Lookup Volunteers


If you have Morrow County Oregon books or other reference materials that you would be willing to do lookups, please contact your Morrow County GenWeb host and I will add you to the list. 

Your help is appreciated!

When requesting your lookup, please write "(name of book) lookup".  Be specific with your lookups and please limit your requests.

Most Morrow County records are available on microfilm.

Books and resources


"History of Umatilla & Morrow County" 1902 Andrea Ware [email protected]
"History of Morrow County" Phil Hirl [email protected]
"The Bunchgrassers" Colleen Kitch [email protected] 
Phil Hirl [email protected]  (Index only)
"Ione and Us" Connie Christopherson Barnum [email protected]
Phil Hirl [email protected]   (Index only)
"Homesteads & Heritages"  Phil Hirl  [email protected]
"Shamrocks and Shepherds"  Phil Hirl [email protected]
1880 Census records  Family Search  http://www.familysearch.org
1880 Morrow County area of Umatilla County census Tami Sneddon [email protected]
1895 Oregon Census http://genealogy.state.or.us/start.lasso?location=search
Cemetery records on-line
"The Gathering of the Clan" history of the McMillan Family Colleen Kitch [email protected] 
"Yesteryears of Morrow County"  c. 1959 Phil Hirl [email protected] 
Sept. 26, 1982, Vol. I; 1983 Vol. II; Centennial Year 1885-1985 Vol. IV; 1986,Vol. V; 1987, Vol. VI; 1988, Vol. VII; 1989, Vol. VIII;1990, Vol. IX; 1991, Vol. X; 1993, Vol. XII; 1995, Vol. XIV; 1997, Vol. XVI; 1999, Vol. XVIII; 2004, Vol. XXIII


Berniece Matthews Thornton  [email protected]

Lookup volunteers are needed.  If you have access to Morrow County resources  
and would like to be listed here as a lookup volunteer, please email [email protected]