Orphans in St. Joseph Orphan Asylum, Brooklyn, Kings County New York 1880
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Orphans in St. Joseph Orphan Asylum, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York 1880

Surname First Name Age Place of Birth Father's Place of Birth Mother's Place of Birth
Abraham Lizzie 13 N.Y.    
Adams Elizabeth 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Ahearn Mary Agnes 12 N.Y.    
Allen Cath 7 New York    
Allison Mary 9 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Almstr--- Barbara 7 New York    
Almstr--- Helena 5 New York    
Anjoul____? Ellen 16 N.Y.    
B [illegible] Jennie 15 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Baker Cath. 4 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Barnes Annie 9 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Barnes Frances 13 N.Y.    
Bedell Cath 14 N.Y.    
Bing? Mary 13 Illinois    
Blijh [?] Cath. 15 N.Y.    
Bohan/Beehan [?] Mary A 13 Ireland    
Bony [?] Annie 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Bow[?] Amelia 16 Spain Spain N. Y.
Bow[?] Louisa 13 Spain Spain N. Y.
Bowman Josephine 8 St. Louis, Mi [sic]    
Boyles Mary Agnes 14 N.Y.    
Brady Annie 8 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Brickfiels Alice 16 N.Y.    
Broadhurst Annie 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Brophy Cath. 15 Conn.    
Brophy Margt 13 N.Y.    
Brown Mary 8 England Ireland England
Buckridge Jane 9 N.Y.    
Buckridge Sarah 11 N.Y.    
Bulln[r?]icks Sarah 19 N.Y.    
Burke Cath 10 Brooklyn, N.Y. New York illegible
Burke Cath 13 N.Y.    
Burke Lizzie 8 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Burke Maggie 8 America    
Burke Mary 6 New York    
Burnston? Burnton? Annie 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Burton Mary 10 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Byrnes Alice 11 England Ireland England
Byron Maggie 4 New York    
Callahan Annie 7 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Callahan Eliza 11 America    
Callahan Mary 5 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Callahan Mary 11 N.Y.    
Callahan Mary 13 America    
Campbell Mary 12 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Carey Elizabeth 10 N.Y.    
Carey Margt 14 N.Y.    
Carey/Casey [?] Agnes 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Carey/Corey Mary E 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Carlin Mary 16 N.Y.    
Carlin Rosie 12 New York    
Carney Annie 9 Poughkeepsie, N.Y.    
Carr Theresa 16 N.Y.    
Carroll Margt 8 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Carroll Margt 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Carroll Margt. 16 New York    
Carroll Mary 4 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Carroll Mary 10      
Casey Bridget 20 N.Y.    
Casey Mary 5 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Cavanagh Cath 10 6/12. Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Chilton Cath 19 N.Y.    
Clancey Jennie 9 Ireland Ireland Ireland
Clancey Sarah 6 New York    
Clancey Suzzie 5 New York    
Clarke Cort/Case[?} 7 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Clarke Lizzie 5 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Clyne Elizabeth 8 6/12. Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Clyne Mary E 13 6/12. Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Coffee Margaret A 10 6/12. Flatbush N.Y    
Colyer Mary 16 N.Y.    
Connagle [?] Cath. J 8 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Connelly Elizabeth 11 N.Y.    
Coogan Alice 11 America Ireland Ireland
Corbett Mary A 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Cossin/Cassin [?] Sally 16 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Creyan/Creegan [?] Cath 14 N.Y.    
Creyan/Creegan [?] Mary 4 N.Y.    
Crogan/Coogan [?] Annie 13 N.Y.    
Crogan/Coogan [?] Mary 16 N.Y.    
Crowson? Crenan? Margt. 1 [?] America Ireland  
Cummings Elizabeth 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Cummings Margt. 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Cunningham Margt. 4 Ireland    
Cunningham Mary J 20 N.Y.    
Curtan/Custans [?] Annie 16 N.Y.    
Curtan/Custans [?] Delia 11 N.Y.    
Curtan/Custans [?] Margt. 16 N.Y.    
