Half Orphans in the Sisters of Charity Orphan Asylum, New York City, New York in the 1860 Census
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Sisters of Charity

In 1817 the Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum was founded by the Sisters of Charity. They were established and organized by Elizabeth Ann Seton, the co-founder of the Society for the Reilfe of Poor Widows. New York City's first Catholic orphanage was a small wooden building on Prince street. In 1826 a brick building was built to house the 150 orphans now living with the Sisters. In 1830 another building was erected to house the half-orphans (children with one surviving parent) in the care of the Sisters.

The Sisters of Charity were well known for their efforts during New York's cholera epidemic of 1832. By the late 1840s children under 15 made up almost 1/3 of New York City's population. Swarms of children lived on the streets. In 1853 a Truancy Law was passed which allowed police to arrest vagrant children between the ages of 5 and 14. Many of these children were made wards of the state and put into orphan asylums.

Half-Orphans in the Sisters of Charity Orphan Asylum, New York City, 14-WD, 13 ED, New York in the 1860 Census taken on 25 June

Llundeen [?] Marg't 3 not given
Kavanagh Anna 3 not given
Lovette Mary 3 not given
Gallatus Marg't 5 not given
Gallaher [?] Elizabeth 6 not given
Egan Mary 6 not given
Egan Susan 3 not given
Moria[?] Aldiline[?] 8 not given
Mair[?] Mary 6 not given
Morea[?] Eli[?] 3 not given
Boyle Anna W [?] 8 not given
Kane Susan 5 not given
Mullens Anna 5 not given
Whitley Cat'e 5 not given
Kelly Maria 4 not given
O' Brien Elisa 6 not given
O' Brien Cath'e 4 not given
McCaull Marg't 9 not given
L[?][?][?]l Mary 6 not given
Gorman Mary 5 not given
Savon [?] Cath'e 5 not given
Hullon[?] Mary 3 not given
Kavanagh Marg't 8 not given
Heatley Ellen 5 not given
Gayder[?] Mary 7 not given
McDermott Marg't 10 not given
Farrell Maria 9 not given
McCory Cath'e 10 not given
Petitie Louisa 10 not given
Mca{?] Anna E 10 not given
Hughes Mary A 5 not given
Paice[?] Mary A 6 not given
Cunningham Mary 10 not given
Gayder[?] Marg't 5 not given
McDonald Anna 10 not given
Roach Mary 10 not given
Coglan Mary 10 not given
Dwyre Margret 10 not given
Dwyre Cath'e 10 not given
Scott Mary 10 not given
Hewitt Cath'e 10 not given
Higgins Mary 10 not given
Pendergrass Mary 5 not given
Marley Marg't 5 not given
Conlen Mary 5 not given
Maltior[?} Margret 5 not given
Brown Cath'e 6 not given
Brown Mary A 5 not given
Yuke[?] Victori[?] 9 not given
Yuke[?] La[?] 7 not given
Waldrune Jane 10 not given
Rowley Marg't 9 not given
Scott Marclena 4 not given
Kerian [?] Bridget 6 not given
Morse Bridget 6 not given
Mead Sarah 10 not given
Stang Jane 10 not given
Stang Ellen 10 not given
Green Marg't 6 not given
McManus Mary 10 not given
McManus Cath'e 8 not given
Thurston Matilda 8 not given
Doyle Cath 4 not given
Doyle Mary 5 not given
McCormack Anne 9 not given
Gallagher Mary 6 not given
Cleary Teresa 8 not given
Barson Anne 10 not given
Kenney Cecilia 5 not given
Cooligan Elisa 10 not given
O' Brien Ellen 5 not given
McGorgle Mary 9 not given
Fitzgerald Ellen 9 not given
Kelly Elisa 10 not given
Brady Cath'e 8 not given
Waters Anne 9 not given
Foley Sarah U[?] 9 not given
O' Hanorell [?] Mary 10 not given
McQuillan Mary J 10 not given
Thurston Mary E 9 not given
McCormick Mary 12 not given
Smith Marg't 11 not given
South Anne 11 not given
Shellores [?] Mary A 11 not given
Judge Ann 12 not given
Sheilds Cath'e 9 not given
Holton Marg't 7 not given
Holton Julia 9 not given
Whitley Mary 6 not given
Maher Ellen 8 not given
Mcnally Hana 7 not given
Murphy Cath'e 6 not given
Dunn Cath'e 7 not given
Kelly Bedelia 6 not given
Kelly Maria 6 not given
Harley Mary A 8 not given
Dacon [?] Matilda 7 not given
Dacon [?] Marg't 9 not given
Trainor Marg't 10 not given
Langley Mary A 10 not given
Dooney Cath'e 8 not given
Carland Isabells [?] 9 not given
Donlan Cathy 5 not given
Donlan Elizabeth 3 not given
can't read Mary A 5 not given
Whelans Elizabeth 8 not given
Whelans Mary 4 not given
Whelans Mary 3 not given
Conoly Ellen 5 not given
Casey Mary 6 not given
no last name Marg't 3 not given
Con[?][?]t Ellen 8 not given
collins Maria 8 not given
Bevins Marg't 3 not given
Farrell Mary E 6 not given
no last name Ellen 3 not given
Belford Marg't 8 not given
Hall Cath'e 4 not given
South Ellen 8 not given
South Cath'e 6 not given
Crawford Cath'e 4 not given
Farrell Mary 3 not given
Howe Marg't 5 not given
Gladell Charlotta A 6 not given
Malone Anne 7 not given
Shorte Rosana 6 not given
Short Margaret 6 not given
Short Mary A 7 not given
McHam[?] Mary 9 not given
McHam[?] Bridget 4 not given
Tourey [?] Mary 4 not given
Cotter Elizabeth 4 not given
O' Brien Mary A 9 not given
Load[?] Cath'e 10 not given
Spart[?]n Mary 5 not given
McHaly Hester 9 not given
Cox Mary 7 not given
Cox Elisa 5 not given
can't read Elizabeth 4 [?} not given
Foy A {?} 8 not given
Spaher Mary 5 not given
Scallon Isabella 9 not given
O' Sullivan Cath'e 9 not given
no last name Hana 9 not given
Colby Catherine 4 not given
Fenesan [?] Mary 6 [?] not given
Rodriques Mary A 6 not given
McGorley Mary A 6 not given
Loger Marg't 8 not given
Joyce Emma 6 not given
McGum [?] Juliase [?] 5 not given
Dooley Julia 7 not given
Hughes Mary 6 not given
Rox Ellen 4 not given
McCarthey Cath'e 9 not given
Mooney Catharine 8 not given
Mooney no first name 6 not given
McGums Marg't 6 not given
Fairelly Sarah 7 not given
Spaher [?] Mray [?] 4 not given
Bru [?] Mary A 5 not given
Duckin Hana 6 not given
McGee Marg't 6 not given
Farley Sarah 7 not given
Costello Cath'e 7 not given
Layden Maria 4 not given
Brady Catherine 6 not given
no last name Mary 4 not given
Hack Mary 8 not given
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Last Updated on 09/02/04
Transcriber Laura Freeman
Checked by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

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