Cemeteries in Polk County



Name of Cemetery
Alderman Bethel Heights Rd 
J. Rowland Farm
Spring Valley 1896
Ball Family (Ballston) May Yocum Rd. NW of Ballston 1853
Baskett Family   1 1/2 Mi. N. of Dixie 1891
Bethel*   Amity 1848
Blair Near Harmony Cem. NE of Buell 1853
 W.C. Brown** Between Dallas & Polk Station 1854
Buena Vista Charles Bauman Rd. Monmouth 1846
Burch Family In a Field SE of Rickreall 1845
Butler Davidson off Hwy 51 S. of Monmouth 1854
Carey Behind Carey Candy Store Falls City Late 1800
Cemetery Hill   Independence 1872
Chamberlain In Field S. of Helmick Park 1859
Claremont   Summit  
Dallas IOOF Hwy 223 S. of Dallas  
DallasA-D E-L M-W 2065 SW Fairview Ave. Dallas 1847
Davidson/Butler/Rodgers Hwy 51 S. of Monmouth 1854
Edwards Pioneer - Photos North Road Peedee  
Embree In Field SE of Rickreall 1863
English   Monmouth 1851
Etna Hwy 99W Rickreall 1852
Fall City (Old City) County Rd. 8619 Fall City 1892
Fall City IOOF   E. of Fall City 1907
Fast    Dallas  
Fir Crest   Monmouth 1848
Fort Hill 2 mi west of Wallace Bridge  Fort Hill  
Graves, Diana      
George Brown      
George Kirby Gay private 1 grave Wallace Rd W.Salem 1870
Gold Creek Hwy 18 & 22    
Grand Ronde Indian Grand Ronde  
William Harland Family  William Harland Farm Hwy 22 NE of Dallas 1893
Harmony   Ballston  
Hart-Riggs Hwy 223 E. Side of Road 1/2 mi S. of Fern Corner 1848
Highland Orchard Heights & Doaks Ferry Rd. No longer in existence 1870
Hilltop Corvallis Rd.  Independence  
Hooker Family logged over S. of Monmouth  
Hubbard 1/2 mi from Oakhurst School Fall city  
Hussey DLC   Grand Ronde  
Indian-Grand Ronde   Grand Ronde  
Jennings Bethel Heights Rd. Zena 1872
Joseph Edwards Pioneer  Burbank Rd & Hwy 223 Pedee  
Liggett All graves moved to New Smith Monmouth 1873
Lewis Family  New Smith Monmouth 1856
Marks Farm Co. Rd. #7411 2 graves 1854
McGuire Farm McGuire Farm Lewisville
McTimmonds McTimmonds DLC 2 graves 1878
Montgomery Hwy 223 2 mi E. Pedee 1854
Nealy Family      
Nesmith James W.  Polk Co. Fairgrounds 
Near Rickreall Creek
Rickreall 1885
Pedee 1/2mi W. Pedee schoolhouse Kings Valley across from Wormer Cem. 1859
Pleasant Hill Nathan Connor DLC Ballston 1852
Putnam Farm   Eola Area 1893
Rest Lawn Brunk Rd./Hwy 22 Rickreall New
Robbins Moved to IOOF Dallas  
Salt Creek Salt Creek Rd. Dallas 1851
Schragg Near Liberty Dallas 1882
Shaw DLC Farmed over 
Brunks Corner
Rickreall 1856
Smith Fir Crest Monmouth `857
Stump Farm Fishbath Hill Rd Near Airlie 1880
Union Baptist Harmony Rd. Ballston 1861
Wallace Bridge Old Wallace Bridge Rd.    1870
Waymire   Dallas  
Whitaker private family Monmouth 1856
Williams behind Airlie School 1/2mi S. Airlie 1865
Whitley   Monmouth  
Wormer North Rd.  Kings Valley 1887
Zena Brush College Rd.  Amity 1858


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