1850 Census

1850 Census Pulaski County, Arkansas

1 Dwelling houses in the order of visitation
2 Families numbered in the order of visitation
3 The name of evey person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June 1850, was in this family
4 age
5 Sex
6 color
7 Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 Years of age
8 Value of Real Estate owned
9 Place of Birth Naming the State, Territory or Country
10 Married within the year
11 Attended School within the year
12 Persons over 20 Years of age who can not read and write
13 Whether deaf and dumb, blind Insane, idiotic, pauper or convict

Free Inhabitants in Fouche Township in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated ny me on 25 day of October 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
--Rebecca Elenore36FW--Alabama--1-
--Eliza Jane Elenore8FW--Arkansas-1--
--Jas W Elenore6MW--Arkansas----
--Mary F Elenore1FW--Arkansas----
6868Tho A R Rowland29MWFarmer640Alabama----
--Barbary A Rowland23FW--Indiana----
--Margarette J Rowland4FW--Arkansas----
--E B Rowland3MW--Arkansas----
6969John Harris44MWFarmer700Alabama----
--Margarett Harris42FW--S Carolina----
--Wm D Harris19MW--Alabama----
--Martha Harris14FW--Alabama----
--Mary Harris13FW--Alabama----
--Caroline Harris8FW--Mississippi----
--Virginia Harris5FW--Mississippi----
--Elizabeth Harris1FW--Arkansas----
--Buy Norris27MWFarmer-Missouri----
7070Jarea C Martin43MWFarmer7000Tennessee----
--Mary Martin40FW--Arkansas----
--Jarves A Martin19MW--Arkansas-1--
--Elizabeth A Martin15FW--Arkansas-1--
--Wm A Martin12MW--Arkansas-1--
--Sarah B Martin10MW--Arkansas-1--
--Emily S Martin7FW--Arkansas----
--Mary D Martin4MW--Arkansas----
--Emily Kellam17FW--Arkansas----
7171Hardy Johnson32MWFarmer-Alabama----
--Sarah J Johnson29FW--Kentucky--1-
--John Johnson8MW--Arkansas----
--Wm M Johnson5MW--Arkansas----
--Henry H Johnson3MW--Arkansas---
--James M Johnson1MW--Arkansas----
--Sarah Blue17FW--Arkansas----
7272Charles Lewis51MWFarmer500N Carolina----
--Malinda Lewis46FW--Tennessee----
--Susan E Lewis14FW--Arkansas----
--John Lewis12MW--Arkansas----
--James Lewis7MW--Arkansas----
--Charles Lewis3MW--Arkansas----
7373Francis Lewis34MWFarmer150N Carolina----
--Jane Lewis30FW--Alabama----
--Sarah A Lewis11FW--Alabama-1--
--Mary Frances Lewis9FW--Alabama-1--

Free Inhabitants in Fouche Township in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated ny me on 25 day of October 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
--Henry T Lewis7MW--Alabama-1--
--James Polk Lewis5MW--Alabama----
--Martha J Lewis5/12FW--Arkansas----
7474Washington Lewis43MWFarmer1000N Carolina----
--Lucinda S Lewis31FW--Kentucky----
--Sarah E Lewis7FW--Arkansas----
--N J Lewis5MW--Arkansas----
--Martha A Lewis3FW--Arkansas----
--Judith A J Duval30FW--Kentucky----
7575Mary Douglass51FW-2000Tennessee----
--Sarah Douglass20FW--Arkansas----
--John Douglass21MW--Arkansas-1--
--Thos Douglass17MW--Arkansas----
--Sallie Douglass15MW--Arkansas----
--Emilie Douglass12FW--Arkansas-1--
7676John McAllister32MWFarmer-Tennessee----
--Mahulda McAllister26FW--Tennessee--1-
--Emili F McAllister9FW--Tennessee-1--
--Sarah A McAllister8FW--Tennessee-1--
--Martha C McAllister6FW--Tennessee-1--
--Rebecca J McAllister5FW--Tennessee----
--Mary McAllister4FW--Tennessee----
--Wm N McAllister1MW--Tennessee----
7777Sam A White30MWFarmer-Alabama1---
--Mary E White19FW--Arkansas1---
--Mary White68FW-8000Tennessee----
7878Sam Miller34MWPhysician4000Tennessee----
--Amanda M Miller30FW--Arkansas----
--David Bogle35MWCarpenter-Scotland----
--Henry G Buster31MWSteamboat Captain-Virginia----
--Chas Bailey15MW--N Carolina----
7979Allen Martin48MWFarmer6600Georgia----
--Maria S Martin26FW--Alabama----
--John R Martin9MW--Arkansas-1--
--Thos A Martin6MW--Arkansas-1--
--Mahala D Martin4FW--Arkansas----
--Mary E Martin2FW--Arkansas----
--Martha J Martin10/12FW--Arkansas----
8080J M Boyd34MWMinister M E C-Arkansas----
--Winney Boyd30FW--Tennessee----
--Sarah A Boyd2FW--Arkansas----

