Chambers-Frank Cemetery

Carroll County, Illinois

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Chambers-Frank Cemetery

The first white settler in Ogle County was born in Allegheny County, Maryland in 1783. He died in Carroll County, Illinois on December 23, 1845 at the age of 57 years. He was married to Miss Ann Lee.

He passed through Ogle County en route to Galena in 1827 and vowed to return, which he did with his family in 1829. He and his family settled in Buffalo Grove, where he built an Inn. His claim was contested and he eventually traded his Inn to Oliver W. Kellogg of Burr Oak Grove.

Isaac removed to a Grove 6 miles further north of Burr Oak, which became known as "Chambers Grove". He kept a "stage tavern" after the Black Hawk War, (1832 until 1838), a little northwest of the present town of Brookville. He also had the honor of naming Carroll County, Illinois while living there.

The Indians destroyed the first Inn during the Black Hawk War. The second Inn still stands today, (2004). In 1838 he sold the tavern to Charles Frank, then built a mill on the Elkhorn Creek near Brookville until his death in 1845.

Isaac and his wife are buried at a very small burial ground known as "Chambers-Frank Cemetery" in Carroll County, Illinois close to the border of Carroll and Ogle Counties.

This Carroll County cemetery is located in the woods off Rt. 64, just northwest of Brookville, Ogle County, Illinois. It is in the process of being restored, (2004), by Lyle Schryver of Polo, Ogle County, Illinois.