1850 Census

1850 Census Pulaski County, Arkansas

1 Dwelling houses in the order of visitation
2 Families numbered in the order of visitation
3 The name of evey person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June 1850, was in this family
4 age
5 Sex
6 color
7 Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 Years of age
8 Value of Real Estate owned
9 Place of Birth Naming the State, Territory or Country
10 Married within the year
11 Attended School within the year
12 Persons over 20 Years of age who can not read and write
13 Whether deaf and dumb, blind Insane, idiotic, pauper or convict

Free Inhabitants in The City of Little Rock in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 9th day of December 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
414414John Nelfox34MWMerchant-England----
--Henaretta Nelfox34FW--England----
--Elizabeth Nelfox10FW--England-1--
--Wm Nelfox8MW--Arkansas-1--
--William Nelfox27MWBlacksmith-England----
--Vivian Corbushley28MWLaborer-England----
--John Seamore34MWLaborer-Tennessee--1-
415415Henry Griffiths33MWGunsmith1200Virginia----
--Mary Griffiths32FW--New Jersey----
--Chas Griffiths11MW--Arkansas-1--
--Sarah Griffiths9FW--Arkansas-1--
--Henry Griffiths7MW--Arkansas-1--
--Joseph Griffiths5MW--Arkansas----
--Mary Griffiths3FW--Arkansas----
416416Wm E Woodruff54MWInvester & Editor50.000New York----
--Jane E Woodruff41FW--Kentucky----
--Homet Woodruff13FW--Arkansas-1--
--Mary E Woodruff11FW--Arkansas-1--
--Eveline Woodruff9FW--Arkansas-1--
--Frances Woodruff7FW--Arkansas-1--
--Georgina Woodruff5FW--Arkansas----
--Lizzie Woodruff3FW--Arkansas----
--Chester H Woodruff5/12MW--Arkansas----
--Wm S Davis22MWClerk50Pennsylvania----
--Virgil Lewis16MWPrinter-Pennsylvania----
--Sabra Hudgens16FW--Pennsylvania----
--H M Hudgens14FW--Pennsylvania----
417417Asa Beall75MWNone-Maryland----
--Susan Burnett35FW--Kentucky----
--Helen A M Edwards25FW--Kentucky----
--Chas T Jordan24MWStudent1000N Carolina----
--Geo W Freeman65MWBishop PEC-Virginia----
--Wm Freeman60FW--Virginia----
--D ?le Fulton39MWMerchant800Pennsylvania----
--Carolina Fulton29FW--Connecticutt----
--Isabell Fulton1FW--Arkansas----
--John N Wigg23MWLawyer-Missouri----
--R G Dunkin30MWCarpenter-New York----
--Sarah Dunkin28FW--Louisiana----
--Simeon Joseph50MWMerchant-New York----
--Simeon Joseph Jr8MW--Arkansas----
--Richard Searcy23MWLawyer800Alabama----

Free Inhabitants in The City of Little Rock in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 10th day of December 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
418418James Lawson41MWFarmer15,000N Carolina----
--Charlotte Lawson37FW--N Carolina----
--Robert E Lawson20MW--N Carolina-1--
--Huan Lawson17MW--Arkansas-1--
--Jarvas Lawson10MW--Arkansas-1--
--H Clay Lawson6MW--N Carolina-1--
--Eliza Lawson16FW--Arkansas-1--
--Arkansas Lawson14FW--Arkansas-1--
--Mary Lawson10FW--Arkansas-1--
--Ellener Lawson5FW--Arkansas-1--
--Charlotte M Lawson60FW--N Carolina----
--Margaret Border22FW--N Carolina----
419419Gordon N Peay28MWClerk Circuit Court3000Kentucky----
--John C Peay26MWClerk200Kentucky----
--William W Peay21MWClerk PC-Arkansas----
--Juliette Peay18FW--Arkansas----
--Sophronia T Peay14FW--Arkansas----
--Hannah Peay70FB--Virginia----
420420Has N Cunan28MWLawyer8000Arkansas----
--Sophie Cunan19FW--Arkansas----
421421Wm Field50MWClerk US Circuit Court10,000Kentucky----
--Mildred Field49FW--Virginia----
--B Johnson11MW--Arkansas-1--
--Mildred A Burns13FW--Arkansas-1--
422422Saul H Webb51MWPhysician480Conn----
--Mary E Webb35FW--Ireland----
--Mary E Webb22FW--New York----
--Saml H Webb17MWApprentice-New York-1--
--Catherine J Webb14MW--New York-1--
--Caroline V Webb11FW--Arkansas-1--
--Rosalia F Webb9FW--Arkansas-1--
--Abbey J Webb6/12FW--Arkansas----
423423John Robbins49MWBrick Mason-New Jersey----
--Elizabeth C Robbins38FW-10,000Pennsylvania----
--John L Robbins20MW--Pennsylvania----
--Abigail Robbins18FW--Pennsylvania-1--
--Mary J Robbins16FW--Pennsylvania-1--
--Sarah A Robbins14FW--Pennsylvania-1--
--Ellen Robbins12FW--Arkansas-1--
--Elizabeth Robbins7FW--Arkansas-1--
--Julia Robbins5FW--Arkansas-1--
--Lania Robbins2FW--Arkansas----

Free Inhabitants in The City of Little Rock in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 10th day of December 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
Eliza J Eastman
424424John M Walker43MWCarpenter7500Virginia----
--Henrietta Walker33FW--Maryland----
--Augusta Walker14FW--Louisiana-1--
--John Walker12MW--Louisiana-1--
--Henrietta Walker7FW--Arkansas-1--
--Burton Walker8MW--Arkansas----
--Pansie Walker2FW--Arkansas----
--Anstin Walker6/12MW--Arkansas----
425425George Benjaman43MWCabinet Maker1500Virginia----
--Henrietta Benjaman43FW--Virginia----
--Ellen N Benjaman22FW--Virginia----
--Albert Benjaman19MW--Virginia----
--Lemuel Benjaman11MW--Virginia-1--
--Rebecca Benjaman14FW--Virginia-1--
--James F Benjaman4MW--Arkansas----
--George M Benjaman2MW--Arkansas----
--Julius Hense14MW--Arkansas----
426426John Krouse50MWMerchant-Germany----
--Fredericka Krouse37FW--Germany----
--Johanna Krouse5FW--Arkansas----
--Clara Krouse3FW--Arkansas----
--Ludovica Krouse2MW--Arkansas----
427427Moses H Eastman35MWSchool Teacher200New Hampshire----
428428John B Gracie25MWMerchant-Ireland1---
--Mary Gracie25MW--Pennsylvannia1---
--Mary Moore19FW--Ireland----
--Julia Gracie2/12FW--Arkansas----
--Mary E Joseph4MW--Arkansas----
429429Isaac Levy34MWMerchant-Prussia----
--Fanny Levy25FW--Prussia----
--Lewis Levy4/12MW--Arkansas----
--P H Gibbons38MWClerk-Ireland----
430430Mary Inskeep35FW--Virginia----
431431James Kindred35FWCordevann700Mass----
--Sarah Kindred22FW--Mass----
--Sarah Kindred7FW--Ireland----
--Anna M Kindred3FW--Virginia----
--Cicilia R Kindred1FW--Arkansas----
--John H Wilson22MW-700Arkansas----
--Richard Bragg26MW-100Pennsylvania----
--Catherine Murphy17FW--New York----