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North American Life Assurance Company List of Shareholders 1890

Recently I found an old book called "Report of the Superintendent of Insurance of the Dominion of Canada for the Year Ending 31st December 1890"

The book was published in 1891 in Ottawa, Canada, and included in its pages are approximately 60 pages of names of shareholders and guarantors for various Insurance and Assurance Companies across Canada.

The date for the list of names is 1890 and the wonderful thing about these is that they include people from all over Canada, as well as USA and Europe.

Each individual has a residence listed, in some cases, an actual street address. What really intrigued me about these lists was that the residences included such places as:

Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Scotland, New York, Quebec, Vermont, Pennsylvania, NWT, England, Illinois, India, Newfoundland, Manitoba, Cape Breton, Jamaica, Ireland, Kentucky, Tennessee, Massachussets, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Channel Islands, and Wales.

These lists can be used simply to verify that an individual lived in a certain place in 1890. They also contain quite a bit of detail for some entries, which are terrific clues for further research.

North American Life Assurance Company List of Shareholders 1890
Surname First Name Comment Residence No. of Shares Amount Subscribed for in $ Amount paid up in cash $
Allan Hon. G. W.   Toronto   2,000 400
Belcher Jos. S. Trustee Halifax, N.S.   2,000 400
Blaikie J. L.   Toronto   10,000 2,000
Blaikie J. L. in Trust do [Toronto]   17,000 3,400
Braine Ann   Halifax, N.S.   2,500 500
Burns John   Toronto   2,000 400
Blake Hon. Edward   do [Toronto]   10,000 2,000
Burpee Hon. Isaac Executors Estate of St. John, N.B.   5,000 1,000
Campbell A. H.   Toronto   2,000 400
Carruthers J.   Kingston   2,000 400
Cartwright Sir R. J., M.P.   do [Kingston]   2,000 400
Carlyle James, M.P.   Toronto   6,000 1,200
Clarke E. F., M.P.P.   do [Toronto]   2,000 400
Davies Hon. L. H., Q.C.   Charlottetown, P.E.I.   7,000 1,400
Fudger Harris Henry   Toronto   11,800 2,360
Gordon William   do [Toronto]   2,000 400
Gurney Edward, jun.   do [Toronto]   2,000 400
Gunn A.   Kingston   2,000 400
Hewett Rev. Wm. J.   Lancaster, Ont.   1,700 340
Jones Hon. A. G.   Halifax, N.S.   2,000 400
Kerr J. K., Q.C.   Toronto   18,000 3,600
Lake J. N.   do [Toronto]   2,000 400
Lovitt William D.   Yarmouth, N.S.   10,000 2,000
Morris Hon. Alex., M.P.P.   Toronto   5,000 1,000
Meredith E. A., L.L.D.   Rosedale   2,000 400
Morison J.   Toronto   7,000 1,400
Mowat Hon. O., M.P.P.   do [Toronto]   2,000 400
MacDonald Hon. D. A.   Montreal   10,000 2,000
Mackenzie Hon. A., M.P.   Toronto   15,000 3,000
McCabe William, F.I.A.   do [Toronto]   21,500 4,300
McKay Hugh   Montreal   2,000 400
McLennan Hugh   do [Montreal]   2,000 400
McCrae D.   Guelph   2,000 400
McRitchie Rev. Geo.   Almonte, Ont.   5,000 1,000
Proudfoot Hon. Vice-Chancellor   Toronto   10,000 2,000
Robertson Andrew   Montreal   10,000 2,000
Scott James   Toronto   10,000 2,000
Smith Dr. L. W.   do [Toronto]   10,000 2,000
Smith Sir Albert Estate of the late Dorchester, N.B.   7,000 1,400
Smith Hon. Frank, Senator   Toronto   2,000 400
Strathy H. S., Gen. Manager in Trust do [Toronto]   10,000 2,000
Taylor Mrs. Margaret in Trust do [Toronto]   12,500 2,500
Thorburn Dr.   do [Toronto]   10,000 2,000
Wellington W. E. in Trust do [Toronto]   5,000 1,000
Wilson D.D.   Seaforth   2,000 400
Willett Annie   Yarmouth, N.S.   5,000 1,000
Young Geo. P., M.A.   Toronto   10,000 2,000

By Jim Clark

Choose from the following Lists of Shareholders & Guarantors in 1890 [Please note that volunteer transcribers are hard at work typing up the rest of these lists of names, so check back often to see what new lists have been added]:



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