Graves section and see if you can help.

November 2013
Prohibition in Pittsburgh. These articles are a fascinating look at the really tough times during Prohibition. More articles are on the way.

July 2013
Directions to save newspaper articles to your computer are listed above. Thanks Larry!

January 2013
84 articles have been located on the Poor House. Some of the articles mention Marshalsea, which was built in 1893 in Southern Allegheny County on the old George Neal Farm in/near S. Fayette Twp. It was renamed Pittsburgh City Home and Hospital at Mayview in 1916.

December 2012
The census has been transcribed for the Allegheny Poor House, Workhouse, and Insane Asylums. More of the Poor House are to follow.

The institutions for the poor, asylums, and TB Hosiptials changed names over the years, so we located the institutions by their locations. The newest census and mortality schedules are from the Woodville Hospital, which operated under several names. Alternate names include:

Allegheny County Almshouse
Allegheny Hospital for the Insane
Allegheny County Home for the Poor
Woodville State Hospital

Its location is noted as S Fayette and Collier Twp in the census.

August 2012
Another way to use the Bates book on the Civil War-- Indexing the towns, counties and adding the pages where the information can be located for the PA Volunteers during the Civil War is complete. This is of value to those who want to see what units were formed in their geographic areas of genealogy interest. Check it out on our PA Volunteers Location page.

While not an index, the census lists from 1860-1880 and 1900-1940 can be searched. The pages, the occupation whether as an employee or state guest, as well as the ages of the poor souls living at Morganza have been gathered from the census years. Just click on the sidebar titled Morganza census.

January 2012
33 new articles located on Morganza. The names list has also been updated. Check it out on our House of Refuge page.

January 2012
Information from 1893 newspaper which chronicles soldier life of volunteers of Co. E from Pittsburgh during the “Recent Unpleasantness”

December 2011
Family Search updates PA County Marriages!
Select counties and dates from 1885-1950 are included. Some of the entries are the actual application which can provide parents’ names! What a great treat for any genealogy buff who researches in PA! Check it out at:

Family Search updates Pittsburgh City Deaths, 1870-1905
Another source to check for those elusive kin who just disappear from our families of old. If you find a loved one in this database, use the date to find the obit. Perhaps you will be lucky to glean new tidbits. Check it out at: . Did you know that early burials that are listed as being in Mt Lebanon Cemetery may actually be in the St Clair Cemetery? When the new Mt Lebanon Cemetery opened in the late 1800s, St Clair Cemetery (across the street) was locally called the old Mt Lebanon Cemetery. Many of the early deaths in the city files from 1870-1905 which are listed as Mt Lebanon burials are, indeed, in the St Clair Cemetery. It was also considered fashionable after the current Mt Lebanon Cemetery opened for some burials in the old St Clair Cemetery to be removed across the street to the bigger Mt Lebanon Cemetery.

November 2011
The Birth, Marriage and Deaths from the Sussex Register/Independent/The New Jersey Herald are being placed online by volunteer J Price. The dates range from 1814-1994. These actual clippings can also be searched by name. It’s a great project for those who are looking into their New Jersey roots. Be sure to check it out at:
BMD of Sussex County and Surrounding Areas

September 2011
Gazette Times Special Correspondent to France 1918-1919 articles
49 articles in the series
(last addition May 11, 2012)

May 2011
Relive World War I History Thru 1919 Newspapers

Learn more on our
News Makers Page

Links to ALL current Google archived newspapers:
Please note Google has removed the home page that was used to search for old newspapers, and announced there will not be any new additions. The newspapers can still be searched. You can enter the date to search from here:
The Pittsburgh Press
The Pittsburgh Commercial
The Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette
The Pittsburgh Daily Commercial
The Pittsburgh Daily Gazette
The Pittsburgh Gazette
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
The Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights News (1908)
The Mount Washington News

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