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Please read the following numbered code for the headings of the 1900 census schedule. It was very difficult to put ALL of the information from the schedules on these pages and in doing so, it was necessary to number the headings rather than typing them into the appropriate boxes. It was also necessary to take out some information from its original place and put it elsewhere and these instances will also be explained below: 
1 = Dwelling Number 15 = Place of Birth of Father
2 = Family Number 16 = Place of Birth of Mother
3 = Name of each Person in the Household 17 = Year of Immigration to U.S.
4 = Relationship to Head of Family 18 = Number of Years in U.S.
5 = Color 19 = Naturalization (Na=Naturalized)
6 = Sex 20 = Occupation (If "Manager" was written in the last three boxes, then it was placed in ( ) in box #20)
7 = Month of Birth (numeric value) 21 = Number of Months Not Employed
8 = Year of Birth 22 = Attended School (Months)
9 = Age 23 = Can Read (Y=Yes, N=No)
10 = Marital Status (M=Married, W=Widowed, S=Single, D=Divorced) 24 = Can Write (Y=Yes, N=No)
11 = Number of Years Married 25 = Can Speak English (Y=Yes, N=No)
12 = Mother of How Many Children 26 = Home Owned or Rented (O=Owned, R=Rented)
13 = Number of these Children Living 27 = Home Owned Free or Mortgaged (F=Free, M=Mortgaged)
14 = Place of Birth 28 = Farm or House (F=Farm, H=House; if "tent" was written in the last (3) boxes then "T" was placed in #28)
FYI - The occupation of "vaquero" means "a herdsman or cowboy" 
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