First Kentucky "Orphan" Brigade 


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Orphan Brigade Homepage


This Table of Contents is provided as a guide to navigating the Orphan Brigade Homepage.  Only the major sections and subpages are indexed here; there are some other internal links on some of the pages that do not appear here.



  • Background of the Orphan Brigade   --  basic facts of what, who, when, &c.
  • Composition  --   organizational charts of the Brigade at various points in its history
  • Battle Honors  --  pages on various battles and campaigns of the Brigade
  • Flags, uniforms, weapons, and equipment of the Orphan Brigade
  • Sketches of Brigade subunits
  • "From the Front"  --   letters, reports, reminiscences by Brigade members
  • FAQs  --  Frequently Asked Questions

Data Page

  • Burial locations of Brigade soldiers, with searchable database
  • Photo Gallery  --   nearly 100 images of Orphan Brigade soldiers and veterans
  • Rosters of some Orphan Brigade companies

Resources for further research

Other information  --   Guestbook and Chat section




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