Oregon Pioneer Biographies

Hon. David Oliver Quck

This is imformation from the Pen Pictures of the Garden of the World:
Hon. David Oliver Quck, one of Polk County's prominent citizens, was born in Indiana, August 27, 1829. His ancestors were people who settled in the colonies prior to the Revolutionary War. His great-grandfather lost his life in that struggle for independence. Mr. Quick's father, James was born in Kentucky in 1803. He married Miss. Elizabeth McClure, a native of Indianna, born in 1806, daughter of William McClure. They reared to matuity nine children, of whom seven are still living. The father removed to Indiana when a child of three with his parents and was reared there on a farm. He was a good member of the Baptist Church. He died in Franklin Countyo, Indiana in 1868, the sixty-four-year of his life. His wife llived to be eighty-five and then died September 15, 1891. The son, David was their third child, and was sent to public school of
his native state. He began life for himself as a school teacher in Illinois anddd taught for eight year. In 1856 "57 '58 Mr. Quick read law in
Hillsboro Illinois and wass admitted to the bar in 1858. He practised his profession in Litchfield until 1862, when he crossed the plains to Oregon. His family consisted of his wife and onne child. They started in April and arrived in August at Fort Lemhi, Idaho. They adandonned their wagonns and travelled on the new indian trail to the waters of the Missouri and crossed the Rocky Mountains three times. They followed that to Elk City. Here they rremained for two months while Mr. Quick engaged in the mines. He then packed to Linn County and from there to Washington County, and settled on 200 Acres of land North of Hillsboro. He was engaged in Washington County, purchased 120 acres of land on the property he was engaged on. He was engaged in Horticulture, growing all kinds of nursery stockk.  In Politics, Mr. Quick was a democrat until the firing upon of Ft. Sumpter when he espoused the cause of the Union with all his heart and joined the ranks of the republican party where he has since proven himself a valuable ally. In Washington County he was elected to the State Legislature and served the session of 1864-65 and he had the honor and pleassure of voting upon the Thirteenth Amenment to the Constitution of the United States.

Mr. Quick was married for the first time to Miss Sarah Updike in 1852, she was a native of Indiana, and it was in that state that the ceremony
occurred.. Mr. and Mrs. Quick had two children: Emmerson Eugenenow resides in St Helens, Columbia County, where his is County Clerk. The second child died as well as the mother in 1857, and in 1858 Mr Quck married his seconnd wife Miss Parmelia Young a native of Kentucky, born 1840.. Mr and Mrs Quick had seven children as follows: Sara E, wife of Mr Thomas Fowles, Oliver Emmet resides in Washington County, Oregon, William is with his father on the farm, Annie , James Warren, Fred Young and Ada Gertrude are at home Mr. and Mrs. Quick are worthy members of the Evangical Church in which he is an officer .. Mr.Quick is a man of intergrity and intelligence, and he was won a host of friends wherever he has made his home