Morrow County Oregon Cemeteries

Morrow County Oregon Cemeteries
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Most of the Morrow County cemetery information was transcribed by Pauline Winter  (1934-2001).
She will always be remembered for her wonderful contributions to family research.

Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map


Private Burials       Several locations
Baker/King/ Fairview/Tews Cemetery       Established in 1870's
6 1/2 miles south of Ione on Tews Road.
Boardman Cemetery 455037N 1194128W Boardman Established in 1922.
Cecil Cemetery       On left side of Highway 74 near Heppner Junction on old Willow Creek Highway.
Clark Tippett Cemetery       Established in 1870's
On Ray French land 7 miles SE of Lena.
Desert Lawn Memorial Cemetery 455350N 1192820W Irrigon  
Gooseberry Cemetery 451759N 1195404W Gooseberry Established in 1896,
Half mile west of Goosberry, then half mile north
Hamilton Cemetery        
Hardman Cemetery 451008N 1194107W Hardman Established in 1883,
On hill above Hardman.
Hardman IOOF Cemetery 451150N 1194446W Hardman Established in 1874,
3 1/2 miles from Hardman in Rood Canyon, left side of road going toward Eightmile.
Heppner Masonic Cemetery

1903 Heppner Flood victims
452046N 1193256W Heppner


Highview (Ione) Cemetery 453019N 1194935W Ione North Established in 1874,
On hill above Ione.
Irrigon Cemetery (historical) 455406N 1193002W Paterson Established in 1922 ???
Junkins Cemetery 451822N 1194914W Eightmile

Established in 1885,
3/4 miles south of Valby.

Lexington Cemetery 452559N 1194110W Lexington Established in 1874,
1 mile south of Lexington
Morgan  Cemetery 453300N 1195414W Cecil Established in 1905,
7/10 mile E of Highway 74, then S 3/4 mile to end of road.
Petteys Cemetery 453059N 1194527W Ione North Established in 1868,
Near Ione on Baseline Road. Leave Highway 74 at Jordon, then 2 miles NE and E. 
Pleasant Point/Lena Cemetery 452651N 1192003W Lena Established in 1868,
4 1/2  mile NE of Lena on Little Butter Creek Road.
Rhea Creek Cemetery 451319N 1193228W Balm Canyon 13 8/10 mile S and SE from Highway 207 at Ruggs.
River View Cemetery 455058N 1194138W Boardman   
Sand Hollow Cemetery 453335N 1193000W Strawberry Canyon SE Established in 1884,
5 miles from Bartholomew home, formerly Callaway, on Barclay Road (stones have been destroyed)
Tommy Dean  Cemetery        Established in 1885,
12 miles W of Ione by Valby Lutheran Church
Valby Cemetery 451900N 1195030W Eightmile Established in 1887,
18 miles S of Ione by Valby Luthern Church
Vinson Cemetery        
Well Spring Cemetery 453800N 1194250W Well Spring Established in 1848,
On old Emigrant Road that crosses Morrow County E and W just S of Bombing Range.
Yarlett Cemetery       Established in 1868,
1 1/2 miles up N fork of Butter Creek on Knoll (stones destroyed) 


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