Wheeler County, Oregon 1901 Marriages
Old Fossil Cemetery

Sorted alphabetically by Groom
Boardman, Vincent E.
Waterman, Veva
Oct. 4, 1901
J.W. Waterman, Annie McCallum
J.W. Waterman's home
Brown, H.B.
Hawk, Florence
April 2, 1901
Wheeler Co.
Charles S. Fox, J.M. Leonard
George Hawk's home
Butler, W.M
Shrier, Susan
July 24, 1901
Wheeler Co.
I.F. Shown, J.C. Sears
Charles McKenzie's home
Crawford, Albertus E.
Smead, Fannie
May 19, 1901
Robert Warner, Ethel Archer
M.E. Church
Derr, Martin M
Mattison, Katie Dee
Aug. ?, 1901
Annie Forester, J.F. Forester
Records Office
Donivan, Leslie H.
Robinson, Emma M.
Dec. 8, 1901
Wheeler Co.
C.M. Spencer, William Fisher
Bride's home
Freeman, W.E.
Lewis, Stella
April 19, 1901
Sarah Ware, F.B. Holman
Sarah Ware's home
Hardie, Joshua Y.
Meyers, May M.
Sept. 22, 1901
Wheeler Co.
Mason Meyers, William Hardie
Mason Meyer's home
Hicks, Charles S.
Lee, Fannie
March 13, 1901
Wheeler Co.
Edward Lee, Allen Lee
Edward Lee's home
Huntley, R.F.
Jordan, Elizabeth
Jan. 23, 1901
Wheeler Co.
Robert John Palmer, Charles Wright
J.F. Jordan's home
Jones, Emory
Robinson, Katie
Aug. 21, 1901
Lost Valley
J.S. Jones, J.L. Robinson
J.L. Robinson's home
Knox, Homer
Warner, Mabel
June 30, 1901
Wheeler Co.
George S. Carr, Mrs. Carr
G.S. Carr's home
Mittan, Charles C.
Sherler, Helen
Jan. 21, 1901
Martin Johnson, Gillis Kelsay
W.W. Hoover's home
Montgomery, Thomas V.
Duncan, Lydia C.
Aug. 28, 1901
Wheeler Co.
Dr. H. M. Shaw, Dr. M.B. Shaw
T.J. Smith's home
Munger, Hart
Beaber, Myrtle E.
Jan. 16, 1901
David C. Beaber, Sarah A. Munger
David C. Beaber's home
Piper, William
Smith, Nellie
Nov. 7, 1901
Wheeler Co.
Victoria Smith, D.M. Leonard
B.W. Smith's home
Rogers, Robert S.
Pederson, Jessie E.
July 24, 1901
C.W. Whitcomb, Grace Whitcomb
Hamilton Hotel
Royce, Charles
Mathis, Ervia G.
Oct. 9, 1901
Wheeler Co.
E.R. Hunlock, Jesse Shelley
John H. Mathis' home
Shown, E.R.
Osborn, Mary C.
Nov. 21, 1901
Wheeler Co.
M.J. Jackson, Hattie Hornibrook
Gordon Shown's home
Stewart, John
Evans, Lorena J.
March 6, 1901
W. Rettie, John Campbell
Harry Reed's home
Tate, Daniel
Clarno, Louise
April 21, 1901
Wheeler Co.
Ralph Clarno, R.F. Huntley
Nimrod Huntley's home
Thompson, J.B.
Hughes, Sarah J.
Sept. 10, 1901
G.O. Butler (clerk), I.F. Shown
County Clerk's Office
Whitehead, Edwin
McKalvey, Vina
March 5, 1901
Wheeler Co.
T. J. Jones, Mrs. James Kershaw
"at his home"

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