Vanished Cities  


      The People who settled the Oregon Territory in the 19th century came here from a variety of reasons.  Some were fur traders, some missionaries; many were farmers, some were miners.  A few were simply restless or curious.
      Whatever their reasons for braving the Oregon Trail, most of them had a solid vision in common once they were here:  They wanted to for a community.
     Judging from letters and speaches they left us, everyone had hopes and dreams for their communities.  They all thought their little town had a future.
     In the past 100 years, however, most of those places have vanished--some without a trace.
     Some are now nothing more than a name on a map.  Some left behind a few ruins.  Some nothing but memories.
     At one point, Marion County had 90 functional postoffices, each serving its own community.  At least 63 of those have long since closed, as there was no longer a need for them.

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