Welcome to the genealogy site for Tillamook County, Oregon - land of trees, cheese and ocean breeze. Tillamook has a mild climate with enough rainfall to create year around brilliant green fields - perfect for raising dairy cattle. Tillamook cattle produce the finest ice cream and cheese exported anywhere in the world. Early Swiss and German settlers saw these green valleys and immediately the cheese industry was born. So browse our pages, leave a query and come back again.
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OSH is the custodian of the cremated remains of about 3,500 people who died between 1914 and the 1970s. Most of them died at the state hospital. But some were residents of the Oregon State Penitentiary or four now-defunct institutions — Fairview Training Center, Dammasch State Hospital, Oregon State Tuberculosis Hospital and Mid-Columbia Hospital. This is an alphabetical list of cremains that the Oregon State Hospital still holds.
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Families who identify relatives on this list should contact Medical Records Services at 503-945-2976. You can also reach Medical Records Services by e-mail at oshcremains@state.or.us or postal mail: OSH Medical Record Services, 2600 Center St. NE, Salem, OR, 97301.

To claim the remains, families will need to provide the following information:

A certified copy of the deceased patient's death certificate, which is available from the Department of Human Services; order information is available by calling 971-673-1190 in Portland. Death certificates will be returned to the family. For information about ordering a death certificate, go to www.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/chs/order/faqs.shtml
A signed "Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Information" form, which the hospital needs to release the ashes, records or both. The form is available on the Department of Human Services website. Search for form 2099.
A letter providing enough information to confirm that the person making the request is related to the deceased individual.
Once all the required documentation is received, Medical Record Services will review and process the request. If the request is approved you will be contacted to schedule an appointment to claim the cremains. Please keep in mind this process can take up to 30 days.

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