Morrow County Surnames

Morrow County Oregon Surnames

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ADAMS Victoria Sills [email protected] query
ADKINS Debbie Stevens [email protected]  
ADKINS website:
AGEE Connie Barnum [email protected]  
AKERS Pam Shelton Anderson [email protected] query
ALLEN Margaret Bean [email protected]
ALLISON   [email protected] query
ALLYN  Marlene Barnett [email protected]
ALLSTOTT Pat Kennedy [email protected] query
ANDREWS Dennis Dunleavy [email protected] query
ARCHER Gloria Williams [email protected]
ASHBAUGH Mary Burrows [email protected]  query
ASHINHURST Colleen Kitch [email protected]  
AYERS Michelle Ayers [email protected] query
AYERS David [email protected] query
BARLOW Vernon L. Barlow [email protected]
BARKER James Barker [email protected] query
BARNETT Marlene Barnett [email protected]
BATES Allyson McKenna [email protected]  
BAUERNFIEND Berniece Thornton [email protected]  
BINNS Betty Cresap [email protected]  query
BLAKE Colleen Kitch [email protected]  
BRIGGS Laurie Briggs [email protected] query
BROCK Michael Stanley [email protected] query
BUCKLES Peggy Smith [email protected] query
BUDDEN Shirley Gillespie [email protected] query
BURROUGHS Gary Ray  [email protected] query
CAMPBELL Kat Davis [email protected] query
CARMICHAEL Marlene Barnett [email protected]
CARR Peg Willis [email protected]  query
CASE Bev Hustead [email protected] query
CHAFFEE Connie [email protected] query
CHAMBERLAIN [email protected] query
CHRISTOPHERSON Connie Barnum [email protected]  
CHURCH Doris Prettyman [email protected] query
CLAGGETT Sue Day [email protected]  query
CLARK June Smith [email protected]
COMPTON Marry Burrows [email protected]  query
CONNELL Margaret Shinoki [email protected]
CONNER Doris Prettyman [email protected] query
COOK June Smith [email protected]
CORK Margaret Bean [email protected]
COX Peggy Brooks [email protected] query
CRABER Allyson McKenna [email protected]  
CRAIG Nellie Powell [email protected]
CULICK David [email protected] query
CUNHA Marie Veirra [email protected] query
DAVIDSON Bob Davidson [email protected]
DEAL Linda Nolan [email protected]  query
DEVINE DeAnne Shelley [email protected]
DEXTER Carla Leighton [email protected] query
DURAN  Marlene Barnett [email protected]
DYER Colleen Kitch [email protected]  
DYKSTRA Wayne Dykstra [email protected] query
ELY Berniece Thornton [email protected]  
EUBANKS Marlene Pointer [email protected]
ESKELSON Pat Kennedy [email protected] query
FREELAND Bill Adams [email protected] query
FRISTOE Earl Plunkett [email protected] query
FRY (FREY) Duane Lamers [email protected] query
FUQUA Allyson McKenna [email protected]
FURLONG Mary Burrows [email protected]  query
GALLOWAY Katherine Rupe [email protected] query
GALLOWAY Laura Chushcoff [email protected]
GALLOWAY [email protected] query
GALLOWAY Kit Thompson [email protected] query
GENTRY Kathy Garcia [email protected] query
GENTRY Irene Keller [email protected] query
GERBER Mary Burrows [email protected] query
GILLESPIE Deanna Baker [email protected] query
GILLESPIE Lois Connor [email protected] query
GILLESPIE   [email protected] query
GOLDSMITH Doris Prettyman [email protected] query
HALL Elaine Rose [email protected] query
HANEY Gary Ray  [email protected] query
HANSEN Doris Prettyman [email protected] query
HATHAWAY Frank Surber [email protected]  query
HAYES [email protected] query
HAYMAN [email protected]
HENDRIX Amber Bicondoa [email protected]
HILL Carla Leighton [email protected] query
HILL Victoria Sills [email protected] query
HOSKINS Katherine Rupe [email protected] query
HOSKINS Kit Thompson mailto:[email protected] query
HOWARD Debbie Huff [email protected] query
HOWELL Dale Davidson Harguess [email protected]  
HOWELL   [email protected]  
HUBER Betty Hellman [email protected] query
HUGHES Doris Prettyman [email protected] query
HYND Kimberly Herron [email protected] query
HYND David [email protected]
ILER Jeri Iler [email protected] query
JANNSEN Ron McConnel [email protected]
JAYNE Frank Surber [email protected]  query
JOHNSON [email protected] query
JOHNSON Leone [email protected] query
JONAS Jerry Chapman [email protected] query
JORDAN Gary Ray  [email protected] query
query 2
JUDAY  Marlene Barnett [email protected]
KANE Carla Leighton [email protected] query
KILCUP Elizabeth Kilcup [email protected] query
KING Gary Ray  [email protected] query
KIRK Kathy Garcia [email protected] query
KNIGHTEN Mary Burrows [email protected]  query
KREBS Amos Martins [email protected] query
KROEBER Allyson McKenna [email protected]  
LAKE Peg Willis [email protected]  query
LAMB Barbara Eades [email protected] query
LANE Allyson McKenna [email protected]  
LEACH DeAnne Shelley [email protected]
