Picture Taking Tips

(If you've chosen a cemetery, please send me an e-mail so I can list it as "in progress".)
grave.quest @ gmail.com

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Photos of Ogle County
Take photos that are at least 1600x1200. Don't send me photos that you didn't personally take.
Clean tombstones with a soft brush or broom. A spritzer water bottle will help the names come out on a granite marker. Don't use anything other than water. No shaving cream, chalk, or soaps of any kind.
Try to get at the same level of the upright tombstones. It makes for a better picture and is a great thigh workout. Watch for your reflection! I had to retake several that had a perfect reflection of me or my car.
Rename photos before sending. Last name_first name jpgs only. If there are multiple names on one marker: Smith_James_and_Clara.jpg Don't put characters other than underlines in the file name.
If you are doing a small cemetery, see if you can zip the pictures and e-mail them to grave.quest@gmail.com. If not, I have a dropbox or I can also set up an ftp site. Let me know your preference.