Free Inhabitants in Fouche Township in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 25 day of October 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
8181Sam McMonen35MWFarmer1500Scotland----
--Catherine McMonen32FW--New Jersey----
--B J McHenry4MW--Arkansas----
8282Wm B Thorn49MWPhysician2700New Jersey----
--Geo Jarves20MWLaborer-N Carolina----
8383Wm F Hicks26MWPainter800Tennessee----
--J C M Hicks24MWPainter400Tennessee----
--Isaac C Hicks22MWFarmer300Tennessee----
--Eliza Hicks23FW--Kentucky----
--Richard C Hicks20MWFarmer-Indiana-1--
--Edward L Hicks18MWFarmer-Indiana-1--
--Margarett Hicks1FW--Arkansas----
--Nancy J Hicks10FW--Indiana-1--
--Eli Smith35MWLaborer200Kentucky----
--Frances Smith8FW--Indiana-1--
--Frances Smith50FW--Virginia----
--Sam Adams55MWLaborer-N Carolina--1-
--Flora Wellinsviter18MWLaborer-Germany----
8484Wm Finley33MWFarmer400Arkansas----
--Betsy A Finley29FW--Illinois----
--Wm Finley9MW--Arkansas----
--Francis A Finley6MW--Arkansas----
--Sarah Finley3FW--Arkansas----
8585Wm Denton59MWFarmer150Tennessee----
--Sam Denton15MW--Alabama----
--Geo W Denton38MWFarmer-Tennessee--1-
8686Andrew Tucker48MWCarpenter-Virginia--1-
--Eliza Tucker24FW--Alabama--1-
--Henry T Tucker8MW--Arkansas----
--Milley T Tucker4FW--Arkansas----
--Washington Tucker13MW--Arkansas----
8787Joseph W Tucker35MWStonecutter-Mass----
--Sarah A Tucker28FW--Kentucky--1-
--Joan Tucker8FW--Kentucky--1-
--John H Tucker6MW--Arkansas----
--Catherine Tucker3FW--Arkansas----
--Sarah J Tucker2FW--Arkansas----
--Master E Tucker6/12FW--Arkansas----
8888Minerva Nailor37FW--Tennessee--1-
--Calvin C Nailor19MWFarmer-Alabama----
--Lolbert Nailor17MW--Alabama----

Free Inhabitants in Fouche Township in the County of Pulaski, State of Arkansas enumerated by me on 25 day of October 1850, John T Trigg, Ass't Marshall
--Riley C Nailor15MW--Alabama----
--Nancy Nailor10FW--Alabama----
--Alabama Nailor9FW--Alabama----
--Jessee Nailor6MW--Alabama----
--A G Buchhaunan20MWLaborer-Arkansas----
8989Jacob Couner72MWFarmer-Alabama--1-
--Betsy Couner62FW--S Carolina--1-
--Patrick Johnson25MWFarmer-Tennessee--1-
--Elizabeth Johnson22FW--Missouri--1-
--Wm Johnson5MW--Texas--1-
--John Johnson4/12MW--Arkansas----
9090Jacob Couch50MWFarmer700M Carolina---Deaf
--Elizabeth Couch36FW--Illinois--1-
--Mary M Couch18FW--Arkansas----
--Pinckney Couch15MW--Arkansas-1--
--Parson Couch12MW--Arkansas-1--
--A J Couch9FW--Arkansas----
--S E Couch7FW--Arkansas----
--Hardin Couch4MW--Arkansas----
--Rachel Couch2FW--Arkansas----
9191M Moore67MWFarmer-Penn----
--Margarett Moore53FW--Maryland----
--Mary Moore23FW--Penn----
--Rachel Moore20FW--Penn----
--Beulah Moore19FW--Penn----
--Martha Moore6FW--Penn----
9292Nathaniel Lewis48MWFarmer600N Carolina----
--Ruth R Lewis45FW--Tennessee----
--Harriett Lewis32FW--N Carolina----
--Jas Calvin Lewis24MW--Alabama-1--
--Geo W Lewis16MW--Arkansas---Dumb
--Mary Lewis12FW--Arkansas-1--
--Sarah M Lewis10FW--Arkansas----
9393John Lewis72MWFarmer500S Carolina----
--Martha Lewis57FW--Virginia----
--Thomas Lewis31MWFarmer200Missouri----
--Martha White8FW--Arkansas-1--
9494Enoch Davis56MWWaggon Maker-Kentucky----
--Sarah Davis46FW--New York----
--Squire Davis22MWFarmer50Illinois----
--W M Davis18MW--Arkansas-1--
--Martha Davis16FW--Arkansas----