LEIGHTON or LAYTON Carla Leighton [email protected] query
LEATHERMAN Stephanie Griffin [email protected]
LEFFLER [email protected] query
LEYDA Nola Conway [email protected] query
LIEUALLEN Marlene Pointer [email protected]
LINDSAY Debbie Huff [email protected] query
LOGAN Karen Westland [email protected]  query
LOGAN Marlene Barnett [email protected]
LONG Colleen Kitch [email protected]  
LONG Elona [email protected] query
LOVGREN Jamie Carston [email protected]  query
LUCKMAN Elizabeth Kilcup [email protected] query
MACKEY Roger McCumber [email protected] query
MARQUARDT Kathleen McGraw [email protected] query
MASON Janet Mason Langland [email protected]
4409 SW Obsidian
Redmond, OR   97756
MATTHEW Brenda Ericsson [email protected] query
MATTHEWS Berniece Thornton [email protected]  
MCBEE Mary Burrows [email protected]  query
MCCABE Marlene Pointer [email protected]
MCCARTY Marsha Sweek [email protected]  
MCCRAW Linda Nimer [email protected] query
MCCULLOUGH Doris Prettyman [email protected] query
MCCUMBER Roger McCumber [email protected] query
 query 2
MCELLIGOTT Michael Smithson [email protected] query
MCFARLAND Bonnie Bartlett [email protected] query
MCFERRIN [email protected] query
MCHALEY Ron Dowse [email protected] query
MCMILLAN Colleen Kitch [email protected]  
MCMILLAN Nikki Hampton [email protected] query
MEADOR, MEADOWS Tami Sneddon [email protected]
MELTON Barbara Melton [email protected] query
MIKESELL Tami Glatz [email protected]  
MILLER Roberta Matches [email protected] query
MORELAND Sandra Williams [email protected]
MORGAN David [email protected] query
MUNKERS David [email protected] query
NAISH / NASH Annie [email protected]  
NOTSON Joyce Notson [email protected] query
O'DONNEL Dennis O'Donnell [email protected]
OLDEN Marlene Pointer [email protected]
OLIVER elona [email protected] query
OLSON Bev Hustead [email protected] query
OWENS Kat Davis [email protected] query
PADBERG Colleen Kitch [email protected]  
PADBERG Frank Surber [email protected]  query
PALMATEER Berniece Thornton [email protected]  
PECK Martha Jane Peck [email protected]  query
PENLAND Tammy Penland Stroud [email protected]  
PERKINS Patricia Ash [email protected] query
PERZONIS Barbara Cook [email protected] query
POTTER   [email protected]  
QUINLIN Joyce Qulinlin Gray [email protected] query
RANDLE Michael Stanley [email protected] query
RAY Gary Ray  [email protected] query
RHEA [email protected]
RICKS Doris Prettyman [email protected] query
RIGGS Peggy Heseltine [email protected] query
RIGGS Colleen Kitch [email protected] 
ROBERTS Sandra Willliams [email protected]
ROBISON Monty Robison [email protected] query
ROHRMAN Michelle Ross [email protected] query
ROMJUE Doris Prettyman [email protected] query
ROSS Michell Ross [email protected] query
RUCKER Carla Leighton [email protected] query
RULE [email protected] query
SALING Allyson McKenna [email protected]
SCHAFFER David [email protected]
SHANER Mary Burrows [email protected]  query
SHAW Roger McCumber [email protected] query
SHINN Colleen Kitch [email protected]  
SHOBE Kevin Hewgley [email protected] query
SLOAN Roger McCumber [email protected] query
SLOCUM Arnold Nash [email protected] query
SMITH Elaine Rose [email protected] query
SMITH Peggy Smith [email protected]  query
SMITH Tami Glatz [email protected]  
SMOUSE Pat Ash [email protected] query
SNYDER Kathy Garcia [email protected] query
STANTLIFF Troy Stantliff [email protected] query
STOCKDALE Janet Henderson [email protected] query
SWAGGART Curt Swaggart [email protected]  
SWAGGART Pam Shelton Anderson [email protected] query
SWAGGART Dennis Dunleavy [email protected] query
SWEETSER Marlene Barnett [email protected]
SWIFT Roxanne Brown [email protected] query
TALBERT / TOLBERT Tami Glatz [email protected]  
THOMSON Roxanne Brown [email protected] query
TIPPETT June Smith [email protected]
TORRENCE David Swaney [email protected]
802 S Fairview Rd. B5
Columbia MO 65203-0762
VORNZ Bill Adams [email protected] query
WALTERS [email protected] 
WARDEN Gary Moore [email protected]  query
WARDWELL Pat Kennedy [email protected] query
WARREN Marry Burrows [email protected]  query
WEATHERFORD William Weatherford IV [email protected]
WELCH Michelle Ross [email protected] query
WELLS Lynda [email protected]  query
WHITE DeAnne Shelley [email protected]
WILCOX Pat Kennedy [email protected] query
WILKIN Kathy Garcia [email protected] query
WILLIS [email protected] query
WILSON Berniece Matthews Thornton [email protected]  
WREN Doris Prettyman [email protected] query
WRIGHT Marry Burrows [email protected]  query
YEAGER Martha Jane Peck [email protected]  query
TOWN OF CECIL Diane Dodge [email protected] query

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