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Oregon Pioneer

      The Oregon Pioneer List (OPL) is a list of settlers to Oregon who migrated to or were born in Oregon prior to 1900 (included in the 1900 Oregon Census) and obtained from those sent (e-mailed) directly from individuals doing genealogical research.

       Note that the list is always under development. We will update the list every few weeks with any new data we can obtain.  Please bear with us. Depending upon submissions we reserve the right to alter, amend or modify the chronological period of time covered by this list.  We will try to get your submissions up as quickly as  possible, but it may sometimes take us a while because of  family  work and other commitments.

The Oregon Pioneer List (OPL) works much like a mailing list. Each entry in the OPL is given with a Contact. You can find each Contact identified in the Contacts file. Each Contact in the Contacts file is given with a minimum of an e-mail address. 

Send (e-mail) questions directly to the moderator:
Please do not send me lookup requests.  If you have lookup request please visit the web sites for the counties you are researching and utilize their lookup volunteers.  Thank You.

Kathy Todd

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