Cushman Maggie 5 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Cushman Mary 8 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Daley Elizabeth 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Daley/Deley Cath. 6 Brooklyn, N.Y. England Ireland
Daley/Deley Ellen 13 Brooklyn, N.Y. England Ireland
Daley/Deley Mary 9 Brooklyn, N.Y. England Ireland
Deehan Margt. 13 America   Ireland
Devine Ellie 14 U. S.    
Dillon Annie 8 New York    
Dillon Cath 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Dillon Mary 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Doherty Anne Maria 16 N.Y.    
Donnelly Mary 11 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Donohue Alice 8 New York    
Donohue Mary 11 New York    
Dooley Rosie 8 America   U.S.
Dorch? Ellen 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Dorsey Cath 10 6/12. Indiana    
Doyle Cath 7 N.Y.    
Doyle Sarah 13 N.Y.    
Doyle Theresa 7 N.Y.    
Duffy Mary 2 1/2 America    
Dugan Annie 14 New York    
Dugan Ellen 8 New York    
Dugan Mary 10 New York    
Dunphy Mary 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Egan Elizabeth 10 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Elctroadham [?] Mary 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Elliott Elizabeth 17 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Engleman Sophia 20 St. W --- ?    
Ennis Annie 3 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Fagan Mary 19 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Fegan Mary 8 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Fisher Mary 16 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Fitzgerald Annie 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Fitzgerald Mary 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Fitzgerald Mary J 16 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Flaherty Annie 11 6/12. Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Flockhart Jennie 7 N.Y.    
Flynn Maria 4 N.Y.    
Foley? Johanna 15 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Forbes Alice 7 N.Y. Ireland NY
Foster Lizzie 9 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Foy Emma J 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Fritz Lena 6 New York    
Froman Annie 9 New York    
Froman Mary 14 New York    
Fry Margt. 13 New York    
Gall Jennie 9 Mass.    
Garison Margt. 11 Canada Ireland Ireland
Garison Mary 9 6/12. Canada Ireland Ireland
Gengans? Cath 5 New York Ireland Ireland
Gerrity? Eliz. J 9 New York    
Gerrity? Isabell 10 New York    
Gerrity? Susan 6 New York    
Gillan Bridget 18 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Gillen Mary 5 New York    
Gilmartin Annie 10 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Gilmartin Cath 10 6/12. Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Gilven Frances 9 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Godwin Cath 6 Englewood? NY    
Godwin Mary 8 Englewood? NY    
Goldens [?] Mary 12 New York    
Gorman Mary 3 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Graham Mary 19 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Graham Susie 11 N.Y. England Ireland
Grant Loretta 10 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Graves Elizabeth 5 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Gregory Elizabeth 18 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Gregory Ellen 16 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Gregory Theresa 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Grieves G--ie 11 New York    
Grieves Josephine 8 New York    
Grimes Elizabeth 15 Maine    
Hafferty Ellen 8 N.Y.    
Hafferty Sarah 10 N.Y.    
Hamlin Margt 20 N.Y.    
Hanlin Margt 15 N.Y.    
Hanlin Theresa 13 N.Y.    
Harkins Bridget 12? Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Harper Annie 7 New York    
Hart Ma_ha? 9 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Hasset [?] Annie 12 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Hasset [?] Elizabeth 10 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Haynes Nellie 5 Fort. S[?] N.Y. Ireland Brooklyn
Henry Ellen 13 N.Y.    
Henson Mary 7 Brooklyn, N.Y. Denmark Ireland
Higgins Ellen 6 Fort. Jefferson N.Y.    
Higgins Jennis 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Hine Nellie 12 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Hine Sarah 6 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Hockett Cath 7 N.Y.    
Holleran Annie 8 Ireland    
Horan Margt 8 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Hughes Elizabeth 13 Ireland    
Hughes Jennie 12 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Hughes Mary 9 England U.S. U.S.
