About Sherman County, Oregon

About Sherman County, Oregon


Sherman County Facts and Historical Overview published by the Oregon Secretary of State.

Quick Information from the U.S. Census Bureau published February 2002


Approved by the Oregon Legislative Assembly on February 25, 1889, an Act of General Laws created the County of Sherman and fixed the salaries of County Judge and Treasurer. A very tidy description of the new county's geographic boundaries used the Columbia, John Day and Deschutes rivers as primary demarcations. The original county seat was designated as Wasco (the town) until a permanent location was adopted by the voters of the county. Temporary officials were authorized, with the salary for county judge set at $300 a year, the county treasurer, $100, and the stock inspector, $300. The sheriff and clerk were each allowed to collect the same fees as the Wasco County officials. The permanent stock inspector, to be later appointed by the county court, was only allowed a salary of $100 a year.


George H. Thompson, R. F. Gibbons of Wasco County, and O. M. Scott of Sherman County were directed by the law to determine the value of property on which taxes would be assessed and collected, and the amount of indebtedness to be assumed by Sherman County. Details of how and when the men were to complete and file their report were spelled out, with a short, but comprehensive, provision for appeal on their decision. The work of transcribing Wasco County records affecting real estate within Sherman County was to be contracted out to the "lowest responsible and efficient bidder", but specifically allowed for the Sherman County clerk to bid on the project. And not least, the Act described the duty of the superintendent of schools of Wasco County to transcribe and provide information to the Sherman County officials so that distribution of the school fund could take place.



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