1850 Census

1850 Census Pulaski County, Arkansas

1 Dwelling houses in the order of visitation
2 Families numbered in the order of visitation
3 The name of evey person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June 1850, was in this family
4 age
5 Sex
6 color
7 Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 Years of age
8 Value of Real Estate owned
9 Place of Birth Naming the State, Territory or Country
10 Married within the year
11 Attended School within the year
12 Persons over 20 Years of age who can not read and write
13 Whether deaf and dumb, blind Insane, idiotic, pauper or convict

Free Inhabitants in The City of Little Rock in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 13th day of December 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
454454John E Knight32MWLawyer-Mass----
--Hannah Knight27FW--Mass----
--Elizabeth Knight6FW--Mass----
455455George Metzger30MWBootmaker-Germany----
--Theresa Metzger20FW--Germany----
--Elizabeth Metzger1FW--Arkansas----
--Bennett Metzger26MW--Germany----
456456Ahch? Smith44MWProbate Judge-Virginia----
--Mary J Smith32FW--Virginia----
457457John Callahan45MWTailor600Ireland----
--Hannah Callahan44FW--Ireland----
458458H N Aldrich52MWDrayman-Rhode Island----
--Lydia Aldrich32FW--Mass----
--Elizabeth Aldrich9FW--New York----
--Joseph H Aldrich8MW--Mass----
--Avis Aldrich2FW--Arkansas----
--Mary Miller28FW--Rhode Island----
--Emma Miller3FW--Arkansas----
459459Wm H Jones33MWCarpenter4000Kentucky----
--Elizabeth Jones21FW--Ireland----
--Eunzy C Jones3MW--Kentucky----
--Sarah E Jones2FW--Kentucky----
--Emily Jones12FW--Ireland-1--
460460Wm H Hite29MW--N Carolina----
--Mary S Hite25FW--S Carolina----
--Frances M Hite7FW--Tennessee----
--Alvidia Hite2FW--Tennessee----
--Mary S Hite45FW--Virginia----
461461John J Buda36MWPrinter1200New York----
--Matilda A Buda29FW--Arkansas----
--Malinda E Buda12FW--Arkansas-1--
--Martha J Buda10FW--Arkansas-1--
--Georgiana B Buda6FW--Arkansas----
--Chas Dew Buda3MW--Arkansas----
--Jackson McClade22FWStage Driver-Tennessee----
462462Chas Ayliff27MWConstable400Illinois----
--Susan C A Ayliff22FW--Virginia----
--John W Baggeth6MW--Mississippi-1--
--Henry Holloway22MWStage Driver-Arkansas----
463463Wm F Pope35MWPost Master-Kentucky----
--Sophia D Pope25FW--Virginia----
464464Allen Gray34MWClothier-New York----

Free Inhabitants in The City of Little Rock in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 13th day of December 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
--Eliza J Gray25FW--Connecticut----
--Ada B Gray4FW--New York----
--Aline A Gray3FW--New York----
--Leslie Gray4/12MW--Arkansas----
465465John Mitchell65MWNone20,000England----
--Walter Mitchell31MWMerchant2000New York----
--Joseph Clerk22MWClerk1000New York----
--Jonathan Clerk14MW--New York-1--
--Rebecca Clerk12MW--New York-1--
--Josephine D Clerk6FW--New York----
--N D Stowell40MWMerchant2000New York----
--Elizabeth Stowell49FW--New York----
--Joseph J Borden37MWClerk-N Carolina----
--Joseph Adkins22MWClerk-Virginia----
--Joel D Osborne28MWClerk-Tennessee----
466466Saml M Weaver45MWRetired Merchant45,000Kentucky----
--Eliza Weaver35FW--Louisiana----
--Omer Weaver12MW--Arkansas-1--
--George Weaver11MW--Indiana-1--
--Saml Weaver Jr2MW--Arkansas----
467467Wm B Wart42MWMerchant7170Mass----
--M L Wart35FW--Maryland----
--George H Wart5MW--Arkansas-1--
--Lambert R Wart11MW--Arkansas-1--
--Chas E Wart7/12MW--Arkansas----
468468S C Faulkner44MWFarmer-Kentucky----
--Eveline M Faulkner34FW--Kentucky----
--Sally A Faulkner19FW--Arkansas----
--Elizabeth E Faulkner17FW--Arkansas----
--Wm H Faulkner13MW--Arkansas-1--
--Sandord C Faulkner11MW--Arkansas-1--
--Matilda J Faulkner7FW--Arkansas-1--
--Sally Faulkner70FW--Maryland----
469469W W Adams40MWPhysician2500Mass----
--E C Adams27FW--Kentucky----
--E Cummins30MWLawyer400Kentucky----
470470Thos W Newton46MWFarmer36,000Dist Columbia1---
--Mary Newton24FW--Virginia1---
--Joseph M Newton38MWClerk-Dist Columbia----
--John W Newton18MWStudent-Kentucky-1--
--Ann J Newton14FW--Kentucky-1--
--Atlen Newton13MW--Kentucky-1--

Free Inhabitants in The City of Little Rock in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 13th day of December 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
--Robert C Newton11MW--Kentucky-1--
--Thos W Newton Jr8MW--Kentucky-1--
471471James A Henry32MWMerchant-Mass----
--Abby B Henry33FW--Connecticutt----
--Frank B Henry5MW--Mass-1--
--Charlotte A Henry4FW--?----
472472H F Dyer30MWTrader-Maine----
--Mary J Dyer26FW--Ohio----
--Eviline Snowman13FW--Maine-1--
--John R Cutler31MW--Mass----
473473Jacob Brock43MWCarpenter1200Switzerland----
--Margaret Brock32FW--Switzerland----
--Mary E Brock11FW--Arkansas-1--
--Fred Brock8MW--Arkansas-1--
--Goadleb Brock6MW--Arkansas-1--
--Chas Ptho Brock4MW--Arkansas----
474474Henry F Shaw44MWCarpenter1200Dist Columbia----
--Nancy Shaw27FW--Arkansas----
--Wm B Shaw13MW--Arkansas-1-Deaf and Dumb
--Mary J Barkloo30FW--Arkansas----
--Mary J Barkloo Jr4FW--Arkansas-1--
475475David Skelton55MWLivery Stable Keeper4000Georgia----
--Adelaide Skelton28FW--Tennessee----
--N B Skelton10MW--Arkansas----
--Mary J Skelton9FW--Arkansas----
--Virginia Skelton6FW--Arkansas----
--Nancy V Skelton4FW--Arkansas----
--Elizabeth A Skelton3/12FW--Arkansas----
476476John R Alfred31MWBlacksmith-Virginia----
--Cassandra Alfred33FW--N Carolina----
--Eliza J Alfred2FW--Tennessee----
--Frances A Alfred1FW--Arkansas----
--H E Hesekia25MWRestaurant Keeper-Ohio----
--Irena Hesekia18FW--Indiana----
--Margaret Watley6FW--Tennessee----
477477Hannan Kemper39MWTailor800Germany----
--Elizabeth M Kemper25FW--Germany----
--Bernard Kemper1MW--Arkansas----
478478A Freichman36MWPorter & Ale Keeper-Prussia----
--Gertrude Freichman36FW--Prussia----
--Berta Freichman1FW--Mississippi----