9th Kentucky Infantry, CSA Field and Staff

    First Kentucky "Orphan" Brigade 

      9th Kentucky Infantry, CSA
      Field and Staff

The following is the roster of the Field and Staff for the 9th Kentucky Infantry, CSA. Our thanks to Don McReynolds, who took the time to transcribe this for us.

Caldwell John W Colonel 4/22/1863 9/22/1861 Russellville KY Was promoted successively from Capt of Co "A", was wounded at Shiloh 4/16/1861 , wounded again at Chickamauga 9/20/1863 Russelville KY Pg 434 In Thompson's History of the Orphan Brigade This gives a complete history of not only Colonel John W. Caldwell but of the Regiment. After the war he returned to Russellville and to his Law practice, represented 3rd District in KY Congress
Wickliffe John C Lieutant Colonel 4/22/1863 10/2/1861 Camp Green River Was promoted successively from Captain of Co "B" Bardstown KY Pg 447 In Thompson's History of the Orphan Brigade This gives a complete history of not only Lt Colonel John C Wickliffe but of the Regiment.
Hunt Thomas H Colonel 10/3/1861 10/1/1861 Bowling Green KY Organized regiment at Bowling Green KY was designated as the Fifth KY Inf. Gallant conduct on the field at Shiloh, Baton Rouge LA, was wounded at later place, meritorious conduct at Hartsville 12/7/1862 declined commission as Brig Gen. & resigned 4/1863 Lexington KY Pg 429 Thompson's History of the Orphan Brigade, In command of the 9th at Baton Rouge, Resigned toward the end of April 1863 do to his sense of duty to his family After the war he was located in New Orleans and died there 5/6/1884
Gray Henry W Assistant QM 11/4/1861 11/4/1861 Bowling Green KY Served as Assistant QM of this regiment until 2/1862 when he resigned Louisville KY was appointed captain and assistant quartermaster, September 1861 and served with the regiment till February, 1862 when he resigned.
Perry James Mort Assistant QM 5/17/1862 9/22/1861 Russellville KY Was 1st Lt of Co. "A", promoted to Captain and Assistant QM 5/17/1862 Russellville KY Elected 1st Lt at organization and again at re-organization. Was assigned duty in QM Dept. 4/17/1862, fought at Shiloh but was confined to legitimate duties of his office tilll the close. Died in Louisville 4/1885
Vacaro Phil Assistant CS 11/14/1861 Bowling Green KY Was a member of Co "B" and appointed Assistant CS dropped 8/2/1862 Louisville KY Was appointed Captian and A. C. S. 1861 and served in the commissary dept. throughtout the war.
Bell William Adjutant 1/28/1862 10/1861 Bowling Green KY was appointed Adjutant 1/28/1862, and mortally wounded at Shiloh 4/7/1862 and died from wounds at Memphis TN shortly after Louisville KY was appointed first lieutenant and adjutant October 1861. He was mortally wounded in the Battle at Shiloh, and died at Memphis shortly afterward.
Pendleton John Ed Surgeon 10/6/1861 10/6/1861 Russellville KY Was appointed and assigned to Col. Thomas H. Hunt's regimentand served as regimental surgeon until after Baton Rouge. Assigned to Gen Breckinridge staff left with wounded at Mufreesboro, then appointed medical inspector for Cav. Army of Tennessee Hartford Engaged in the Battle of Baton Rouge,Medical inspector during the engagement of Stone River Native of Washington Co and graduated from the University of Louisville in 1854. He was assigned duty with the Ninth regiment,
Smith Alfred Surgeon 3/21/1864 10/6/1861 Bardstown KY Was promoted to be Surgeon from Assistant Surgeon 3/21/1864 Bardstown KY
Byrne Walter J Surgeon 11/26/1862 Was assigned as Surgeon of this regiment as successor to Dr. John Ed Pendleton Russellville KY
Hester Benjamin L Assistant Surgeon 10/1/1862 North Carolina Served with the Sixth Regiment KY Infantry from 12/1863 until 4/1864 and after with the 9th Regiment to the close of the war North Carolina Assigned to the Ninth in April 1864 and served with it till the remainer of the war.
Bryson John H Chaplain 3/26/1862 Tennessee Was Chaplain of Crew's TN Battalion until that organization was disbanded after the battle of Shiloh, when assigned to this regiment and in Spring of 1863 was assigned to hospitals. Tennessee Assigned to this Battalion from March 1862 till Spring 1863 when he was assigned to duty in hospitals.
Chipley William D Adjutant 3/1/1863 10/1/1861 Camp Green River KY was promoted to Adjutant from Sgt-Major, 3/1/1863, was wounded at Shiloh, Chickamauga and taken prisoner at Intrechment Creek 7/22/1864 Louisville KY Page 807 Thompson History of the Orphan Brigade
Cassidy Alexander Lt. Colonel 10/3/1861 Bowling Green KY Was serving as Assistant Adjutant General on Staff of General Simon B. Bucker; was assigned to duty as Supt. of Enlistments and Recruits and temporarily with this regiment
Desha Benjamin Major 4/221863 10/18/1861 Abingdon VA was promoted successively from Captian of Co. "D", wouded at Shiloh 4/6/1861 and permanently disabled by wounds at Jonesboro 8/31/1864
Patton Alfred Surgeon
Smith Alfred Assistant Surgeon 3/21/1864 10/6/1861 Bardstown KY Was assigned to be Assistant Surgeon of this Regiment at organization and promoted to Surgeon
McClarty Clinton Assistant CS 10/1861 Bowling Green KY Was after service with this regiment, appointed as Captain and Chief Commissary on Staff of General John C. Breckinridge
Curd Henry M Adjutant 4/25/1862 Corinth MS Was 1st Lt. of Co "H" and appointed Adjutant , mortally wounded at Murfreesboro 12/30/1862 and died 1/2/1863
Foulks James G Ensign 9/22/1861 Russellville KY Was a member of Co "A" and promoted to Ensign, wounded at Intrechment Creek 7/22/1864 Logan Co Same as Adjudant Records
Green John W Sergeant Major 4/1863 10/18/1861 Camp Green River KY Was a member of Co "B" , was wounded at Shiloh and prisoner of war at Jonesboro, GA 10/1/1864
Hawes Henry E Commissary Sergeant 10/2/1861 Camp Green River KY
Fry Henry W QM Sergeant 11/1/1861 10/2/1861 Camp Green River KY Was enlisted in Co "B" after appointment served in this capacity to the close of the war
Caldwell John H Ordnance Sergeant 1/30/1864 9/22/1861 Russellville KY Was enlisted in Co "A" , after appointment remained in this capacity till the close of the war Russellville KY Same as Adjudant Records
Price J F Chief Musician 3/8/1863 10/2/1861 Camp Green River KY Was enlisted in Co. "B" appointed Chief Musician for the Regiment

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