1850 Census

1850 Census Pulaski County, Arkansas

1 Dwelling houses in the order of visitation
2 Families numbered in the order of visitation
3 The name of evey person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June 1850, was in this family
4 age
5 Sex
6 color
7 Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 Years of age
8 Value of Real Estate owned
9 Place of Birth Naming the State, Territory or Country
10 Married within the year
11 Attended School within the year
12 Persons over 20 Years of age who can not read and write
13 Whether deaf and dumb, blind Insane, idiotic, pauper or convict

Free Inhabitants in The City of Little Rock in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 10th day of December 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
432432Nathan Warren37MMulConfectioner-Dist Columbia--1-
--James Warren25MMulConfectioner-Dist Columbia1-1-
--Elizabeth Warren17FMul--N Carolina----
433433Stephen S Sanger39MWCabinet Maker15,000Dist Columbia----
--Fenton M Sanger14MW--Dist Columbia----
--Stephen S Sanger Jr12MW--Dist Columbia-1--
--Edwin Sanger9MW--Dist Columbia-1--
--Pauline Sanger7FW--Arkansas-1--
--Mary A Sanger38FW--Dist Columbia----
--John Griffin25MWCabinet Maker-Dist Columbia--1-
434434E W McCracken27MWTinner-Kentucky----
--Susan E McCracken21FW--Arkansas----
--Alonzo E McCracken3MW--Arkansas----
--Agernon W McCracken1MW--Arkansas----
435435George D Sizer23MWPhysician-Virginia----
--Mariannie Sizer21FW--Kentucky----
436436John H Robinson35MWMerchant2500England----
--Elizabeth Robinson33FW--Ireland----
--William Robinson13MW--Louisiana-1--
--John H Robinson Jr11MW--Arkansas-1--
--Mary A Robinson8FW--Arkansas-1--
--Alfred Robinson6MW--Arkansas-1--
--Elizabeth Robinson4FW--Arkansas----
--Lillis Robinson6/12FW--Arkansas----
--Elizabeth Owens14FW--New York-1--
--Mary A Owens11FW--New York-1--
437437W P Swindler34MWTailor-S Carolina----
--Hannah P Swindler31FW--S Carolina----
--Mary E Swindler2FW--Arkansas----
--Frances Swindler2/12FW--Arkansas----
--Joshua Harp10MW--S Carolina----
438438R F Tensnergs33MWPainter2500England----
--Julia A Tensnergs29FW--New Hampshire----
--R N Tensnergs9MW--Arkansas-1--
--Rozene M Tensnergs7FW--Arkansas-1--
--Julia M Tensnergs6/12FW--Arkansas--1-
439439Geo Bursey26MWTinner-Tennessee----
--Rhodda J Bursey24FW--Arkansas----
--Mary C Bursey3FW--Arkansas----
--Henry E Bursey1MW--Arkansas----
440440Joseph Ray21MWButcher-Tennessee----
--Sarah Ray19FW--Tennessee----

Free Inhabitants in The City of Little Rock in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 12th day of December 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
441441Jonathan P Case50MWBoarding House Keeper1500Connecticut----
--Eunice Case38FW--Ohio----
--Ohel Whitney10MW--Ohio-1--
H-Newil Whitney7MW--Ohio-1--
O-Birlein Nestler25MWCarpenter-Maine----
T-Fernester Nestler18FW-500Ohio----
E-J C Johnson30MWCarpenter-Kentucky----
L-Moses McKir24MWPilot-Ohio----
--B Beaudrew30MWBoatman-Texas----
--Wm Barker36MWTrader-Maine----
--R Flarnby28MWCarpenter-Ireland----
--Hugh Whitford29MWBrick Mason-Ireland----
--John Cutler35MWCarpenter-Mass----
--Isaac Benson27MWStagedriver-Alabama----
--W Roberts42MWPrinter200Kentucky----
--John McConnich60MWCarpenter-Mass----
--William O'Sullivan21MWLaborer-Ireland--1-
--John Copeland26MWLaborer-Ireland----
--Wm E Foster22MWLaborer-Tennessee--1-
--Richard T Barnes31MWLaborer-Tennessee----
--Thomas Foster21MWLaborer-Arkansas--1-
442442B F Owen45MWClerk200Kentucky----
--Ellen Owen35FW--Virginia----
--Eliza A G Owen15FW--Louisiana----
--Mary Owen11FW--Louisiana----
443443John Mace32MWBrick Mason-Dist Columbia--1-
--Eliza Mace25FW--Tennessee--1-
--Mary Mace8FW--Arkansas----
444444Joel E Osborne31MWCarpenter-Virginia----
--Susan J Osborne30FW--Tennessee-1--
--Amanda A Osborne10FW--Arkansas-1--
--Eliza J Osborne6FW--Arkansas----
--Margarett A Osborne2FW--Arkansas----
--George Walker16MWBoatman-Missouri----
445445Vernon R Brown29MWBrick Maker-Ohio----
--Elizabeth Brown19FW--Missouri----
--Sarah Brown1FW--Arkansas----
--Hardy Cox20MWLaborer-Georgia--1-
--Robert Canick17MWLaborer-Tennessee----
--Levi Wallace23MWLaborer-Tennessee----
--Daniel Wallace20MWLaborer-Tennessee----
446446E Marcus34MWClothier1200Germany----

Free Inhabitants in The City of Little Rock in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 12th day of December 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
--Pauline Marcus24FW--Tennessee----
--Charles Marcus3MW--Tennessee----
--Leonidas Rainey5MW--Tennessee----
--A Pike Rainey4MW--Tennessee----
447447F A Ganett29MWPrinter12,000Connecticut----
--Margaret C Ganett26FW--Missouri----
--Wm Russell Ganett3MW--Arkansas----
--Sophia Ganett11/12FW--Arkansas----
448448D Binder41MW-5000Pennsylvania----
--Charlotte Binder40FW--Mass----
--Isaac Whipple72MWNone1500Mass----
--M M Elder20MW--Mass----
--Charlotte Whipple68FW--Mass----
449449Thos Bradbury40MWPainter500England----
--Hannah Bradbury35FW--England----
--Mary A Bradbury13FW--England-1--
--Henry J Bradbury7MW--Arkansas-1--
--Ellen D Bradbury5FW--Arkansas----
--Walter L Bradbury2MW--Arkansas----
450450Charles J Kerbbs39MWMerchant3000Germany----
--Adelaide Kerbbs37FW--Germany----
--Anna Rock16FW--Germany----
451451B A Knighton44MWTinner-Missouri----
--Mary W Knighton42FW--Virginia----
--A J H Cougill24MWGunsmith-Virginia----
--Elizabeth A Cougill22FW--Alabama----
--Mary S Cougill5FW--Arkansas----
--Ann E Cougill3FW--Arkansas----
452452John H Beck30MWCarpenter1500Virginia----
--Martha A Beck26FW--Kentucky----
--Albert A Beck7MW--Arkansas-1--
--George A Beck4MW--Arkansas----
--Emma Beck2FW--Arkansas----
453453R L Dodge41MWPhysician5000Vermont----
--Eliza B Dodge22FW--Vermont----
--Ellen E Dodge10FW--C Nation-1--(Ala)
--Saml D Dodge9MW--C Nation-1--
--Eugene Dodge4MW--Arkansas----
--Mary S Dodge3FW--Arkansas----
--Anna Dodge7/12FW--Arkansas----
--John W Farley38MWMedical Student-Arkansas----
--Louisa Pettit16FW--New York----