1850 Census

1850 Census Pulaski County, Arkansas

1 Dwelling houses in the order of visitation
2 Families numbered in the order of visitation
3 The name of evey person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June 1850, was in this family
4 age
5 Sex
6 color
7 Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 Years of age
8 Value of Real Estate owned
9 Place of Birth Naming the State, Territory or Country
10 Married within the year
11 Attended School within the year
12 Persons over 20 Years of age who can not read and write
13 Whether deaf and dumb, blind Insane, idiotic, pauper or convict

Free Inhabitants in Eagle Township in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 1st day of November 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
--Caroline Bartlett26FW--Delaware----
--Ann E Bartlett3FW--Delaware----
--Jonathan Bartlett2FW--Delaware----
143143J W Coose39MWFarmer-Tennessee----
144144J W Purdom35MWFarmer200Kentucky--1-
--Mary J Purdom25FW--Kentucky----
--Wm Terry?MW--Kentucky----
--Hugh L Akin40MWShoemaker-Mass----
145145John Heara25MWFarmer2800Indiana----
--Matilda Heara30FW--Indiana--1Deaf & Dumb
--Lewis Heara17MW--Illinois----
--Elizabeth Heara14FW--Illinois----
146146Jacob Jones42MWFarmer2700South Carolina--1-
--Mary Jones34FW--Arkansas----
--Mary A Jones20FW--Arkansas-1--
--Eliza Jones11FW--Arkansas-1--
--Louisa Jones10FW--Arkansas-1--
--William Jones15MW--Arkansas-1--
--Jacob Jones15MW--Arkansas-1--
--Robert Jones12MW--Arkansas-1--
--Hardy Jones6MW--Arkansas----
147147M H Hill49MWFarmer1000Virginia----
--Lucy Hill45FW--Tennessee----
--Jane Hill18FW--Tennessee-1--
--Sarah Hill14FW--Arkansas-1--
--Tennessee Hill11FW--Arkansas-1--
--Francis Hill9FW--Arkansas-1--
--Mary Hill6FW--Arkansas-1--
--William Hill4MW--Arkansas----
--John W Hill18MWLaborer-Arkansas----
--John Hill2/12MW--Missouri-1--
148148Charles E Moore33MWFarmer3000Penn----
--Elanor Moore35FW--Alabama-1--
--Margarett Moore9FW--Arkansas-1--
--Mary Moore7FW--Arkansas----
--Charles E Moore Jr5MW--Arkansas----
--Wm P Moore3MW--Arkansas----
--Maria Moore1FW--Arkansas----
--Henry Moore40MWFarmer-Penn----
149149Lucy A Munson34FW--Kentucky--1-
--Helen Williams28FW--Kentucky--1-
--Ellen Munson14FW--Arkansas-1--

Free Inhabitants in Eagle Township in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 2nd day of November 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
--Lacy Munson12MW--Arkansas-1--
--Margarett Munson10FW--Arkansas----
--James P Munson8MW--Arkansas----
--Sarah Munson6FW--Arkansas----
--Catherine Munson4FW--Arkansas----
149149Jonathan Lewellyn55MWFarmer-Kentucky----
--Mary Lewellyn56FW--Unknown--1-
--Thomas J Lewellyn21MWFarmer-Kentucky--1-
--Biry R Lewellyn15MW--Mississippi--1-
--Nancy A Lewellyn11FW--Kentucky----
150150Wm G Lewellyn29MWFarmer-Kentucky--1-
--Nancy Lewellyn11FW--Georgia----
--Priscilla Lewellyn2/12FW--Arkansas----
151151Elizabeth Lefevre41FW-4000South Carolina----
--Malissa A Lefevre16FW--Arkansas-1--
--Mary E Lefevre14FW--Arkansas-1--
--Selize Lefevre10FW--Arkansas-1--
--Ambroze L Lefevre7MW--Arkansas-1--
--Mary M Spruce35FW--South Carolina----
--James E Rillsun22MWFarmer500Arkansas----
--Stephen M Lefevre21MWFarmer-Arkansas----
152152John Whitely40MWFarmer-N Carolina--1-
--Loraner Whitely32FW--Kentucky--1-
--Sarah A Whitely14FW--Indiana----
--Pernal J Whitely12MW--Indiana-1--
--Tillman Whitely10MW--Indiana-1--
--Loraner Whitely6FW--Indiana-1--
--Mary Whitely4/12FW--Arkansas----
--Robert Mathews45MWMerchant-Alabama----
--Robert C Mathews25MW--Alabama----
153153Dollard Hooton38MWFarmer-Kentucky--1-
--Nancy Hooton36FW--Tennessee-1--
--Thos W Hooton17MW--Indiana-1--
--Reziah Hooton15FW--Indiana----
--Olive Hooton13FW--Indiana----
--Martha S Hooton10FW--Indiana----
--Hiram Hooton3MW--Arkansas----
--Margaret Hooton1FW--Arkansas----
154154Christian Rush43MWFarmer500Germany----
--Migradah Rush43FW--Germany----
--Louisa Rush17FW--Germany----
--Wm F Rush15MW--Germany----

Free Inhabitants in Eagle Township in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 10th day of November 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
--Migrada E Rush5FW--Arkansas----
--Marion Rush1FW--Arkansas----
155155John B Lefevre40MWFarmer1000Arkansas----
--Louisa J Lefevre14FW--Arkansas-1--
--Nichola W Lefevre7MW--Arkansas-1--
--Martha Lefevre6FW--Arkansas-1--
--William Lefevre4MW--Arkansas----
156156Acan Lefevre44MWFarmer4000Arkansas--1-
--Mary F Lefevre35FW--Virginia--1-
--Ambrose Lefevre17MW--Arkansas-1--
--Wm B Lefevre14MW--Arkansas-1--
--Stephen R Lefevre13MW--Arkansas-1--
--Frances A Lefevre11FW--Arkansas-1--
--Mary J Lefevre8FW--Arkansas-1--
--Jos E Lefevre5MW--Arkansas----
--Eliza M Lefevre3FW--Arkansas----
--Henry Dodd40MWFarmer-Virginia----
--Edward Dodd39MWFarmer-Virginia----
--James Spencer45MWLaborer-Kentucky----
157157Matilda Adams40FW-700Tennessee----
--John D Adams21MWFarmer500Tennessee----
--Mary A Adams16FW--Arkansas----
--Casandra Adams12FW--Arkansas----
--William Adams10MW--Arkansas----
--Wm W McDonald25MWFarmer-Kentucky----
158158Wm Evans44MWFarmer-Kentucky----
--Mahala Evans49FW--Indiana----
--James Evans18MW--Indiana----
--Wm W Evans16MW--Indiana----
--John M Evans14MW--Indiana-1--
--Samuel T Evans12MW--Indiana-1--
--Susan Evans10FW--Indiana-1--
--Thomas Evans5MW--Indiana----
--Mary J Evans2FW--Indiana----
159159F G Lefevre51MWFarmer3000Arkansas--1-
--Mary Lefevre48FW--Arkansas--1-
--John C Lefevre20MW--Arkansas-1--
--Aling P Lefevre16FW--Arkansas-1--
--Melly Lefevre13FW--Arkansas-1--
--Ann Lefevre10FW--Arkansas-1--
--Elizabeth Sisk20FW--Arkansas----
--? J Sisk6/12FW--Arkansas----