Hughes Mary 14 Ireland    
Hullett Annie 15 New York    
Ines [?] Mary 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Jackson Efffie 10 New York    
Jackson Ellen 12 New York    
Jackson Hannah 11 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Jamison Adeline 6 Sheepshen Way? NY NJ Brooklyn
Jamison H_ea? 12 Sheepshen Way? NY NJ Brooklyn
Jamison Loretta 7 Sheepshen Way? NY NJ Brooklyn
Jennings Annie 4 N.Y. Ireland Brooklyn
Jepo Josephine 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Jones Sarah 10 New York    
Joyce Mary 6 N.Y.    
Kearnes [?] Mary A 10 N.Y.    
Kearney Annie 14 N.Y.    
Kearney Nellie 5      
Kearney Rosie 10 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland NJ
Kearney Sophia 10 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Keating Julie F 6 Brooklyn, N.Y. New York illegible
Kelley Johanna 7 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Kelly Cath.L 11 N.Y.    
Kelly Mary 18 [?] N.Y.    
Kennedy Ellen 20 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Kenney Agnes 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Kenney Cath 9 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Kenney Ellen 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Kenyon Frances 17 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Keyes Cath 8 New York    
Kiernan Annie E. 14 N.Y.    
Kiernan Isabelle 9 N.Y.    
Kiernan Margt. 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Kierney Cath 8 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Killerndale? Nellie 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Kilough Annie 9 N.Y.    
Kime/Kerne? Mary 10 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Lamb Cath 12 N.Y.    
Lamb Mary 14 N.Y.    
Leary Mary 4 Brooklyn, N.Y.   Ireland
Lee Flora 19 N.Y.    
Leech Maggie 13 New York    
Lonahan Margt. 5 N.Y.    
Maher Cath 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Mahoney Julia 19 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Mallone Sarah 10 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Malone Annie 13 N.Y.    
Malone Cath. 13 New York    
Malone Cather [?] 11 N.Y.    
Malone Mary 11 New York    
Manion Cath 9 New York    
Manion Mary 12 New York    
Marler/Marlow [?] Mary C. 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Marley Annie 19 N.Y.    
Mater? Cath 17 N.Y.    
May Louise 10 N.Y.    
Mayer Elizabeth 11 Newport Rhode Island    
Mayer Josephine 10 Newport Rhode Island    
Mc Fadden Mary A 8 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Mc Gettyon Martina 21 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
McConnell Essie 5 Brooklyn, N.Y. U.S U.S.
McCutchins Anastasia 12 N.Y.    
McCutchins Helena 13 N.Y.    
McCutchins Mary 16 N.Y.    
McDermott/McDevitt? Mary 7 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland  
McDermott/McDevitt? Susie 5 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland  
McFeely Florence 13 N.Y.    
McGillen Ellen 15 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
McGintey Annie 13 N.Y.    
McGintey Delia 21 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
McGivens? Mary E 9 New York    
McGlynn Theresa 17 England    
McGovern Cath. 3 6/12. N.Y.    
McGuire Cath 12 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
McGuire Cecilia 8 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
McGuire Mary 14 N.Y.    
McGuire Theresa 14 N.Y.    
McNally Mary A. 10 Ireland Ireland Ireland
McNamara Celine? 8 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
McNamara Eliza 12 N.Y.    
McNulty Elizabeth 5 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
McNulty Mary 7 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Meade Cath. 19 New York    
Meade Mary A 17 New York    
Meehan Mary 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Meyers Mary A 12 N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Moran Cath 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Moran Rosanne 12 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Nagle Mary 10 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland England
Neilson Mary 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Nellis? Cath 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Nellis? Emma 10 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Nelson Lizzie 10 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Nelson Mary 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Nolan Mary E. 10 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Norse Cath 7 N.Y.    
Nunamaker Elizabeth 13 New York    
Nunamker Gertrude 5 Brooklyn, N.Y. Germany England
O' Brien Annie 16 N.Y.    
O' Brien Bridget 14 New York    
O' Brien Cath. 10 New York    
O' Brien Cath. 13 New York    
O' Brien Maggie 13 New York    
O' Brien Mary 10 New York    
O' Brien Winifred 12 New York    
O' Leary Alici[?] 8 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
O' Leary Cath 7 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
O' Neil Margt 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
O' Neil Theresa 15 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
O' Reilly Mary 6 N.Y.    
