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Source: "Illustrated Historical Atlas Map, Marion and Linn Counties, Oregon," by Edgar Williams and Co., 1878, pg 58 1/2.

William Hawk was born in Indiana in the year 1824. His ancestors were Dutch, and came to America before the Revolutionary War, and doubtless took part in that struggle for American liberty.

When Mr. H. was about 16 years old he went to Iowa, and remained about five years. During his boyhood he had no opportunity of going to school, but, reared in a school of toil and practical experience, he was fitted for battle with the world.

In 1845, against the urgent wishes of his parents, he started for Oregon, overland, with ox teams, and arrived in Oregon City on Christmas Day. He remained here about one year. The city at that time was very small, being nothing more than a trading-post, etc., for the valley above. During his stay there he made excursions into all parts of the valley.

In the winter of 1847 he went into the Cayuse war, which grew out of the killing of the missionary Whitman.

After the war he returned to the valley, being one of the party who brought back Gen. Gilliam, who was mortally wounded by the accidental discharge of a gun. He then went to Linn County and bought the farm that he still owns. Previous to this he owned the land on which a part of Lebanon now stands.

In 1856 he went to the Rogue River war, where he remained three months, under Captain Blakeley. After that he returned to his farm in Linn County, which has been his home ever since.

In 1848 Mr. Hawk was married to Miss Sarah Griffith, who was the daughter of Elisha Griffith, who came to Oregon in 1845. Mr. Hawk is the father of twelve children, eight of whom are living, three of these being grown. The rest are school-children. Mr. Hawk is an esteemed citizen and a good neighbor.

William Hawk signed for Gamaliel Parrish's donation land claim #1726, along with John R. Courtney, James S. Dickson, and Americus Savage.

The "Oregon Spectator" of April 20, 1848 states that William Hawk and Wm. M. Smith were in the Cayuse War. It also says that "William Hawk and Wm. M. Smith, have their claims occupied by Messrs. Taylors, who are notified to leave this land by the citizens who met on April 9, 1848, to protect war volunteer claims." ["History of Linn County, Oregon," Work Projects Administration]

"On the [future] site of Lebanon, [Jeremiah] Ralston found two squatters living - Thomas Morgan and William Hawk, who had erected a cabin and made improvements. Ralston traded $30 and a yoke of oxen for their rights." [Lebanon Pioneer Cemetery, Patricia Dunn and Jeanne Gentry, 1995 revision]

1850 Territorial Census of Linn County:
Hawk, William, 25, born IN, DLC 1512, farmer
Hawk, Sarah Ann, 18, born IL [Griffiths], m. June 14, 1848, Linn Co., OT
Hawk, John A., 1, born OT

William Hawk is on the 1851, 1852 and 1854 Assessment Roll for Linn County

1860 Linn County Census, Pine District:
Hawk, William, 36, born IN, farmer
Hawk, Sarah, 28, born IL
Hawk, John, 9, born OR
Hawk, Elisha, 6, born OR
Hawk, William 4, born OR
Hawk, Willard, 2, born OR

1870 Linn County Census:
Hawk, William, 45, born IN, farmer, DLC 1512
Hawk, Sarah A. J., 38, born IL [Griffiths], m. June 11, 1848, Linn Co., OT
Hawk, John, 20, born OR, works on farm
Hawk, Elisha P., 16, born OR, works on farm
Hawk, William C., 14, born OR, works on farm
Hawk, Willard D., 12, born OR
Hawk, George W., 9, born OR
Hawk, Anderson, 5, born OR
Hawk, Jefferson D., 2, born OR

1880 Linn County Census, Harrisburg District:
Hawk, William, 55, head of household, farmer, born IN, father born VA, mother born VA
Hawk, Sarah A. I., 48, wife, keeping house, born IL, father born PA, mother born PA
Hawk, Anderson, 15, son, born OR
Hawk, Jefferson, 12, son, born OR
Hawk, Mary E., 9, daughter, born OR
Hawk, Sarah A., 6, daughter, born OR
Hawk, Nancy D., 4, daughter, born OR

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