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Welcome to Ozzie's Homepage. While you're at Rootsweb, you will be able to view those ancestors whom I have been able to verify as being my forefathers and if you should find that there is some relationship with your family I would love to hear from you, or in the event there is no family connection, please drop me a line anyway to Oos473@aol.com

Have you ever taken a moment to compute just how many persons make up your ancestry? In (4) four generations, assuming just mother and father and one progeny, there are (24) twenty-four ancestors and by the time you progress to (8) eight generations, assuming you can trace everyone's lineage you will have achieved (384) three hundred and eighty four. However if you could achieve the impossible, and trace everyone for (20) twenty generations you would amass 1,572,864 names.

And just what does this all suggest. It means that somewhere, somehow there may be a common relative for everyone.

A somewhat sobering thought.

Remember drop me a line Oos473@aol.com

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