O'donnell Loretta 3 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
O'Keefe Cath 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Patiticus Annie 6 6/12. N.Y.    
Patten Margt. 11 6/12. Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Pendergast Ellen 13 Brooklyn, N.Y. U.S. U.S.
Pendergast Rosie 5 Brooklyn, N.Y. U.S. U.S.
Pendergast Sarah 7 Brooklyn, N.Y. U.S. U.S.
Penteney Mary 10 Astoria N. Y    
Pep__ton? Mary 9 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Peterson Clare 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Phelan Annie 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Powers Sarah 4 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Pritchard Mary 8 1/2 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Purcell Margt 12 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Quigley Margt 5 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Quigley Mary A 4 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Quillen Agnes 14 N.Y.    
R[?]llett Mary A 12 Newtown, NY    
Reed Cath 3 N.Y. New York New York
Reed Maggie 8 N.Y. New York New York
Reid Ellen 9 N.Y.    
Reilly Elizabeth 15 N.Y.    
Reimer Annie F 12 N.Y.    
Reynolds Julianne 20 N.Y.    
Riordan Ann J 13 N.Y.    
Rogers Annie 10 Brooklyn, N.Y. US U.S
Rogers Hattie 10 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Rooney Elizabeth 20 New York    
Rooney? Mary 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Russell Mary J 21 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Ryan Ann 11 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Salsberry Bridget 20 N.Y.    
Salsberry Jennie 20 N.Y.    
Saltes/Saller [?] Cath 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Saltes/Saller [?] Cora 11 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Scanlon Margt. 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Schultz Mary 10 New York    
Sears Maggie 5 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Sears Mary E 6 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Sears Cath 2 6/12. Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Shaw Elizabeth 10 New York    
Shaw Ellen 13 New York    
Shepherd Mary 18 N.Y.    
Shields Annie 14 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Shields Mary J 16 N.Y.    
Simms Mary 5 New York    
Sinclair Rosie 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Smith Mary L 15 N.Y.    
Splan/Sphan [?] Margt 19 N.Y.    
Stenson? Annie 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Stenson? Margt. 10 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Stone Jennie 17 N.Y.    
Sweeney Annie[?] 14 N.Y.    
Sweeney Eliz 5 New York    
Tobin Cath 20 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Tochlorniare? Annie 5 [?] Point N.Y.    
Tochlorniare? Cath 6 [?] Point N.Y.    
Tuttle Maggie 10 N.Y.    
Van Nostrom Mary 16 New York    
Vern Delia 8 New York Ireland Ireland
Walker Elizabeth 8 New York    
Walker Isabelle 14 New York    
Wallace Mary 8 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Washington Agnes 7 PA    
Washington Mary [?] PA    
Welsh Anne 8 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Welsh Bridget 8 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Welsh Cath 13 New York    
Welsh Rosie [?] New York    
Welsh Ellie 13 New York    
Werner [?] Margt. 11 6/12. Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Whelan Ann 8 New York    
Whelan Cath 19 N.Y.    
Whelan Lizzie 5 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Whelan Maggie 7 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Whelan Mary 9 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Whipple Liley [?] 8 N.Y.    
White Ellen 11 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
White Mary 6 Brooklyn, N.Y. Ireland Ireland
Williams Josephine 13 N.Y. London? NY
Williams Susie 13 Buffalo N.Y. Ireland England
Wilson Cath 19 Ireland    
Wilson Margt 16 Ireland    
Wilson Mary 14 1/2 Ireland    
Wingham Blanche 3 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Wingham Jane A 5 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Wood mary 21 New York    
Woods Mary 19 N.Y.    
Young Ellen 13 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Young Harriet 10 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Young Mary 8 Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Young Mary 10 New York Germany U.S.

Last Updated on 14/02/04
Transcriber Laura Freeman
Proofreader Lorine McGinnis Schulze

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